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Fanfic: Break away 05/07

Break away 05/07

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, Chad, Jason.
Rate: G to NC-17
Disclaimer: The boys may not be mine, but this written with love, not for money.
Summary: I have no idea where this is going.... just walk with me... The first chapters may be short, but hopefully after that they will be longer.

Sorry for the delay. The day did not go as I had planned. Not at all! But here's chapter 5. I make no promises for chapter 6. I won't make promises that I can't keep. :)




Scotty stretched out in the deck-chair and sighs:
“I can’t believe that 4 days have gone already.”
“Yes, who knew that doing almost nothing could make one so tired.” Jason lazily replies.
“Nothing?” Scotty asks.

“Well, what have we actually done…?” Jason ask in return.
“We’ve been lazing in the sun, swimming, eating, reading, eating, teasing, drinking,  enjoying each other’s company, eat and drink some more. And yet we've allowed each other the freedom to have ‘private moments’…” Scotty sums up. “Okay, you’re right, we’ve done a lot of nothing..” He then concedes.

“It’s not like I haven’t enjoyed doing nothing.” Jason laughs.
“Me neither.” Scotty grins. He had loved to rediscover Kevin’s body. With the most immediately needs quickly dealt with there was time again for slow love-making, time to play, caress, kiss, gazing into each other’s eyes and, in general, just be at peace in each other’s arms.

It had all been so relaxed. The days were languid, as were the nights. Scotty couldn’t remember the last time he had slept as much as he had this short holiday. Another bonus was that he hadn’t been the only one cooking this holiday.

Chad could make marvelous omelets, which, served with bread and wine, had been just enough during the warm evenings. Jason had a special dish with vegetables and meatloaf which was to die for and Scotty desperately wanted the recipe. And of course, Kevin had made his (in)famous pasta.

It had lead to memories being drudged up and stories being told that Scotty had not been all too keen to listen to. Sometimes he wishes that Kevin hadn’t been so intimate with the both of them. And then he quickly changes his mind, because, at the same time, he values the friendship that the two men offer him and Kevin.

It is entertaining to realize how different each man is and yet they have seemed to forge this friendship that could last a lifetime. Scotty just wishes that he wouldn't feel like an outsider in the moments that memories come up and 'insider' jokes are being shared that he doesn't understand and he's not even sure he wants to be informed about.

“Is that you phone ringing?” Jason suddenly asks, responding to a sound that he doesn’t recognize. With a sigh, because he has to get up, Scotty turns to his phone.
“Yes… If it is a Walker…” He starts, but then he sees that it’s Saul. “I have to take this…” He says and he walks away from Jason to have some privacy.

Jason in about to lie back on his own chair when he hears the sound of wet feet on hot stones.
“You guys are back. Who won this time?” He asks. Chad throws a towel at Kevin.
“Still Kevin.” Chad laughs. He has no problems with losing.

“Chad is closing in on me though… I think that by next Friday he will beat me.” Kevin smiles brightly, wishing success on Chad as much as he would like to have it himself.
“You guys are way doing way too much sports for my taste.” Jason shakes his head.

“That shows.” Chad gently pinches the practically non-existent love-handle in Jason’s side.
“Are you saying that I’m getting fat?” Jason asks, pretending to be insulted.

“Oh, no, honey, just that there is enough of you to love. I don’t really need more,… but if I get it anyway, I will still love you..” Chad answers. Kevin rolls his eyes.
“Translation: yes, you’re getting fat, but I don’t dare to say it.” Kevin says.

“Kevin, ever the romantic…” Jason smiles. Kevin sticks out his tongue. “Hey, that is my phone…?” Surprised that he’s getting a call, Jason gets up and he disappears into the kitchen.
“I hope that he brings some fresh lemonade when he comes back.” Chad says.

“Why don’t you get some yourself?” Kevin asks.
“Because I like it when Jason does it….” Chad replies.
“You’re weird.”
“Don’t you like it when Scotty does things for you, without asking?” Chad gets back.

