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Fanfic: Break away 06/07

Break away 06/07

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, Chad, Jason.
Rate: G to NC-17
Disclaimer: The boys may not be mine, but this written with love, not for money.
Summary: I have no idea where this is going.... just walk with me...




“Hey. Escaped again?” Jason asks, handing Scotty a glass of wine. He sits down on the bench, next to Scotty.
“I think that ‘escape’ might be too big a word, but, yes, …” Scotty smiles shyly.
“I could see it on your face. You want to be reasonable about it, but…”

“…’but’… I feel like an outsider when you guys start reminiscing.” Scotty nods.
“Since Chad pointed it out to me, I’ve been trying to avoid referencing to my past with Kevin.” Jason semi-apologizes.
“See, that is exactly what I wanted to avoid. I don’t want you or Chad, or even Kevin, to feel like you can’t speak freely with me around. I just have to learn to deal with it.” Jason doesn’t speak for a few seconds, then he slowly says.

“It’s not just a problem to you, but also to me… For different reasons. For you, it feels like you’re excluded, because you don’t know as intimately as Kevin does. For me it sometimes feels like Kevin knows us too well. And I wouldn’t mind a little less intimacy.” When Jason looks at Scotty, he can see a surprised look on his face.

“Didn’t see that one coming, did you?” He smiles. Scotty shakes his head. “I love Kevin… Strictly platonic…. He’s a dear friend. I wouldn’t want to lose him, but because he knows Chad and me so well, we can’t really hide ourselves from him so well. We can’t keep some air of mystique around us, because he’s seen us both as we are.

We can’t lie about ourselves, because he knows us too well. We can’t pretend to be someone we’re not, because he looks right through it. So, it can be a blessing because it gives us the freedom to be honest. We don’t have to lie… At the same time, it also doesn’t give us much privacy

If ever there’s a problem with either Chad or me, or between the two of us, Kevin will see it almost immediately and … being a Walker and a lawyer…” Jason doesn’t finish his sentence, instead he heaves a long sigh.
“… He’ll interrogate you until he has his answers.” Scotty finishes Jason’s sentence. Jason laughs softly.

“You know as well as I do, that sometimes you’re not immediately in the mood to put your heart and mind on the table. Sometimes you just want some time to sort things out in your head, take a step back and watch the whole picture. But with Kevin knowing us so well, it’s not always easy to get that time…

Plus, whether we want it or not, you end up knowing about it as well, even if it’s not your problem and Chad and I don’t feel the need for you to know… I’ve learned over the years that I can trust you to keep quiet about Chad and me, but, especially at the beginning, it was sometimes frightening, because someone who’s almost a stranger for me, knows more about me than I want them to…

And though I could partially reason it away, and pray that you wouldn’t a problem, it was still scary. I guess that for Chad it’s more of a normal thing, something he has grown accustomed to. His life has been under a microscope many times before and he doesn’t care what people know about him or think they know about him…

But I’m a very private person. I’ve worked hard at keeping me to myself. Especially with a brother in politics and forced to be public about himself. Besides, as a minister, I felt like I should somehow be non-sexual. I shouldn’t put myself on the forefront, in a gay or straight light, because any work I had to do had to be about my congregation and not about me. So, I restricted myself as much as possible and tried to be as invisible as I could be.

Yet, when you married Kevin and became a part of Robert and Kitty’s family, I had to let you in as well, at a time when I wasn’t fully ready to do it, but I couldn’t avoid it either. That is not your fault. You just moved on with your life with Kevin. It just took me some adjusting. And then I had to adjust again when I got involved with Chad.”

“No, I never thought about that.” Scotty has to recognize it, beginning to see that sometimes the intimacy between Chad and Kevin or Jason and Kevin could have created quite some issues for Chad and Jason as well.
“And there’s another downside. You can’t brag about your partner.” Jason then laughs to lighten the mood.

“What do you mean?” Scotty asks, not quite following Jason’s line of thought.
“Don’t you sometime say things about Kevin to make him look better? A little ‘embellishing’?” Jason asks. Scotty nods. “I can’t really enhance anything about Chad’s character or physique because Kevin already knows so much about us.…

When Kevin talks about you, he can make you the most loving, patient, caring man in the universe. We don’t have much to counter his words…”
“I’m not perfect…. I’ve made many mistakes… I’ve even ch…” Just as Scotty want to mention his cheating, Jason places a finger on Scotty’s lips.

