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Fanfic: Man up

Man up!

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, Tommy, Justin, Jordan, Quinn, Mario
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S and K/S don’t belong to me, written with love not for money
Summary: When K/S have had a fight over everyone has an opinion. Set somewhere end of season 2.


“No, seriously, Scotty, you can’t let Kevin go on with dictating you like this.” Jordan points out.
“Kevin’s issues are his own, you know.” Quinn adds.
“You should really man up and tell Kevin to get lost.” Mario tells Scotty.

Scotty shakes his head.
“I hate fighting with Kevin,.. And it’s not like he’s exactly wrong, you know… We…”
“No more excuses, Scotty. Tell Kevin to accept the situation as it is and let him deal with it.” Quinn orders. “Take charge.”


“It’s not like Scotty didn’t have the right to get mad.” Kevin sighs.
“Oh, Kevin, man up!” Tommy says. “Scotty is a sweetheart, but occasionally you have to show who’s boss. And if you let him get away with bossing you around, so soon in the relationship, he’ll walk all over you, in no time.”

“I hate to say it, but I agree with Tommy.” Justin nods. “You haven’t done anything wrong. Scotty started this fight.”
“But …” Kevin starts his protest, but Justin stops him radically.
“Kevin, stand up for your principles. Man up!”


At the door of his apartment Kevin stops and wonders what to do next. Scotty and he had been in a fight. Nothing important. It’s just that they were both a little right and a little wrong and if one of them would just cave, everything would be alright. But why should it always have to be him?

“Man up!” Kevin tells himself. “You can do this. You can overrule Scotty with words, you’re a lawyer for Pete’s sake.” The words spoken by Justin and Tommy are still in his head. Be tough. Stand up for yourself. Man up! Don’t let Scotty get away with everything… Kevin takes a deep breath. He’s ready. He puts his key in the lock….


“You can do this, Scotty. Just tell Kevin how you feel. He’s a lawyer. He can read between the lines…” Scotty encourages himself. He has to acknowledge that his fight with Kevin had been about something rather insignificant, but why does he always have to be the one to give in?

“Take charge, Scotty, take charge.” He tells himself out loud, over and over again, like a mantra. He hates fighting with Kevin, but sometimes, you just have to fight for what you believe in… Right? Scotty is about to wash the dishes, when he hears the key in the lock. Kevin is home.


Kevin puts his briefcase on the couch. He turns around when he hears footsteps. He looks at Scotty. Scotty looks at Kevin. Kevin seems tense, ready for the fight. Scotty takes a deep breath, ready to start the argument, but then Kevin’s shoulders sink.
“Hi, Scotty.” He says.

“Hi, Kevin.” Scotty replies.
“I’m sorry.” They say simultaneously, before laughing at themselves.
“I don’t want to fight.” Scotty says.
“Neither do I. I think you were right.”

“No, I could have also tried to see it from your point of view….” Scotty concedes.
“You had every right to tell me that you thought that I was wrong. We’re in this relationship together. If you should be able to tell the truth to anyone, it should be to me.” Kevin points out. Scotty nods slowly. He agrees with Kevin’s words.

“I love you.” Kevin now says.
“I love you too.” Scotty immediately replies. “Come here.” He takes Kevin is his arms and their kisses silence any further argument, but neither of them seems to mind.

Despite all the wisdom given to them by Tommy, Justin, Jordan, Quinn and Mario, no further apologies are needed. There’s no need for further arguments either. There’s no reason for either of them to ‘man up’. After all, they are both already man enough to take their own responsibilities as it is.


Tags: character - jordan, character - justin, character - kevin, character - scotty, character - tommy

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