“Well, yeah, but…”
“So, I’m hoping he’ll think about bringing me some lemonade from the kitchen. If he doesn’t, no harm done, I’ll get it myself…” Chad puts on his sun-glasses and grins at Kevin.

Kevin shakes his head and is about to pick up his book when Scotty comes back, a big smile on his face.
“Kev! We can reopen next Monday!” He practically cries. Jason is just back in time, with ice-cold lemonade to hear Scotty’s last words.

Jason had just opened his mouth to say something, but he decides differently when he hears what Scotty has to say.
“What happened?” Chad asks. He gives Jason a grateful smile, but he’s surprised when Jason doesn’t smile back.

“That was Saul. He and Jonathan had discussed how weird it was that we suddenly had two dead mice in our storage. Rather than sending in an extermination-team, they decided to first have a good look around. Jonathan has a friend who knows something about these things and he had a good long look around and he examined the mice as well.

He came to the conclusion that the mice had died from being caught in a mouse-trap. And he wondered what the point was of us catching mice in a mouse-trap and then leave them there, dead, and in full view. He spoke to the staff, but no one could remember anything.

Until Judy, that red-head waitress, remembered that she had seen one of the delivery-boys had been in the storage-area, where he shouldn’t have been. She had asked him what he was doing there, and he had said that he had taken a wrong turn somewhere, as if Café 429 is such a maze, that you’d get lost.

They checked what day it was and who had brought something to my restaurant and it turns out that someone had indeed left the two dead mice, believing it was to be a prank.”
“A prank?” Jason asks.

“Yes. He had been given the bag with the two dead mice by someone at the “Silver Spoon”.”
“That little family-restaurant, at the end of the street?” Kevin wants to know. Scotty nods. Kevin makes a sound to express his disbelief.

“Saul wanted to take it to the police, but then decided that he would first have a talk to the owners of The Silver Spoon. Turns out the son was responsible for ‘the prank’. Things aren’t going too well there and he thought that if we would close, people would come to his parents place…” Scotty explains softly.

“The kid is 18 years old. He didn’t get that we were not the competition, but that his parents' restaurant just doesn't have a good reputation because the place is old, looks dated and the food is tasteless. I’ve spoken to Saul. We have agreed that we will not press charges, provided that they will compensate us.”

“But if they are already in financial problems… This could kill them.” Kevin points out.
“I know. I don’t want that either. So Saul and I will have a talk to them when we get back…”
"Scotty Wandell, the new Gordon Ramsey.." Chad's words make everyone laugh.

“So, everything is settled?”
“Saul seems to think it is.” Scotty answers Kevin’s question.
“I’m very happy for you.” Jason says softly. There’s something about the lost look on his face that captures Scotty’s attention though.

“Are you alright?” He wants to know.
“I’m fine. Just had some… news.. I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad about it.”
“Tell us.” Scotty suggests. Jason shakes his head.

“I don’t want to spoil the mood. I’ll deal with it in my own time.”
“Don’t be such a martyr, Jason, just tell us.” Kevin’s voice is slightly irritated. Jason looks from Chad to Scotty, who both nod that he should talk.

“Just before we came here, I tried to help a young man, in my congregation, with suicide on his mind… he came to see me… He and his father had a very abusive relationship and he could see no way out. And I thought that I had talked him out of suicide. I’d given him the name of a shelter. Told him if he needed any help he could contact me. He said he’d go home and go to the shelter…

He seemed less hopeless when he left. Not quite there yet, but on his way…. The next day, however, I heard that they had found him. Suicide note and all and… I felt responsible. I felt like I had failed to change his mind… But that call I just got? It was from Max Carter. At the coroner’s office, when they went to look at the body, they discovered previously unseen bruises…

It would seem that the young man was killed, strangled. Most likely by his own father…. The suicide note was not dated and it could have been an older note.... And … I feel relieved. I know it’s wrong, because a young man, with a whole life in front of him, is dead, but.. At the same time…” Jason doesn’t finish his sentence.

