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Fanfic: Break away 07/07

Break away 07/07

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, Chad, Jason.
Rate: G to NC-17
Disclaimer: The boys may not be mine, but this written with love, not for money.
Summary: I have no idea where this is going.... just walk with me...




“Ready to go?” Chad asks.
“Yes, just one more check in the room and I’ll be done…” Jason answers. Chad sighs. This must be 10th time or so that Jason checked if nothing got left behind. As if! Chad is familiar with packing and unpacking and his expert eye hasn’t seen anything.

With a sigh he enters the garden one last time, only to find Kevin sitting on a bench.
“Don’t tell me that Scotty is worried about leaving anything behind as well?” He asks wondering if Scotty and Jason are perhaps more alike than he cares to admit. Kevin shakes his head.

“Bathroom. One last time before we go to the airport.” Kevin answers.
“Still feeling bad?”
“I’d be surprised if there’s anything left in him to come out… Warned him not to try and eat that local stuff.”

On their last evening, they had gone out into the small town, where they had found a nice restaurant to celebrate. Though Chad, Jason and Kevin had decided to play it safe, Scotty had ordered a local dish. And it hadn't agreed with him at all. It had changed their last wonderful evening, into a small nightmare for Scotty.

“I’d think his stomach would be stronger than that…”
“Yes, me too. Now Scotty’s hoping and praying that he won’t throw up in the taxi…” Kevin laughs. In all  honesty, Chad hopes the same, because the thought of spending time in the taxi, with someone who’s sick, isn’t a pleasant one.

They remain quiet for a few seconds and then Kevin sighs:
“I’m going to miss this place. It was so quiet and peaceful to be here… An oasis away from everything.”
“Linda wants to sell it.” Chad says carefully.

“I couldn’t afford it.” Kevin grins.
“I could.” Chad looks around. “Been thinking about it for a few days. What do you think?”
“That you should discuss this with Jason first.” Kevin laughs, knowing it’s the only answer he can give Chad.

“I thought it might be a nice place for the four of us… Or six, if next time Olivia and Daniel will join us.” Chad suggests. Kevin opens his mouth, only to change his mind and stay quiet after all. “Linda bought it for a nice price and she’s willing to sell it for a fair price. She wants it to fall in the hands of people who actually care about it.”

“I don’t know…” Kevin starts and Chad raises his hands.
“Just think about it. Talk to Scotty about it. I will do the same with Jason. It was just a thought and I wanted to test the water and see if you were interested…”
“I’ll most definitely talk to Scotty about it…” Kevin promises.

“All done. We can go…” Jason decides to join them at that moment. “Scotty still sick?”
“Yes, he…” Kevin can’t finish his sentence.
“I don’t think that there’s anything left to squeeze out of me…” Scotty joins them as well, looking all pale and feverish.

“Sorry for the bad ending to this little holiday.” Jason says, rubbing Scotty's upper-arm
“My own fault. I should have listened to Kevin and not have eaten that local food.”
“Wait! I was right? Wow, can I get that black on white, so I can frame it?” Kevin teases and even Scotty manages a little smile.


Thankfully, Scotty manages to not get sick in the taxi, or at the airport, or in the plane. Jason had given Scotty some pain-killers and, 20 minutes later, Scotty was asleep, his head on Kevin’s shoulder.
“He’ll feel better when he gets to LA.” Chad says softly, to not wake Scotty.

Kevin carefully nods, also not to wake Scotty.
“When he sees Olivia, Daniel, Café 429, you'll see, last night will have been forgotten.” Jason agrees and Scotty makes  a little noise, turns over to the other side. Kevin folds up his coat and puts it under Scotty’s head. Scotty sighs, but he continues sleeping.

Chad and Jason have watched the tender way Kevin takes care of Scotty and they both smile. When Kevin sees their smiles, he becomes all shy and embarrassed, almost as if he’s been caught at doing something he shouldn’t have done.
“Don’t give me that look, Kevin Walker. You two are adorable.” Jason grins.

