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Fanfic: Break away 02/07

Break away 02/07

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, Chad, Jason.
Rate: G to NC-17
Disclaimer: The boys may not be mine, but this written with love, not for money.
Summary: I have no idea where this is going.... just walk with me... The first chapters may be short, but hopefully after that they will be longer.




“Well, hon, you look terrible.” Linda Collins, the oldest actress on “Tempest Bay” swoons nonetheless. Even at his worst, Chad looks good. If only she were 30 years younger and he wouldn’t be married to a very handsome man… Chad smiles at her words. He has known her for years and he knows that she loves him very much... in a strictly platonic way.

“Dr Philip is going to die.” He answers. “Heard it yesterday. To be replaced by a younger model.”
“Well, hon, that sucks.” Linda replies from the bottom of her heart. “You’ve always been one of the most reliable actors here. Never any diva-attitude and always easy to get along with.”
“It’s hard, even for me, to be a bigger diva than you.” Chad grins.

She gives him a mock-insulted look and slaps his wrist gently in a weak punishment.
“Why don’t they get rid of Claudia instead?” She wonders out loud.
“Her contract isn’t up for renegotiation just yet.” Chad immediately replies, knowing that there’s a good chance that Claudia’s character will soon die as well.

Linda, grande dame of the show, can’t stand her, so it would be very logic for Claudia to disappear soon. Chad lets his head rest on his arms, which are on the table.
“I’m tired.” He says. Linda lets her fingers run through his hair, in an almost motherly gesture.

“Of course you are honey. When Malcolm died last year, you took over as one of the principal characters of the show… You’ve been working your ass off to keep this show interesting. You dealt with the press, you had to run from one place to the next to give interviews… It’s been a tough couple of months.” Linda recognizes.

“I just want to sleep. Will you wake me when it’s my turn to say my lines? Or should I just text them in?” Chad replies. Linda’s face shows concern. She has never seen Chad this depressed before. Chad is perhaps not the best actor on the show, but he’s one of the few ones who would always be able to make filming this show bearable.

“You know what you need? A break.”
“Yeah, great. I’ll have all the break I need in a few weeks.” Chad says.
“Doctor Philip has a convention coming up, doesn’t he?” She asks, knowing very well what the coming storylines are for most characters.

“Yes.” Chad knows the current storyline of his character as well. “And, while away, Philip will accidentally be a witness to a murder, that will ultimately lead to his death, I suppose.”
“Good. Not that Philip will die, but that means that you could take a week off. Just go away…”

“Where? Those paparazzi-vultures follow me wherever I go.” Chad sighs. Linda opens her handbag and takes out a key and she writes down something on a piece of paper. She then seems to hesitate, but hands it to Chad anyway.

“I have a house on one of those cute islands, in a warm tropical place... Shhh, don't say the name. The wall have ears. ... The house is near the beach.  It's my place 'to escape to'. It's nothing fancy, but nice enough.,. Here’s the key. Go there. The moment you leave, you let me know. I will make sure that the house is ready for you.”

Chad looks at Linda. His face expresses so much surprise that she begins to laugh.
“Just go. Call Jason and go. I’ll take care of a few things on this side. Don’t worry. The worst that can happen is that you get fired… which they already to plan to do anyway.” She grins, when Chad gives her a warm kiss on the cheek.

At the door, he turns to her to thank her, but the words get stuck in his throat. This could be just what he needs. She waves him away, knowing what he meant to say. Then her smile disappears from her face and with a grim look in her eyes, she dials the number of Dan Silk. Let’s see what the Skinny-Minnie would have to say about Chad’s pending dismissal.


“I may have a solution.” Chad says, stopping Scotty from clearing the dishes. He had listened to everyone’s story of woo and he had informed them of the pending death of Doctor Philip and it had almost crushed all the delight out of the deliciously prepared food.

“I think,…” He continues. “.. that we could all need some distraction. Just get away from all the misery in our lives… I’ve been given a chance to… No, let me start differently. Kevin, do you have anything big going on this week?” Kevin shakes his head. No, he had postponed all his meetings to be with Scotty this week.

“Scotty, could you leave it to Saul and Jonathan to look after things while you took some time off?” Scotty shrugs. He supposes that he could. Chad turns to Jason. “What about you, Jason?” If Jason is at all insulted, that he’s last to be asked, he’s not showing it. He thinks before he answers.

“I could take some time off too.”
“Alright then. Linda Collins has given me the keys to her 'special retreat'. She says it’s nothing important, but it would have enough rooms for the four of us….?” He looks expectantly at Jason, Kevin and Scotty.

“Let me guess. There’s a hurricane coming?” Jason guesses.
“Serial killer on the loose?” Scotty wants to know.
“If it’s on a volcanic island and eruption would be more credible.” Kevin adds.
“What are you guys talking about?” Chad asks.

“Whenever we plan something for the four of us, it goes wrong.” Jason points out.
“Right, and I have no intention to jeopardize my life all over again.” Scotty seems to agree with Jason.
“We have to kids to think about and everything. Can’t go running around getting ourselves killed.” Kevin is as practical as ever.

“Our favorite psychopath, Alex Grodin, is dead." Chad sums up. "I checked the weather-reports. They predict wonderful warm weather. No hint of any volcanic eruption to be seen anywhere. Nor any hurricanes, earthquakes, meteor-strikes. There aren’t any major catastrophes waiting for us… Just sun, swimming-pool, good food and great wine. One week.”

Scotty looks at Kevin, who doesn’t seem to know what to answer.
“We’ll need to talk it over. See who can look after Café 429, Olivia and Daniel… Give Kevin and me a few hours to see what we can do… We’ll get back to you.” Scotty therefore decides. A huge grin appears on Chad’s face.

