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Fanfic: A moment to breathe

A moment to breathe

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty
Rate: a bit NC17-ish, could have been worse.
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys. (But they wish I did!!) Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Take 2 days off, my boys.


In 4.22 Saul/Scotty discuss what kind of restaurant they’d want. According to Scotty, Saul is the one with ‘the money’. In 4.24 Scotty says that they’d open in a month… So, I’ve decided to set this story somewhere between 4.22 and 4.23.


“Well, you have to admit it. There are bonuses to being out-of-work losers. And getting a hotel-room in the middle of the week, at a lower price than during the weekend, is one of them.” Kevin tries to convince Scotty. He can see Scotty hesitate.

“You know it’s a good deal. And we could use some time to ourselves. You and Saul can’t decide on the place, the name or the food of your new restaurant. Sarah, Tommy, Holly and mom are doing what they can to save what’s left of Ojai Foods. Justin isn’t really well in his skin either…

Robert is walking around with a face of 10 days bad weather, because Kitty is too focused on running her campaign. I can’t get any job I want and I’m growing depressed… Everyone around us is depressed, sad, annoyed, indecisive or wallowing in self-pity.

We should really get away from all the misery for a day or two. Just have a bit of a breather and hit the pause-button….” Scotty realizes that Kevin must be in need of this short recess.

If he’s really considering terms like ‘take a breather’ and ‘pause-button’, then the situation is bad. And Scotty has to admit that getting away from all the decision-making would be nice too.
“Fine. Book the room for 2 nights… I want to be back on Friday though.” He nods.


Kevin lets his fingers slide over the dusty counter. Of course, 'just leaving' hadn't been an option. Of course, Scotty had to drag him to the three final choices for 'one last look'... And if truth be told, as old as this last place is, it has somehow sparked a bigger sense of ‘this is it’ than the other two places Scotty had taken him to.

Kevin knows that Saul and Scotty are still doubting on the wisdom of opening up their own restaurant in these financially difficult times (and at Saul’s age). But Saul is pressing forward more than Scotty. Scotty just can’t decide…

Though Kevin feels that Scotty has decided, but he isn’t willing to accept it just yet. They’ve been to the two other two possible locations for the possible restaurant that Saul and Scotty might possibly want to run and both places are in the best possible spots.

But Kevin suspects that Scotty has lost his heart to this location. And he would understand, because somehow this place has the right ‘feel’ to it. Kevin is usually the ‘practical’ one, but he has to agree that sometimes ‘feel’ should not be ignored and this former pizza-restaurant somehow has the words ‘Scotty’s place’ written on it in gigantic neon letters.

Kevin can see, with his practical side, that this place is just not what Scotty and Saul would need. For one, it’s too big. It has an attached apartment, which they don’t need. And renting it out would unwise, considering that it gives immediate access to the restaurant.

Though the bar/restaurant area is perfect and there's a large storage-erea and Scotty swoons of the possibilities of the kitchen, the restaurant has an impractical room attached to it. That room, with all its nooks and crannies, is just unsuitable for storage and it can't be used as extra restaurant-space. They can’t knock down the wall, because it’s a supporting wall for the apartment upstairs.

Kevin steps back into the room. The draft of opening up doors makes the dust swirl in the beam of sunlight. It’s quiet and the room has a comfortable vibe to it. Perhaps Scotty should use it as office-space, he wonders.

But Scotty has already told him that he could see himself sitting at the kitchen-table instead… Kevin sighs.
“What do you think?” Scotty asks.

“What do you think?” Kevin asks in return. Scotty smiles slowly.
“I can’t think whenever I’m here. I fell in love with it from the moment I got here, but it is over our budget, we’d have too much space. It’s impractical….”

“But you love it? You want it? You have the feeling that this is it?” Kevin can see the confirmation and longing in Scotty’s eyes. He can almost feel Scotty’s fingers itch to start working on this restaurant and make it his own. He smiles. Scotty can be so transparent sometimes.

“I love it.” Scotty eventually admits.
“Then get it.”
“It’s too much, too big, too expensive….”
“Then don’t get it.”

“I’d hate myself…”
“I’m beginning to hate you.” Kevin says dryly, before adding. “Listen, sweetie, you have an option until the end of the week. Let’s get out of here and we’ll go to the hotel, let’s relax and we will decide when we come back….”

The idea sounds good to Scotty and they both leave the restaurant. As Scotty locks up, Kevin looks at the restaurant from the outside. Even there, he realizes that a fresh coat of paint would work miracles and just add to the eating-experience that Scotty and Saul want to create…. The place is actually perfect for Scotty….


