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welcome to my fantasies
About the latest fanfic...  
20th-Sep-2014 08:28 am
... and my delay in posting...

I had a story that was already partially written, before I started 'Break away'. And I thought it would be a good idea to incorportate that unfinished chapter in the 'Break away' story. Thing is, in hindsight, it's NOT right. It disturbs the flow of the story, as it IS another story.

It's also too long (because it was supposed to be a stand-alone story) and cutting it would be wrong too. It was also unfinished because I somehow didn't know how to move on from the point I had come to. And though I'm a page further now than I was a month ago, I'm stuck all over again, feeling that I'm forcing it.

This means that I have to rewrite part 6/7 and 7/7 and it's been rather busy these last 2 days, with people calling me and my attention needing to be focused on other things and my brain not being able to be very coherent. :)

So, I'm asking for a little patience, as I'm trying to salvage the story and give you a story that actually makes sense and doesn't feel like it's 'off key' with the rest of the story.
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