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Fanfic: AU: Arrangement


By Marea67
Rate: NC-17-ish
Disclaimer: The boys aren't mine. Written with love, not for money
Summary: Just a small AU, because I was in the mood.

It is an AU, so the usual applies; Things can/will be different. Don't like it? Don't read it


Kevin opens the door to his mother’s house and he puts his briefcase in the corner of the hall. As much as he appreciates that he can stay at his mother’s house, while his house is getting painted, he could do without her constant meddling in his private life and her incessant attempts to try and get him a boyfriend.

As he walks up to the kitchen, where his mother usually can be found, he ponders over the question if he shouldn’t be moving into a hotel-room for the few remaining nights. Just when he thinks that it would be too rude, he hears his mother’s voice. She’s talking to someone.

“… I’m so happy to know that there will be someone to keep an eye on my son, and I couldn’t think of a kinder man to do it…” She practically swoons. Kevin can’t hear the answer, but it’s clearly a man’s voice. Fuck! Doesn’t she ever learn? It has Kevin’s blood boiling as he marches into the kitchen…

“Mom,… This has to stop!” He says, not waiting for his mother to adjust to the fact he has just entered. “I’m seriously not interested in dating any other guy you’re picking out for me. So,…” At that moment he turns to the guest in his mother’s kitchen, only to be face-to-face with the most beautiful man he has ever seen.

An amused smile comes to the guest’s face. A smile that reaches a pair of beautiful blue eyes.
“Wow. For once you pick someone I could actually like.” Kevin says slightly flabbergasted.

“Kevin, this is Scotty, he…”
“Yeah, whatever, mom…. Fine, I’ll take you out to dinner.” Kevin tells the young man.
“But Kevin,…”
“I’d love to have dinner with you too.” Scotty replies without missing a beat.

“Oh, but…” Nora tries to protest weakly, but Kevin is already gone, having mumbled something about getting something more comfortable. Nora turns to Scotty, ready to apologize, but Scotty merely smiles at her.
“I can handle him.” Scotty winks.


“I have to admit, that I’m surprised that you want to become a chef-cook. No wonder mom likes you.” Kevin grins. Scotty raises his glass to get some wine, before he answers.
“It will take a while, before I can finish my studies, but once I can get back to it…" He doesn't finish his sentence. "But enough about me. I understand you’re a lawyer?”

“Yes, I am.”
“Sounds exciting.”
“It’s not that exciting, but it has its moments…” Kevin admits. His eyes meet Scotty’s and again he can feel his stomach flutter.

“I like this. When you look at someone, and they don’t look away.” Scotty’s words, but also his smile make Kevin’s head spin. He has to look away so Scotty can’t see how much Kevin likes the attention Scotty gives him. Damn, how could his mother get it this right after so many times of being wrong?

“Maybe we should.. I mean, … I’ve had enough to eat… I just want to… get out of here.” Kevin stumbles over his words, wondering how he can get this Scotty in his bed. And fast.
“Well, we could get ourselves a few beers and … I don’t know… I haven’t seen the ocean in a while…”


The top of Kevin’s car is down. Both he and Scotty have retreated to the backseat, letting their legs rest on the backs of the front-seat, as they watch the sun set slowly over the ocean. There’s a serenity and peacefulness about the moment as they sit beside each other. Neither man wants to break the silence.

Kevin peels the label of the beer-bottle. The drive to the beach had been fun. In fact, the whole evening had been great. Scotty is entertaining, smart, handsome and he has a great sense of humor. And Kevin’s mind works on his options on how to get Scotty in a bed now.

“You’re quiet.” Scotty softly says.
“I can’t believe that, for once, my mom actually found me a guy I actually kinda sorta like.”
“I’ll take that as an actual kinda sorta compliment.” Scotty teases.

“You kinda sorta should.” Kevin grins, giving Scotty a quick glance. Scotty smiles back at him. A smile that goes straight to Kevin’s groin and no matter how he hard he tries, he can’t help but get aroused. He swallows hard and he tries to avoid looking at Scotty, afraid that Scotty will have noticed his feelings.

“Come here.” He suddenly hears Scotty say, and when he looks at Scotty, he can see how Scotty reaches out to him. The next moment he pulls Kevin’s head closer and Scotty’s lips all over Kevin’s. A tongue invades his mouth and Kevin moans as he tumbles towards Scotty.

His hands try to find grip and, almost by accident, end up on Scotty’s thigh. He can feel Scotty slide under him and then Scotty pulls him on top him. Thank God, Scotty is as hard as he is. Scotty’s fingers find grip in Kevin’s curls. Their kiss becomes more intimate and Kevin can’t wait to explore even more of Scotty’s body.


The motel room is cheap, but the bed is good. Kevin can’t remember the last time he was this desperate for release, but the way that Scotty’s hands travel all over his body, the way that Scotty kisses him and the way that Scotty takes charge of their love-making is driving Kevin nearly insane.

He’s happy that Scotty had thought of condoms, and though Kevin is usually the one who’s more aggressive when it comes to sex, this time he’s more than happy to let Scotty set the pace. With every thrust, Kevin ends up begging for more and Scotty easily makes himself and Kevin come and not just once.


“I’m sorry that the bed is so lumpy…” Kevin apologizes. Scotty lets his head rest on Kevin’s shoulder. He lets his fingers go through the hair on Kevin’s chest.
“It beats the Iraqi sand and snuggling up to Justin.” Scotty says with a dreamy little smile.

“Justin?” Kevin asks. “My brother?”
“Yes. I had a short leave and Justin had asked me to drop off a few letters for his mother… That is why I was in your mom’s kitchen…” Scotty explains with a huge grin and Kevin feels as if someone just pulled the rug from underneath him.

“So.. You weren’t … I mean.. you and mom… This wasn’t about me?…”
“Ahm, no…” Scotty admits.
“I feel so stupid… You must have thought I was crazy.”
“I did, for about two seconds. But I took one look at you and … I wanted you..” Scotty confesses.

“Really?” Kevin turns over to Scotty. Scotty hums to confirm. Kevin’s smile is an insecure one, so Scotty pulls him closer for another kiss.
“I have to go back tomorrow.” Scotty then says. “Was this a one-night-thing? Or… will you be there if I come back..?”

When you come back… Not 'if', but 'when'.” Kevin corrects him. “… I’ll be there, if you want me to…” What follows after Kevin’s words is a long hot kiss to seal the promise, which, in turn, leads to another round of love-making, until they’re both too tired to keep their eyes open and sleep finally takes over.


“Oh, hi mom…. Is Scotty on his way back?”
“Yes, honey, Kevin is taking him to the airport. It was nice to meet him. You were right. He’s a fine young man….”

“I don’t think they came home last night.” Nora grins.
“So, I was right…?”
“Yes, you were, honey. They are a good match.” Nora admits.

Tags: character - justin, character - kevin, character - nora, character - scotty, fanfic - au (alternative universe)

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