They try to read, but it’s nearly impossible and not just because Chad gets a message that makes him look victorious.
“I got it! I  got the part in the new western! Guns at High Noon!” He beams at the words.
“Seriously? They couldn’t find a more cliché title?” Kevin wonders.

“Who cares? It might put westerns back on the map…” Chad is very excited, so Kevin congratulates him, just at the moment that Scotty opens his eyes.
“What’s going on?” Scotty asks.
“Chad has a new part. In a Western called ‘Guns at High Noon’….”  Jason explains.

“That’s nice.” Scotty says, for lack of better words.
“I’m so excited about this.” Chad explains. “I’ve been wanting to do a Western all my life. Since I was a kid. You know, horses, guns, … the hats. We will be filming in Arizona… This will mean I’ll be away for a while…?” He looks at Jason.

“I can’t go with you. It was already tough enough to get someone to replace me for this week. I want to spend time with my congregation and get to know them.. I can’t do if I keep running off…” Jason sighs.
“It’s alright. I’ll call you every night, just like we’ve always done.” Chad smiles lovingly.

“Besides, I want to deal with that father, who killed his son… If your offer still stands, Kev, I could really use your help…?”
“Whatever you need.” Kevin nods.
“Well, it seems that everything turned out for the best... For all of us…” Scotty smiles.


Scotty and Kevin are happy to back home. Olivia had hugged them like they had been gone for 7 months instead of 7 days, and Daniel had immediately snuggled up to Scotty to tell him and Kevin about all the events in his life these last few days, all in his own baby-language. Scotty smiles, holds him and lets him babble.

“It’s good to be back home…” He says, looking up at Kevin. “I’ve missed the kids…”
“Me too. But at the same time it was nice to be together as well, just you and me…”
“I know. I’ve missed the intimacy we had, before the kids, as well. It was nice to see some of it back..”

“Chad thinks about buying the house.” Kevin says
“How nice.” Scotty replies, distracted by how Daniel gets off his lap to get his teddybear.
“He wondered if… He asked if … I don’t know. Maybe it was a silly idea.. Crazy actor and such… but … He thought we could buy it. The four of us.. Chad, Jason, you and me…”

Scotty lets the words sink in. It had been a beautiful place and if the price would be right…?
“I’m not saying ‘no’ straightaway…” He then carefully replies.  “Let’s see what they want for the house, how we’ll get the money together and, in general, how we can make it work to own something with the four of us.”

Kevin gives Scotty a grateful smiles. He had expected an immediate ‘no’, given their worries for the financial situation, not just for themselves, but also their children. But Scotty is more relaxed now and hopefully that will also make him feel more relaxed about taking a chance with the house, a house that Kevin had fallen in love with.


“I don’t know about you, but …  I’m glad we’re back home…” Jason throws his baggage on the bed. “And without any major disasters having happened to us…”
“Why are you sure that something bad had to happen.?”
“I don’t know.” Jason shrugs. “I guess I was just too happy…”

“Is there such a thing as ‘too happy’?” Chad wonders.
“Yes, you know, that feeling that you have that you’re actually so happy, that you're pretty sure that things will have to change for the worst and all your happiness is about to get snatched away from you, to leave you with nothing but doom and gloom…”

“Doom and gloom? No wonder you're the life of every party. You should really stop worrying, sweetie…” Chad laughs gently.
 “I know. I know.” Jason wraps his arms around Chad’s neck and quietly begs for a kiss. “I should practice what I preach and I should have more faith..”

“Coming from your lips...” Chad grins, he cannot finish the sentence, because Jason kisses him again. So Chad pulls Jason closer and caresses his cheek. He takes a few seconds to look at Jason and just remember how attractive his husband actually is. Chad can't hide the love he feels for Jason all that well.

“After this wonderful relaxing holiday…? Come on! Life is perfect. Café 429 is safe. Kevin has good case to work on, now that he can help you take care of that man who killed his son and wanted to pretend that it was your fault. And I have a wonderful western to film while the writers of ‘Tempest Bay’ may decide to let Dr Philip live after all….  What could possibly go wrong? …” Chad laughs….






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