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Fanfic: Break away 04/07

Break away 04/07

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, Chad, Jason.
Rate: G to NC-17
Disclaimer: The boys may not be mine, but this written with love, not for money.
Summary: I have no idea where this is going.... just walk with me... The first chapters may be short, but hopefully after that they will be longer.
Warning! The "big disaster" is about to strike...!

Admit it! That totally-not-photo-shopped-by-me-in-obvious-drunken-state picture of Matthew as Humphrey Bogart is worthy of the label "disaster" :)




He can hear Jason and Scotty talk, but the voices fade slowly as sleep begins to take over his body. He’s vaguely aware that Jason is reading a paragraph in the book out loud and Jason’s warm voice carries Kevin even further away from this place.


Kevin can hear the voice-over his head. It’s his voice, sounding an awful lot like a parody of Humphrey Bogard…. And a bad parody too.
“Just a long bad day, even for a private-investigator who’s used to long bad days. I came home with the intention to just put away my hat, get a bottle and drink myself into obliviousness…”

The rain is pouring along outside the windows. Everything looks bleak and sad and dirty …. And in black and white like a 40s movie.... Kevin sees himself climb the stairs. He’s wearing a long raincoat and a fedora. He walks into his office, puts some black and white pictures on a grey desk. He watches how he grabs a whiskey-bottle and fill a glass. The first sip seems to hit the right spot.

He takes of his coat. There’s a loud bang on the door. At the same time a flare of lightening gives the office an ominous feel. Kevin puts his glass down, reaches for his gun to make sure it’s where he wants it to be.
“Come in.” He says loud and clear.

In walks one of the most beautiful men he has ever seen. Tall, slender in the hips, but broad chest. No hat. His hair is long and sticking to his face because he’s been walking in the rain without a hat. He looks at Kevin with imploring grey eyes (It is after all a black-and-white dream) and a sentence comes to Kevin’s mind.

Of all the sleazy office-spaces, in all the towns, in all the world, he had to walk into mine. … He looks at the young man who manages a shy smile.
“My name is Scotty Wandell. I need help.” He speaks in a soft voice and Kevin has to focus to listen.

“The police is after me. I’m being accused of killing my lover… but… I’m innocent…” He sighs like a bad impersonation of a 40's damsel-in-distress. I’m innocent, if only I’d get a dime for each time I hear those words… the voice-over tells ... well... someone. Isn't that what a voice-over is for?
“I can’t help you..” Kevin says abrubtly.

“Oh, but you must. You’re my only hope. I got your name from Justin Walker…” Scotty begs. Kevin rolls his eyes. Oh, no, not my kid-brother! Just the one person who’s requests I cannot resist. “He told me to come to you and … I can’t pay you much. I don’t have much, but I’m willing to do just anything for your help…?”

Kevin lets his eyes travel down over the young man’s body and the idea of the ‘anything’ sounds most appealing. Scotty looks at him with a shy smile and then unties the belt on his rain-coat…
“He told me about you… If you help me… My body, which is all I have to offer, will be all yours…” He promises.

Kevin crosses the room to get to Scotty. He has every intention to tell the young man to stop this, but then as he tries to close the coat and do the honorable thing, by telling Scotty that he’s not interested, his fingers slide over the wet clothes. The man is soaked. Not much of a rain-coat then.

But underneath the wet clothes he can feel a body that is strong and muscular. Not an ounce of fat. Just muscles... And he can imagine this man, shivering under Kevin’s touch, surrendering to Kevin’s mouth… Now that he’s standing so close to Scotty, he can smell the soft scent of after-shave.

I knew I should turn him down. Nothing can get me a bigger problems than a beautiful young man and me disabling one brain to favor the other one… but … it had been too long since I had been with a man… And why should I do all the work and not expect some sort of payment in return? Scotty’s lips part. So do Kevin’s ….


They are in bed…. Well, that was a lot faster than I had expected… Kevin is between Scotty’s legs, pushing in further and deeper than he thought possible. Scotty’s hair is still wet, but somehow Kevin knows that it’s no longer from the rain, but from sweat. He just knows that this is the second time they make love.

And he knows that he loves every moment of it. His tongue invades Scotty’s mouth. He can feel Scotty’s body move up against him…
“Kevin!” Scotty cries… Kevin doesn’t answer…. “Kevin!” It’s more insistent. Kevin moans. “KEVIN!!!!!”


Something cold splashes over Kevin’s body and with a loud scream he jumps up. The first thing he sees is Scotty, laughing out loud and, in utter confusion, Kevin moans:
“Why did you wake me? We were having sex!”

