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Fanfic: A letter to Justin

A letter to Justin

By Marea67
: Kevin, Justin
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, written with love not for money.
Summary: While overseas Justin gets a letter from Kevin.


“Mail for you.” Justin turns over to his other side to see who’s talking to him. One of the other medics puts a letter next to Justin’s head. Justin sees the handwriting and he smiles. The only thing that is straight about Kevin is his handwriting. Kevin has no doubt the most beautiful handwriting in the family, when he wants to. Curious about what Kevin could possibly have to tell him, Justin opens the letter.

Hi Justin,

Just a quick letter from me as I don’t have much to say. I guess you should know that Hank and I are through. I’m sure the news will leave you heart-broken….
” In his mind Justin can hear Kevin’s sarcasm. It’s no secret that Justin thinks that Hank’s a sleaze-ball who doesn’t deserve Kevin.

No, Justin won’t shed a tear over losing Hank, but he’s worried how Kevin will react.
“…. I think I’m doing fine…” He thinks? “… I discovered that I prefer to be alone anyway. Between family and work, I have more than enough insanity in my life. I don’t need to be looking for it elsewhere.”

Justin nods. He couldn’t agree more if he tried. Kevin is completely right. And yet, his family’s ‘insanity’ is the thing Justin misses the most right now. That and his mother’s apple-pie. And decent coffee. And a good long shower without interruptions by others. And sleep. Yes, come to think about it: undisturbed sleep is something he misses the most.

“I guess that I’m just one of those persons who will remain alone for the rest of his life… Maybe I should get a couple of cats and become the male version of a cat-lady. Cat-man. I think it would be a great idea, if only I weren’t allergic to cats….” The smiley at the end betrays that Kevin is joking and Justin laughs softly and lovingly.

“Mom and dad are doing fine. Dad is busy as usual. He and Uncle Saul seem to spend even more time together than usual. I wonder what dad is up to. I know from the look on his face that he’s working on something, but neither Tommy, nor Sarah, want to say something. And it’s not like Dad would ever confide me…

Mom keeps herself busy as well. She ripped out all the bad weeds this weekend, but it must be growing back harder than she can pull them, I think, because she’s been at it since you went away..”
Justin feels a bit guilty. He can easily read between the lines. Kevin is rather obvious.

His mother always tortures the garden when she’s very unhappy, upset or confused. He guesses that ‘ripping out the bad weeds’ is her showing how upset she is. Just like when she suddenly wanted a pool when Kevin came out. Justin shakes his head. At least ripping out weeds is a lesser landscape-change than a new pool.

“Tommy and Julia are trying to get pregnant… It’s not exactly working, I’m afraid. I’m not going to bore with you the details… On second thought, why shouldn’t I bore you with them? It’s all I hear from Tommy and Julia right now. Why do I always have to listen to all the straight-sex stories and innuendos?

There’s always someone yelling ‘too much info’ when I talk about something in my love/sex-life… yet for some reason people seem to think that I should be interested in theirs? At what point is it politically correct to tell them to shut up? Or for me to yell ‘Too much info’? On third thought: I’ve decided to spare you the details.”

Justin heaves a sigh of relief. Too much info. He doesn’t need to know everything.
“I don’t see Sarah much lately. I heard through the grapevine (= Kitty) that she and Joe are having marital problems… Something about issues in the bedroom.. But you didn’t hear this from me, got that?”

Justin ‘gets’ that. He grins. Oh, how he misses the family-gossip. He sighs and turns to his other side to get a better light.
“Of course, Kitty is poking fun at Sarah’s problems. It seems that she and Jonathan are doing great in the bedroom… Yeah, I know… Too much info. But if I have to hear it, so do you.”

“Great punishment, bro.” Justin says between clenched teeth.
“But seriously, I went to see her in New York recently and I’m not sure what to think anymore. Jonathan is good for her, but I also think that he’s holding her back… She’s depending too much on him.

But what do I know? Maybe I’m just jealous that Kitty has this hot attractive guy in her bed and I don’t.”
Justin shakes his head. He has met Jonathan as well and he doesn’t think that Kevin is wrong in his assessment. But what can Justin do about it? As long as Kitty is happy with Jonathan…

“Besides, what can I do about it? As long as Kitty is happy with Jonathan, it’s none of my business anyway… Anyhow, that is the latest update from this side of the planet. We’re all okay, so need to worry about us. Stay safe, please, I miss you.” Justin’s eyes start to get wet, but he can’t show his tears, because someone’s coming in.

“Letter?” Vince, one of the other medics, can be so curious.
“My brother.” Justin answers, his voice gruff.
“The gay one?” Vince now asks. Justin can’t help but smirk when he nods.

The thought of getting a letter from Tommy is too hilarious. The last note he got from Tommy was a postcard from New York that read ‘Am in NY. With Kitty. She’s fine. Me too. Stay safe. Tommy’. So the thought of an entire letter is too funny for words.

“Well, better clear it up. We have to leave.” Vince tells Justin and Justin clears away the letter. He'll read it again later and write a reply for Kevin, in the knowledge that Kevin would love to hear from him and, with him being the CNN of the family, he'll gladly spread the news to the family.


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