marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Fanfic: Demolition work

Demolition work

By Marea67
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Written with love not for money
Summary: When Kevin accidentally wakes up Scotty, Scotty can’t go back to sleep.


That must be about the most annoying that can happen, Kevin thinks. To wake up at 2.18 am because ‘nature calls’. He quietly manages to slip from underneath the sheet without waking Scotty and a few minutes later he’s washing his hands and he’s ready to go back to bed.

As he reaches for the small towel to dry his hands, he accidentally hits one of the plastic cups, that they use to rinse, after brushing their teeth. With a loud clattering sound the cup falls down. In its fall it manages to take the toothbrush along and to knock over the soap-holder. In all, it just makes an incredible noise in the silence of the night. Kevin makes a face upon realizing that this most likely wake up Scotty.

“What is it? Demolition-work in the middle of the night?” Scotty enters the bathroom, looking deliciously sexy in his t-shirt and shorts.
“Sorry. Cup fell.” Kevin picks it up.
“That’s it? I thought you were single-handedly tearing the sink off the wall.”

“Can we go back to sleep now?” Kevin yawns and he pushes Scotty back towards the bed.
“But … I’m awake now.” Scotty sulks quietly and Kevin looks at him.
“Your point?”
“I need something to relax me.” Scotty pushes Kevin on his back.

“I don’t think…”
“That’s a good idea. Don’t think.” Scotty cuts him off and he kisses his husband until Kevin is out of breath and until whatever Kevin had planned to say is long gone from his memory, because the way that Scotty moves his body against Kevin’s distracts Kevin completely.

“Scotty…” Kevin moans.
“Mmmyes?” Scotty kisses Kevin again. “What did you want to say?” Another kiss prevents Kevin from talking, so Kevin searches for another way to communicate. He wraps his arms around Scotty and pulls him closer while pressing up against him.

There’s no avoiding Kevin arousal and Scotty doesn’t try. Instead, he lets his hand slide between them so he can touch it, just so he can feel how Kevin responds in sweet desperation. Scotty breaks the kiss.
“Seems I’m not the only one who needs a bit of relaxing.”

His fingers brush down and back up and he laughs when he hears Kevin’s muffled ‘fuck’.
“Well, that was my plan, unless you have better one?” Scotty teases.
“Could there be a better one?” Kevin whispers between two more kisses.
“No.” Scotty replies, helping Kevin get rid of his last clothes.

Kevin closes his eyes, enjoying the touch of Scotty able hands. Scotty knows exactly how to make Kevin beg for release. He slowly turns over, submitting himself to Scotty’s kisses that Scotty leaves on his back and to the fingers that prepare him for what is to come. Their bodies easily fuse to one.

They both know exactly how turn each other on. Each touch, each kiss, each trust, each softly whispered word of love and each order to move on, is familiar. Kevin doesn’t need that much to come all over Scotty’s fingers, nor does Scotty need to waste much time between Kevin’s climax and his own.


“Tired now?” Kevin asks.
“Tired and satisfied. The best combo.” Scotty answers with a huge smile on his face. Kevin puts his head on Scotty’s shoulder. “I love you.” Scotty says, unable to quite hide a yawn.

“Ready to get some sleep?” Kevin teases. “Or should I do some more demolition work? Just to get you ‘in the mood’ again?”
“Again? No, I think I’m done for tonight.” Scotty yawns again. He has trouble keeping his eyes open.

“Alright. I’ll let you sleep then..” Kevin promises with a smile. He kisses Scotty’s shoulder. Scotty feels himself drift away. The last thing he notices is that Kevin moves back to his own pillow and that an arm rests heavily on his stomach, but he’s too tired to do something about it and sleep takes over.


Tags: 2014

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