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Fanfic: Missing scene 6.01.01

MISSING SCENE 01: 6.01 Here comes the rain again.

About: Bertha/Scotty
Reason for rejection: Didn’t add anything to the episode.
Context: Scotty discovers that he has inherited a hotel, because of his mother. But why?


“Hi, mom.” Scotty starts, once he hears Bertha pick up.
“Oh, hi, honey.” She answers, her voice remarkably distant.
“Are you alright?” Scotty can’t help but suddenly feel some concern. He hasn’t really been there for his mother lately.

“Yes, just a headache. I was asleep when you called. Why are you calling me? Is everything alright with you and the kids? … And Kevin?” She adds Kevin’s name almost as an after-thought and any concern that Scotty could have felt evaporates again.
“I have bad news. I was informed of the passing of Wesley Corvin. You knew him?”

It’s eerily quiet on the other side. After what seems an eternity, but would probably be just a few seconds, Scotty hears:
“Yes…” He can hear his mother swallow something away. “Yes, I knew him. He was… A friend.”

Scotty is glad that she can’t see his face and see the disbelief on it.
“That … ahm… friend… left me a hotel… Is there anything I should know? Something that he knew and I don’t?” He prays that his mother will not give him another ‘he’s your father’ story, because he’s still digesting the fact that Sarah is Brody’s and not William’s.

“No.” His mother replies almost insulted. “I don’t know why he left you something. He was just a friend, who moved to California with dreams of richness beyond compare. He would make it big. Be famous…. And that was the last I heard of him.”
“Famous last words, huh?” Scotty tries to sympathize.

“Something like that.” Bertha acknowledges.
“So…? Should I accept?”
“Why not? If he was determined to leave it to you?” Scotty can almost hear Bertha shrug.
“I don’t wish to offend you or… perhaps… open up old wounds?”

“What do you mean by that?”
“I know, from dad, that mr Corvin was more than ‘just a friend’. I know the name of Mr Corvin, because dad once said that you had planned to marry him instead of dad…?” He hears a loud sigh on the other side.

“Whatever happened between Wesley and me had absolutely nothing to do with you, or your dad. He wasn’t who I thought he was… And whatever happened between me and him…. I don’t wish to discuss it with you, because it is of no consequence to you. Wes was a stranger to you. And, ultimately, also to me.”

Bertha is so resolute in her words, that Scotty knows that he shouldn’t ask for more.
“Thank you for answering my question.” He says politely. “I have to go.”
“You’re welcome, honey…. I’ll talk to you soon….” Bertha says and Scotty is the one who hangs up.


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