“He loves you… and Kevin will never talk about your cheating to anyone who doesn’t need to know. He never even wanted his family or us to know about it. He wanted to solve this between the two of you…. Even if that most likely wouldn’t have worked…. Kevin will not speak badly about you… He will always make you look better than him…”

Scotty can feel tears come to his eyes. Jason smiles softly.
“See, that is something I can’t pretend in front of Kevin.. Anymore than you can tell us things about Kevin that aren’t true… Because we know Kevin’s bad sides as well as we know his good ones…

But you and Kevin still have some level of privacy, to protect yourselves from us…. That sometimes makes Chad and me outsiders too. As we should be…” He points out. Scotty remains quiet. He can see that maybe not knowing everything is good too. After all, he wouldn’t want Chad and Jason to know everything about him either.

“Shall we go back in? I’m sure that Chad and Kevin are about done talking to each other…” Jason gets up and reaches out to Scotty. Scotty takes his hand and lets Jason pull him off the bench.
“You’re right. We should go back in.” Scotty smiles.


“I’m going to take a shower. Want to join me?” Kevin asks.
“Give me a few seconds to finish this message to Olivia and I’ll be all yours…” Scotty promises. Kevin gives him a seductive smile and turns towards the bathroom. Scotty’s eyes follow him, until the bathroom-door closes and the water gets turned on.

He presses ‘send’ and he undresses himself. The rest of the evening, after he and Jason had rejoined Kevin and Chad, had been fun. Talking, eating, drinking… He looks in the mirror. He must have gained weight during this holiday, with all the eating and drinking and too little activity.

On the other hand, he feels relaxed and even a bit disappointed that he has to go back home. As much as he misses Olivia and Daniel and Café 429, he wouldn’t mind staying here a little longer. He drops the last of his clothes on the floor. He’ll look after them tomorrow. He takes an item from the drawer and, with a smile, he throws it on the bed.

Entering the bathroom, he’s momentarily distracted when he sees Kevin’s naked body. Despite that Kevin has passed the 40-year marker, he’s still very beautiful to look at and a loving smile plays around Scotty’s lips. Kevin turns around, smiles upon seeing Scotty and reaches out to him.

The sudden hot water makes Scotty shiver but then it feels good. He washes Kevin’s back and enjoys the feel of Kevin’s hands on his back in return. As he rinses off the soap he takes Kevin in his arms to kiss him. He presses Kevin’s naked body against his own, his hardness betraying that he wants more than just a kiss.

The water is like a warm blanket and the sensuality between them grows, as hands explore the possibilities. Scotty’s moan mixes with Kevin’sm when Kevin’s hand slips between their bodies to take care of both their arousals. Scotty lets him, but only momentarily.

Then all of a sudden he steps back, turns Kevin around, pinning Kevin between him and the wall.
“I want you…” He whispers in Kevin’s ear and the way that Kevin pushes his body back against Scotty makes it clear that Scotty is not the only one wanting more.

Scotty turns off the shower, Kevin turns in his arms again to kiss his lips. They can hardly bother to dry themselves off. Scotty grabs Kevin’s hand, pulls him to the bed and pushes him down on it. He spreads Kevin’s legs, lies between them and without much foreplay kisses his belly and then quickly moves lower.

Kevin’s fingers find grip in Scotty’s wet hair. He pushes Scotty’s further down and nearly cries out when Scotty brings him to the edge of coming. At the same time, Scotty’s fingers have found their way inside Kevin and Kevin is caught between Scotty’s fingers and mouth.

“Oh, please, please,…. Please..” He begs quietly.
“Turn over…” Scotty orders, getting up to give Kevin room to move. Kevin quickly turns to his stomach, to then get on his hands and knees. Scotty’s finger moves along Kevin’s spine, distracting him for a few seconds.

But then Scotty can no longer wait. He’s careful, and soon enough Kevin can feel Scotty inside him. Every thrust taking him closer to his orgasm. He lowers his body. He’s caught between Scotty and the mattress, feeling slightly overtaken, by Scotty’s strength and weight, but he wouldn’t want it any other way.

Scotty’s arms wrap around him. Kevin closes his eyes. He can feel Scotty’s mouth on his skin. He can hear the sweet words that Scotty whispers to him. Kevin’s lips form an ‘I love you’, but there’s no sound. Scotty’s ‘love you too’ mixes with a tighter grip and a deeper thrust and Kevin just knows that there’s no place where he belongs more than in Scotty’s arms.


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