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Fanfic: Break away 03/07

Break away 03/07

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, Chad, Jason.
Rate: G to NC-17
Disclaimer: The boys may not be mine, but this written with love, not for money.
Summary: I have no idea where this is going.... just walk with me... The first chapters may be short, but hopefully after that they will be longer.




Chad cannot believe that there could be any other man or woman as intoxicating as Jason is. And he knows what he’s talking about, he has tried plenty of men and women in his lifetime. But there’s something about kissing Jason’s skin, being inside him, moving against him, that feels like heaven each time they make love.

Each time, Chad enjoys it like it’s the first time that he kisses those lips, touches the soft skin of Jason belly or lets his fingers run through Jason’s hair. Underneath him Jason moans and counters each thrust. Jason’s breathing is uneven, as he encourages Chad to go on.

Jason can feel Chad’s grip on him tighten and he knows that Chad is close. He bites in his pillow to not scream out. He so close as well. He has to let go of the pillow to tell Chad to take him harder. Chad’s hand covers Jason’s mouth and Jason sucks on Chad’s fingers. And that little gestures proves to be all just al little too much for Chad…


Scotty opens his eyes all of a sudden. He’s not sure what has awoken him, but it’s about two hours after they went to bed. Not even one o’clock in the morning yet. Everything is silent, except for the ticking clock. Scotty relaxes. He must have had some weird dream or something.

He carefully reaches behind him, searching for Kevin, somehow surprised to find Kevin lying next to him. What had he been thinking? Of course Kevin would be next to him. Where else would he be?
“With Jason.” A nagging voice says in Scotty’s mind. He silences the voice.

He turns to Kevin completely. Kevin is lying with his back to Scotty, so Scotty wraps an arm around Kevin. Kevin, in return, moans in his sleep and pushes himself closer to Scotty as if he wants to be even better pressed up against Scotty's chest. Scotty smiles. Kevin is so cute when he’s asleep.

He kisses Kevin’s hair. Kevin makes a little noise, but continues to sleep. Scotty lifts his head and he lets his hand move to Kevin’s chest. A little smacking noise, coming from Kevin, makes him stop, but when Kevin shows no sign that he’s about to wake up, he lets his hand slide down Kevin’s belly and slip in Kevin’s shorts.

Kevin’s breathing hitches when Scotty’s hand begins to play with his soft cock. Kevin opens his eyes and blinks against the darkness. He gasps when he feels Scotty’s hand between his legs. And then there’s Scotty’s mouth nibbling at his ear... What a delicious way to wake up!

He shifts his legs a bit to give Scotty some more room to touch him and play with him and he can feel Scotty’s smile on his skin, where Scotty kisses him. His hand covers Scotty’s. His cock is hard between Scotty’s fingers and Kevin finds his own rhythm to move. He silently begs Scotty’s to go on.

He turns somewhat further in Scotty’s arms, offering his mouth to Scotty’s kisses, sucking in Scotty tongue as he moves faster in Scotty’s hand. He makes a disappointed sound when Scotty’s mouth leaves his, but when Scotty turns him fully on his back and Scotty disappears under the sheet, Kevin’s fingers can only grab Scott’s hair and push Scotty’s head further down…


When Scotty enters the kitchen, the next morning, it is with the expectation to be the first, but instead, there’s a delicious smell for fresh coffee, freshly baked bread and frying eggs.
“There’s a little bakery at the end of this road, they have fresh bread… Smell that… Delicious…” Chad says.

“It sure smells good.” Scotty answers. “Are you always up this early?”
“No. But I guess, I’m still on studio-hours… By now I’d just get out of hair and make-up.” Chad grins. “Want some eggs as well?”
“I can do it myself..” Scotty deflects.

“Hey, I’m making mine anyway. I can throw in a few for you, you know. I won’t poison you. I promise. How many do you want? Three? Four? Five? Six?” Chad laughs.

“Two. Thank you. Are you making some for Jason as well?”
“Nah. Jason prefers just some tea and toast in the morning…” Chad rolls his eyes.
“Oh, right. I remember Kevin telling me that…” Scotty mumbles.