“Well, that explains everything.” Chad laughs. Kevin had forgotten all about him and Jason being here as well. Jason points down and Kevin can see that his still wet shorts barely conceal his arousal… He flings a towel over his lap.

“Yeah, that’s useful. Like we can’t remember what Little Big Man looked like in all his glory.” Chad chuckles at the blush rising on Kevin’s cheek. Both Jason and Scotty laugh too and Kevin’s sense of humor takes over as well.

“So, why did you wake me so cruelly out of my delicious dream?” He then asks.
“Time for lunch…” Scotty answers. “But I think you might want to wait a little bit.. It’s a long way to the kitchen… I don’t want to get too distracted on the way over and get lost amidst the trees…” He winks.


When Chad and Jason had said that they wanted to retreat for a little ‘siesta’, Kevin and Scotty had merely smiled, knowing full well that ‘sleeping’ would be the last thing on the minds of their friends. They had remained in the garden to soak up some more sun, until it had gotten too hot to stay outside.

Everything is quiet in the house. There are no sounds coming from Jason and Chad’s room.
“You think they’re finished?” Scotty wonders.
“Most likely. Chad is always quick with the first round, but the second one is usually a battle of wills.”

Though Scotty smiles at Kevin’s words, he somehow also feels a sting of jealousy again. The ease with which Kevin tells him things… Does Kevin miss sleeping with Chad or Jason? Does he often think about how it used to be with them? Scotty shakes his head, knowing he shouldn’t think things like that, he knows better.

“What’s wrong?” Kevin asks, sensing the silence in Scotty.
“Nothing, I guess I’m a little tired myself. It’s been so busy and … suddenly we have all this spare time and … I don’t know what to do with myself… I want to do something. I’m weird, aren’t I?”

“No, you’re not weird. You’re adorable… And I’ve missed you..”
“Missed me? I’m right here.”

“You know what I mean. I’ve missed the freedom to be with you as I want to be.” He gently pulls at Scotty’s shorts. “I want you naked in my bed without being worried the kids might walk in… I want to be able to openly touch you without feeling like I have to be on my guard.” Kevin tells him.

“We’re not alone…” Scotty points out.
“I don’t think Chad or Jason will barge in to our room like Olivia would…”
“True…” Scotty has to admit that Kevin has a point there.

Kevin’s hand slides up the inside of Scotty’s thigh and Scotty swallows hard.
“I want you naked as well. Right there, on that bed.” Scotty whispers before he kisses Kevin’s lips. “Like the men on those covers of the books I want to capture you and ravage you..”

“You know that I will have to defend my honor and my virginity…” Kevin reminds Scotty, while he manages to keep a straight face.
“They always do.” Scotty nods with a wise face, but then his smile takes over and Kevin’s eyes light up with amusement as well.


The sheets are cool against their hot skin, but Kevin and Scotty don’t really notice this. They are too busy, lost in their long languid kisses. Hands rediscover sensitive spots that have been overlooked for too long because their love-making these days consisted more of quick fixes than time-consuming explorations.

They are both hard, but ignore their needs for quick satisfaction to drive each other closer to the brink of giving in, only to pull each other away from it again and prolong the sweet torture. Scotty takes the time to play with Kevin’s curls and wrap them around his fingers before gazing into Kevin’s eyes.

Kevin covers Scotty’s chest with sweet kisses. He had almost forgotten how intoxicating it could be to take time to arouse Scotty to the limit. Scotty turns to his stomach, moaning because of the pressure on his hard cock, but at the same time his senses get confused by the warm mouth that travels down his spine.

He can feel Kevin’s strong hands massage exactly those muscles that always hurt. Scotty’s mouth is a little open, whispering sweet encouragements. Kevin’s hand moves further down and then between Scotty’s legs, gently finding what it searches for. He begins to prepare Scotty. Scotty bites his pillow to not scream out.

But he doesn’t words to show Kevin how much he wants this. He moves his ass up to Kevin’s hand. He begs for more. He demands that Kevin takes him. Right now! Kevin laughs softly. Who is he to turn down a request as strong as that one? He pushes in. Scotty gasps. Beyond that point everything becomes a blur…


“What can this detective do? I don’t know if this handsome guy is innocent or not, but I don’t care… I will prove his innocence, even if it means that I will have to frame someone else to get him of the hook.” The bad Bogard-impersonator is back. But Kevin doesn’t care. In his dream Scotty is in arms and for once dream and reality match each other to the letter….


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