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Chad vs Jason

Yesterday’s post had me thinking about those 2 ‘other’ men in Kevin’s life.

While my love for Scotty is as unconditionally as Kevin's is, and there's no one who could ever convince that anyone would be better for Kevin... I have to admit that Kevin has a good taste when it comes to men. Both Chad and Jason are good-looking, sexy and smart in their own way.

Yet, if anyone would force me to make a choice between Chad and Jason, my choice would be with Chad. Why? Well, first of all, I didn't like Jason as a character. I think I loved him most in 2.11, perhaps also because it allowed Eric to show his  comedic side a little more. The awkward way in which his meeting with Kevin goes and how Scotty drops in etc. always has me laughing (as I explained yesterday), but also he could show his more vulnerable side.

The scene at the dinner-table must be in my top 3 of best scenes ever in B&S (along with 'The proposal' and 'You ruined our marriage'-scenes). I think that the reason why I still like Jason is because of how Eric delivered the line "I missed you too much (and the rest of it)...." There was enough pain in there to show that Jason wasn't completely heartless when it came to Kevin, but I still agree with Kevin. Worst excuse I've ever heard.

I absolutely LOVE Chad. I don't know what it is about him, but I can’t really dislike him. What Chad and Jason have in common is that I liked neither of them at the start. I found both of them arrogant and too self-assured. (kinda what Kevin pretended to be as well)

Yet, for some reason, I feel that Chad loved Kevin more than Jason did. I guess, a lot has to do with the fact that we saw Kevin/Chad grow  over several episodes, while Kevin/Jason started in 1.23 and ended in 2.01. What happened between K/J we never saw, we only have a few lines for it to prove it ever existed. (Besides, I hated that it 'forced' Kevin to end up in church, faking interest and the scene of him praying felt  'off' to me as well, because never saw Kevin pray before or after again.)

Furthermore, we saw Chad actively trying to 'get' Kevin, whereas with Jason,... well,  I could never see Jason as that interested in the person that Kevin was. Maybe more in the person he believed he could change Kevin in to. I think I don't 'get' what could have worked well between Kevin/Jason - aside from cat-fights and hot make-up sex, now THAT I can imagine.  ;)

Also, Chad was better written than Jason. In 1.19 “Game night” Jason was obnoxiously arrogant. It got toned down in 1.23 when for some inexplicable reason an argument ended in face-sucking/wrestling-match in the pantry. Alright, I do get it, logically, I know, that all the preparations for the engagement-party are supposed to have brought Kevin/Jason closer yada, yada, yada, but it all moved a bit too fast for my taste. I wasn’t entirely convinced yet. I needed something ‘more’.

Then came 2.01.

Summer-loving happened so fast… Met a guy cute as be …. Summer days drifting away, to oh oh those summer nights..

No seriously, I CAN somehow see Kevin/Jason having HOT summer nights, because both guys are good–looking and, well… hot as hell! (sorry, reverend McCallister), but I can’t take their ‘love’ so serious. And then, it all comes to a screeching halt, because Jason has to go to Malaysia….

Summer dreams ripped at the seams, but those oh summer nights…

Seriously, they should write a song about “Summerlovin”, make it something cheerful, with a bit of 50s vibe to it… ;) (Hey, not my fault, Jason himself wanted to know which of them was supposed to be Sandy. )

Anyway, after Jason’s entire song and dance how Kevin cannot commit to anyone, Kevin promises to wait for Jason, tells him he loves him…  and Jason leaves to never, ever, ever, get in touch with Kevin… Mhmm. Ripped at the seams alright. I know, Jason was badly written, even at his most arrogant, in 1.19, he never struck me as someone cruel and what he did to Kevin was just that. Cruel.

I also believe that Chad worked better for me, because he had a certain vulnerability about him, that I felt was lacking in Jason, until 2.11 when he said that he was afraid of missing Kevin too much. By the time, he dared to tell say what he felt, it was too late for me. He had blown it. (with me anyway)

Chad on the other hand wasn't perfect either. At first he was mostly in love with himself, but when Kevin didn't come crawling back to him after he broke up with Kevin at the end of 'Valentine's day massacre', he was the one who tried to win Kevin back. That scene at the restaurant when Kevin gives him that book certainly displayed, for me, that he was interested in Kevin, although perhaps he's still too superficial and too interested in himself too. Chad certainly changed, as a character, which I felt never happened to Jason.

Anyhow, that is how I feel....

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