“You’re happy that he didn’t die because you failed to convince him.” Kevin understands.
“I know. I’m awful.” Jason says.

“No, no, you’re not. You’re only human and… it’s only natural that you should feel some relief that it wasn’t your fault. It’s not like you’re happy the young man is dead.”
“He died in such an awful way.” Jason sighs.

“But it was not your fault. You gave him a way out. A chance. An option. It was his father who that took all of that away from him..” Kevin points out. “And I have to say that if you need any help getting man behind bars, I’m your man…” Kevin’s lawyer blood begins to boil at the thought of the mistreatment of the young man.

“I’ll keep that in mind…” Jason smiles. He plays with his phone, still not entirely convinced, but feeling slightly less guilty. To change the mood to something more cheerful he looks up at Scotty and suggests: “How about we meet again on Monday? At Café 429? To celebrate… Perhaps I’ll have more information then.”

“Good idea.” Scotty immediately agrees.
“Chad, can you perhaps invite miss Collins as well? I think we owe her something for the use of this wonderful house.” Kevin looks at Chad, who nods that he likes the idea.

“I’ll call her right away…” He says. Jason watches how Chad paces up and down while he’s talking to Linda Collins. How odd. Usually Chad is more calm than this? When Chad puts away his phone, Jason is glad that Chad will join them again, but instead Chad takes his laptop first.

Jason frowns. They had all 4 agreed to not use them, only in case of an emergency. Chad places the laptop among them. Scotty and Kevin seem equally surprised by Chad’s actions.
“Something has happened.” Chad says. “She, Linda, informed the Skinny Minnie that I was about to get fired…”

“What?!” Scotty and Kevin both turn to the small screen. Chad searches news of the last week in combination with his own name and there it is. A long rant by Dan Silk, which surprises Chad, because since he had harassed Kevin and him years ago, taunting Chad to come out, Chad had systematically ignored the man.

The headline reads “OUR MOST FAVORITE DOCTOR ABOUT TO DIE?” and Chad shakes his head at it.
“I have heard from a source close to Chad Barry, the ever delightful Doctor Philip from Tempest Bay, that our favorite doctor is about to retire. And most likely in a very dramatic and final way. Meaning “Death with no chance of return”.

This news has left me shocked and dazed. Sure, Chad never forgave me for yanking him out of the closet…”
Chad huffs at the words. It had been his own choice and had nothing to do with Mr Silk. “… but this does not mean that I don’t have the greatest respect for him.

The way he came out showed guts. The way that he handled his career afterwards showed cleverness. And as much as l love to see the pics of them together, I will not mention the fact that I'm quite jealous, that he’s married to the gorgeous Jason McCallister, the younger brother of the late Senator Robert McCallister.”

“So glad he didn’t mention that Chad is married to a McCallister, such class on the man.” Kevin says sarcastically.
“Your family is going to kill me for this.” Chad sighs. Jason merely shrugs and focuses his attention back on the screen.

“One thing is for sure: If the hot doctor disappears, so will this viewer. Chad Barry is one of the actors who make this show worth watching. And losing him will ruin my fun, regardless of what nice young piece of meat they will throw at us to replace him.”
“Wow, nicely put.” Scotty comments cynically.

“Damn, don’t tell me that the next time I see him, I will have to grand him an interview.” Chad mumbles.
“Have you seen the comments? People are outraged!” Jason scrolls down. “They love your character…”

“I hate to break the news, but frankly, the studio-bosses don’t care what the opinions are. They wouldn’t care if someone like… this marea67… would hate to lose me. They won’t lose a night of sleep over it. They’ve decided to throw me out, they won’t change their minds…” Chad shrugs, but something in his demeanor has changed.

He can’t help but hope that it will make a difference.
“You never know. Can’t give up hope.” Jason says. Chad looks at Kevin and Scotty and he sees the same opinion on their faces. Perhaps they are right. Perhaps it is too soon to give up his dream-role.


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