Chad looks at Scotty. He can feel that something is bothering Scotty and he can guess what it is. He turns the eggs and waits for them to be ready, so he can serve them. Only then does he sit down, opposite of Scotty.

“Jealousy doesn’t suit you..” He says, catching Scotty off guard. A blush rises on Scotty’s cheeks. Has he been that obvious?
“I’m trying not to be… I really want to trust Kevin… And Jason.”
“And me?” Chad teases, saying the words that Scotty hadn’t wanted to say.

“And you.” Scotty smiles. “I know it’s silly. I should know better, but … maybe it’s because I cheated on Kevin… And I can imagine that it would now be easier for him to cheat on me in return… Like I gave him some license to do it, because I’ve done it too… It’s like I’m more aware of the possibilities that Kevin has to cheat on me… And at the same time, I know it’s silly.”

“I agree. It is silly. Kevin loves you and Jason loves me. I don’t doubt either man. And neither should you. Kevin has long forgiven you for your cheating and he’s not looking for a way to ‘get back’ at you. I think you may have this need to be somehow 'punished' for cheating on him, but he would never hurt you on purpose…”

“I guess you’re right…” Scotty sighs and, changing the subject, he adds: “This is delicious…” Chad looks at how Scotty takes another big bite and he smiles.
“Well, maybe, once Dr Philip is dead, I can work at your restaurant.” Chad sighs.

“I’m sorry, these are delicious, but you’d need just a little more skills than that…” Scotty immediately replies with a grin. “But you’re most welcome to cook for me personally.” He teases.
“Oh, sure, take advantage out of the poor nearly jobless actor.” Chad laughs.

“So, what are you going to do once you’ve been fired?”
“I don’t know. I just calculated this morning that I’ve been on Tempest Bay for nearly 15 years. It feels weird to know that, one day, soon, I won’t return there again.”

“Can’t you work on another show?” Scotty asks naively. Chad shrugs with a desinterested face.
“I’m not getting any younger. And, let’s be honest, I’m not that good an actor either. It’s going to be hard.”
“But not impossible?”

There’s so much hope in Scotty’s voice that it puts a smile on Chad’s face.
“No. Not impossible. I still have a movie-project that may go through. It was a bit pending my availability. Who knows… I’m not too worried at the moment…” But, despite his bright smile, Chad wonders if he’s trying to fool Scotty or himself.


Jason watches how Chad and Kevin plow through the water of the swimming-pool. They have a competition going, one that Kevin seems to be winning. Their bodies glisten in the water and they are beautiful to look at as they swim with strong strokes from one side of the pool to the other.

Jason wipes his forehead. It’s just past noon, the sun is high in the sky and it’s burning down on them, warming the flagstones around the pool. And though the large parasol protects Jason from the immediate sun, it’s still very hot.
“Are they still at it?” Scotty asks, joining Jason.

“Yes.” Jason answers, glad that his sunglasses don’t reveal that he quietly took a long look at Scotty’s beautiful body.
“Kevin promised me that he’d put this sun-lotion on my back. I burn easily.” Scotty sighs, feeling some annoyance.
“Do you want me to do it?” Jason volunteers. Scotty hesitates short enough to not be insulting.

“Would you?” He hands the bottle to Jason and he sits down. A few seconds later he hears Jason’s voice behind him.
“Gonna be cold.” He warns. At the same time the lotion touches Scotty’s skin and Jason’s hand gently but firmly rubs it around in ever increasing circles.

Scotty closes his eyes. He shouldn’t enjoy it this much, but there’s something very soothing about Jason’s touch.
“You’re so tense…” Jason points out softly.
“I’ve been trying to reach Saul, but no one’s picking up at Café 429.  I wonder what is going on.”

Jason’s hands firmly massage the muscles in Scotty’s neck.
“Oh, that’s heavenly.” Scotty can’t help but say it. Jason grins and holds back the words that Kevin and Chad love this as well. Instead he takes advantage of the moment and he enjoys the fact that he can touch Scotty without anyone frowning over it.