The battle is already won. Chad knows that the Walkers will be there to help Kevin and Scotty. He has no worries that Saul and Nora would love to look after Café 429 and the children andm if they can’t, they will bribe, beg or harass someone else in the family to do it for them. No, Chad had no worries. This holiday is coming.


Kevin places his travel-bag on the floor and stares at the hallway. But it is Chad who puts into words what the other three are thinking.
“If this is considered ‘nothing fancy’. I wonder what she would consider ‘fancy’.” He says.
“Something slightly bigger than Buckingham Palace, I presume.” Kevin answers.

“Is there a road-map for this house?” Scotty wonders quietly. Kevin smiles at his husband for his sweet joke.
“Let’s have a look around…” Chad offers.

The house is a u-shaped place with each room having an door leading to the central garden. The marbled hall is huge, and the rest of the house isn’t small either. They find four different bedrooms, each with an comfortable en suite bathroom. Each couple picks a room for themselves, secretly glad they don’t have to share one bathroom.

They open windows and doors to let in the soft breeze and create a draft through the house that chases away the smell of a house locked up for too long. Scotty looks at the billowing curtains, and for the first time since he got here, he’s starting to relax. Maybe a few days away from all the problems would be a good idea.

The living-room has a sunken-in area with the softest carpet that Jason has ever felt. It invites to walk bare-foot, which is what he does. Kevin sits down on the couch.
“You can drown in this couch, while you watch tv.” He swoons, feeling as if he’s floating on water and liking the way the pillows support him.

Chad grins. He takes Jason in his arms and he kisses Jason in his neck before whispering, loud enough for Kevin and Scotty to hear:
“Place like this could be used for more than just watching tv…”
“Do you guys needs some privacy?” Kevin asks, raising an eye-brow.

“No, we don’t… Not yet anyway.” Jason manages to move out of Chad’s grip with this vague promise and the four men move on to check the rest of the house. The kitchen gets Scotty’s vote of approval and a look in the well-stocked fridge gives him a few ideas of what they could eat tonight, but Chad immediately interferes.

“No. We’ll order something in for tonight. I don’t want you cooking for us every night.” Scotty opens his mouth to protest, but Kevin and Jason beat him to it, by agreeing with Chad. Scotty rolls his eyes. He doesn’t mind cooking, but he can see why it might bother Kevin, if he’s cooking every night, so he doesn’t say anything.

Further exploration leads them to the garden where there’s a huge swimming-pool.
“We could swim naked here. It’s a very private place.” Chad says with appreciation in his voice. Jason is about to disagree, just like Scotty, but Kevin is faster.
“We could. It’s not like we’re strangers to each other.” He nods.

“Excuse me? I don’t fully agree with that…” Scotty points out. Kevin only now realizes that of course Scotty doesn’t know Jason and Chad as intimately as he does.
“You’re right. Sorry, babe.” He blows his husband a little kiss, which puts a smile on Scotty’s face.

“This reminds me of the pool at my aunt’s place. Do you remember that we went to visit her?” Jason asks Kevin. Kevin nods.
“Though I don’t remember the pool all that well. Only that little dark alley and you and me on the back-seat…” Kevin adds with a sly grin.

“Yes, I somehow figured that you would remember that part of the day.” Jason grins in return. Chad merely laughs as well. Jealousy, especially towards Kevin, is just not really in his character. He knows that Jason had a sex-life before he met Chad, as Chad had one before he met Jason.

He also knows that he could never love another man the way that he loves Jason and, perhaps naively, he thinks that Jason feels the same way about him. Scotty however has more issues with hiding the pang of jealousy that courses through his body. Especially when it comes to Kevin and Jason, his own insecurities could so easily resurfaces.

He immediately tells himself not to take it personal. Kevin loves him. Kevin has always chosen him. Over Chad. Over Jason. Chad and Jason are happy together too. They are all just friends. Kevin and Jason share a past. Get over it. But it’s not as easy to get over as it is with Kevin’s relationship with Chad.

Scotty has always considered Chad somewhat flakier in his relationships, giving him the feeling that what Chad and Kevin had together had been less serious than the relationship between Kevin and Jason. Scotty swallows hard and pushes aside his jealousy. He tells himself to stop being so ridiculous and to not spoil everyone’s good mood.


Dinner had been a relaxing moment of the day. Together with the excellent wine that Chad had bought, the mood had been one of laughter, sharing stories and teasing all around. Kevin had called Nora to let her know that they had arrived safely and to find out if Daniel was alright.

Scotty had called Olivia, but Olivia was too busy playing a game with Cooper to be on the phone for long. The table had been cleared by the time he came back. Night has fallen and none of them seem to be too awake anymore.
“I’m sorry.” Jason hides a yawn behind his hand. “I’m tired…. I think I’m going to bed.”

“I think we could all use some sleep.” Kevin agrees, trying to stretch his fatigue away.
“Good idea…”
“It’s still early..” Chad protests quietly. Though he’s tired too, he’s not willing to go away just yet.

“I said I wanted to go to bed…. I said nothing about sleeping…” Jason points out sweetly making Kevin and Scotty whistle. Chad’s face brightens up.
“Right. Of course. Sorry, guys, I’m dead tired… need to get my beauty sleep…. And such…” Chad immediately says, making the three other men laugh.

They say goodbye and Kevin and Scotty go to their own bedroom.
“Can we just go to sleep? Without the 'extra activities'?” Scotty asks Kevin. “I can barely keep my eyes open.” He can see that Kevin is a bit disappointed by his question, but Kevin nods anyway, not interested in pushing something on Scotty that he’s not interested in.


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