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Fanfic: Wow!


By Marea67
K/S, and Justin drops in as well.
Rate: G
Disclaimer: the boys don't belong to me, just playing with them.
Summary: Kevin suddenly wonders....

AN: Once again, one of those stories that I started with a good story in mind... and then my plot-bunny got shot, leaving me with a half-finished story. I'm sure it had a good plot.. somewhere... But I'm not going to wait for it to come back to me. I know the title makes no sense, but it was the first word that came up when I saved it. :D


“Wow! You look way too smug.” Justin grins when he sees Kevin sitting behind his desk, with a huge smile on his face.
“I’m in a good mood.” Kevin concedes.
“So, your evening out with Scotty was a success.”

“I have not received nor uttered any complaints….” Kevin answers with a nod of the head.
“So Scotty liked the restaurant we chose?” Justin wants to know.
“He hated it….” Kevin says.
“Oh, sorry to hear that.” And Justin is. He had suggested the place to Kevin.

“No, no, no. It was good, he hated it because the food was excellent and you know how competitive Scotty can get when that happens….” Kevin explains. Justin knows.
“And the movie?”
“Mhmm, the butler did it.” Kevin replies.

Justin grins, it was their coded message that they hadn’t seen much of the movie because they had been engaged in ‘other things’.
“Got home early? Or did you make a stop along the way?” Justin now asks, his grin becomes even bigger.

“We went straight home… and to bed early… we were both….” Kevin pauses, bites his lower lip, but it can’t prevent his triumphant smile. “… exhausted.”

They both laugh at their silly conversation and Kevin watches how Justin gets up to get some coffee at the bar. He cannot explain how glad he is that he and Justin are so close. Where Kitty and Tommy prefer a “don’t ask, don’t tell” stance on the relationship between Kevin and Scotty, and where Sarah is more often too aggressive in her curiosity, Justin seems to have found a balance between his siblings.

Scotty enters the bar from the kitchen and greets Justin with a hug. There’s so much warmth that it chokes Kevin up. Justin clearly loves Scotty. Their relationship is casual, playful and easy. The contrast between Tommy and Justin is just so big. Not that Tommy hates Scotty, but there’s always a distance between them that isn’t there between Justin and Scotty.

Maybe it’s also an age-thing. Scotty and Justin are closer to each other’s age than Tommy and Scotty. And maybe it’s a parental thing too. Where Tommy had spent a lot of time with William and his rigid way of looking at life, Justin had been closer to Nora and therefore perhaps more open-minded….

“Hey, penny for your thoughts.” Justin places the coffee on Kevin’s desk.
“I was just thinking how things have changed… I … I never dreamed that one day I would be married, to the man of my dreams no less, and have at least one family-member, other than mom, be so supportive.”

“We’ve all been supportive, always, no?” Justin points out, but he knows that Kevin is more referring to their father and Tommy. He shrugs. “It’s easy for me. I really like Scotty. He’s nice, kind, no push-over, counters your drama-queen moments and, most important, I know that he loves you unconditionally. And, to me, that means more than anything else.” Justin says with a shrug.

Perhaps it’s the casual way that Justin discusses this, but Kevin suddenly feels so lucky to have this young man for a brother.
“Sometimes it is really that simple isn’t it?” Kevin says and Justin cannot disagree. He simply doesn’t see any problem whatsoever.


“Justin really likes you.” Kevin says. Scotty turns around to look at his husband, who’s sitting in bed with some papers in front of him, waiting for Scotty to come home. He gives Kevin an inquisitive look.
“I don’t get it.” Scotty must admit.

“It was just an observation. He was in the office this afternoon and when we talked about you, he told me that he likes you.”
“Glad to hear that? I like him too?” Scotty isn’t too sure on how he should react. He likes Justin and he knows that the feeling is mutual, but he’s not sure what Kevin means by it.

“It’s no big deal…” Kevin starts. “It just surprised me how easy Justin is about all this, when it’s more difficult with Tommy. I was thinking on the differences between them…. Would Tommy ever made such a comment about you? No.”
“Doesn’t mean he doesn’t like me.” Scotty feels the need to defend Tommy somehow.

Kevin is momentarily distracted because Scotty takes off his shirt, giving Kevin first a chance to look at his chest and then his back as he turns towards the bathroom. Kevin watches how Scotty neatly folds the shirt before it putting it in the wash-bin. Kevin quickly shakes his head to chase away any thoughts and then he returns to his subject.

“What I’m actually wondering about is… has Tommy ever said or done anything to you to prove that he does or doesn’t like you?”
“He welcomed me in the family when we got married,…” Scotty mentions the first thing that comes to his mind. “But does it really matter to you, whether he did or didn't welcome me?”

“No. Just… I don’t know… I’ve always wanted my family to love you and … I suddenly wondered how you feel about it that not my entire family is so open to you…” Kevin tries to give words to his thoughts. Scotty steps out of the bathroom.

“Are you asking me if I’m upset with your family or something…?” Scotty looks at Kevin. Kevin shrugs and then he lets out a long sigh.
“I don’t know… I want you to know that you’re welcome.”

“Kevin, there are few families as welcoming as yours is. I’ve always felt accepted, protected and loved by them. And I admit, it’s easier with, for instance, Sarah and Justin, than Kitty or Tommy, but I don’t have any doubt that both Kitty and Tommy would do all they can to be there for me, if I needed them to.”
“Good.” Kevin is still a bit quiet when Scotty gets in bed.

“Anyhow, it doesn’t really matter what they think, now does it?” Scotty suddenly asks.
“No, I don’t think so.”
“Good, because I only need one Walker to love me and that is you.” Scotty points out the obvious. Kevin smiles.

“And I do. Endlessly. Unconditionally.”
“Come here then and let me love you.” Scotty says, pulling Kevin to his side of the bed. Kevin lies as close to Scotty as he can. Of course Scotty is right. As long as they love each other, the opinions of the others don’t really matter.


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