In the pool Kevin has reached his last lap and he rests at the side, where Chad joins him a few seconds later.
“That was good swim…” Chad is a bit out of breath, but Kevin isn’t.
“It’s been while for me, but I still remember how to do it.” Kevin grins.

Chad looks around to find Jason, only to tap Kevin on the shoulder.
“Now isn’t that pretty to look at?” he teases. Kevin can see how Jason is applying the sun-lotion and he feels a bit caught between jealousy, because he had wanted to do that himself, and excitement, because Jason and Scotty are both beautiful to look at.

“I don’t know what we did right in our lives, but those are two beautiful men we married.” Chad says, quietly in awe.
“They sure are.” Kevin agrees. “But I think I’m going to have to cut in, before they start to enjoy themselves a little too much…” He winks.

Chad follows Kevin out of the water. Both Scotty and Jason protest heavily when Kevin and Chad splatter cold water from the swimming-pool all over their warm bodies, and after some pushing and pulling and joking around, they all end up lying on their towels, on the stones, alongside the pool.

Kevin has found a safe place in the shade of a parasol, but the other three prefer to enjoy the hot sun as long as they can. For a little while there’s silence between them, until Chad notices the cover of the book that Jason is reading. Not his usual bible or other serious work.

No, this time the cover shows a woman from Victorian times, her back turned to an attractive man, she's pretending not to want him while the man smiles with an all-knowing smile as if he already the end of the book.
“What on Earth are you reading?” Chad eventually asks Jason.

“Found this in Linda Collins’ library. A masterpiece called ‘Love at the castle’.”
“Is it alright if I wait for the movie…?” Scotty asks cynically. Chad laughs.
“Oh, no, Scotty, it’s a real masterpiece of the totally unexpected.” Jason manages to say with a straight face. “It tells the haunting story of a beautiful and innocent young girl..”

“Naturally.” Kevin sighs. “They’re never psychopaths with a bad temper…”
“… who gets sent to the coast by her mother, who’s very sick,….” Jason continues. “.. there she meets this handsome, rugged man…”
“No way!” Scotty pretends to be totally stunned. “Didn’t see that one coming….”

“… who’s an arrogant jerk to her at first….”
“Aren’t all handsome, rugged man, by definition, arrogant ones?” Kevin wonders what the statistics are.
“…. And she hates him, until she discovers that he’s looking after the 5-year daughter of his dead sister. A girl with golden hair and sweet as a ladybug.”

“Ladybugs stink if you crush them.” Chad can’t help but say it and Kevin nearly chokes on his laughter.
“Let me guess. The woman won a Pulitzer-award for writing this book…” Scotty jokes.
“No. Not even close…” Jason fakes disappointment.

“Not even for this masterpiece? She was robbed.” Chad laughs.
“Okay, we can all joke about it, but I used to love to watch those covers on my mom’s books and dream away of some pirate with billowing shirt, sword in hand, kidnapping me away and submitting me to his every need, which I would, of course, try to resist, unconvincingly….” Scotty sighs.

“I used to have a favorite one as well.” Jason suddenly remembers. “The guy on the cover was hot! Oh, my! I could pretend anything I wanted with that cover in hands. Well, in one hand, because the other one was busy with other things.. Then one day, my mom walks in, sees the book and tells me how the picture on the cover always reminds her of my brother, Robert…”

Chad, Scotty and Kevin burst into laughter at the dismay on Jason’s face.
“… I don’t know.. but it kind of killed the vibe I had for the book and the cover….” Jason finishes his story dryly as Scotty wipes away his tears. “It’s been a while since I had picked up one of these sort of books. I haven’t missed much over the years though…”

Kevin laughs and closes his eyes. The warmth on his skin feels good, even when he’s not completely in the sun. He can hear Jason and Scotty talk, but the voices fade slowly as sleep begins to take over his body. He’s vaguely aware that Jason is reading a paragraph in the book out loud and Jason’s warm voice carries Kevin even further away from this place.


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