“Hey, turn over, you’ll burn…” Scotty pushes Kevin gently in the side and Kevin docilely turns on his back. From between his eye-lashes he looks at Scotty, a beautiful silhouette of a beautiful man. He smiles at the sight.
“I’ve been thinking….” Kevin starts.

“Oh, so that was the noise I heard? Your brains? And here I thought you were snoring…” Scotty jokes. Kevin reaches out and tickles Scotty in his side, causing Scotty to have a fit of laughter, that ends with a warm kiss between them, until Kevin breaks the kiss because he gets too aroused on the beach and in full view.

“Now I’ll have to turn on my belly again and risk burning my shoulders….” Kevin mockingly complains, trying to hide his erection by casually letting his hand rest between his legs, but the position looks too strained to be comfortable. Scotty smiles and flings the spare towel over Kevin’s lap.

“So, what were you thinking?” Scotty asks sweetly.
“You love that last place, don’t you?”
“Yes, … but…”
“If you could, you’d snap it up in a heartbeat?”

“I would, but…"
“Then do it.”
“I’d love to.. I’ve wanted to since I saw it, it’s just…”

“We can sell the loft…”
“Wait. What?”
“I’ve been thinking… The apartment over the restaurant is big enough for us. We’d even have an extra room to turn into a nursery, which we don’t have at the loft.”

“But we wanted to look for a house of our own…” Scotty points out.
“Let’s be reasonable here, Scotty, we all want the house with the white picket fence, but we just can’t afford it all. Not with both of us out of work and you wanting to start a restaurant.

What we can do is sell the loft and use the extra money on the restaurant… I’ve been thinking about starting my own law-office and I .. I could use that extra room next to the bar.”

“Seriously?” Scotty asks. He lets the words sink in. “That would mean that we’d have both our work-spaces and our house under one roof…. But … would you really sell your loft for this? You love the place… I love it.”
“It is our loft, and, yes, I would sell it. For us. For you I’d do anything, you know that.”

Scotty turns to Kevin and gives him a sweet little kiss.
“I love you. I love you so much. But for you to give up what you built up…”
“That’s the past. My life, my future, it is with you and our kid and … if that means selling a place I bought years ago, then I’ll do it. It would become too small for us anyway…”

“You really believe that we could sell it with profit?”
“It is in the middle of everything. Of course we can.” Kevin speaks with confidence and Scotty feels a warm glow inside. Scotty pushes himself a little closer to Kevin.

“I think I owe you something…” His voice is soft and low near Kevin’s ear. “How about we go back to our room… and you let me…. thank you…” He sucks on Kevin’s earlobe. Kevin bites his lower lip and he grins.
“Oohh.” He moans. “I don’t know… I’m good where I am…” He fakes reluctance.

“If we go to our room.. I could….” Scotty whispers something in Kevin’s ear.
“Of course, there are things that could be said for going to our room too...” Kevin grabs his towel and he gets up. Scotty laughs as Kevin helps him up. Giggling and grinning they rush up the stairs back to their hotel, where their room awaits them.


Kevin’s fingers grab hold of the sheet underneath him. With every deep thrust Scotty gets him closer to the edge. Kevin’s moans only encourage Scotty to move on. Kevin’s fingers slide over his own belly. He had tried not to satisfy himself, because he wants Scotty to do it. But the need for satisfaction is getting too big.

Seeing what Kevin tries to do, Scotty pushes away Kevin’s hand. Kevin’s ‘punishment’ is another deep thrust that makes him cry out with want. Scotty can see the sweat that has formed on Kevin’s back, it makes his body shine. Scotty’s lets his finger trace Kevin’s spine.

“Please,….” Kevin begs, arching his back as Scotty’s finger slides down ever so slowly. Kevin pushes his body closer to Scotty’s wishing Scotty to finish what he started. Scotty’s hands take Kevin’s hips in a firm grip. Kevin closes his eyes. This is it. Scotty thrusts. He’s deep inside Kevin.

Kevin’s lips part. Scotty pushes him backwards, closer to his body, penetrating even deeper. He pulls Kevin’s head back. His tongue invades Kevin’s mouth only momentarily, making Kevin hungrily suck him in. Scotty breaks the kiss. He’s still deep inside Kevin, not moving, knowing that if he does Kevin will come.

Scotty hand slides between Kevin’s legs. Kevin breathes heavily and he only falls silent when Scotty takes his erection between his fingers. For a few seconds the whole world waits. Then, Scotty moves his hand and Kevin responds. Caught between Scotty’s hand and Scotty’s body, there’s not much room to move, but it’s all Kevin needs.

Scotty can’t hold back much longer either. He thrusts. Kevin meets him. There’s a loud gasp. Scotty’s strong hand finishes the job. With a soft cry Kevin comes all over Scotty’s fingers and in his orgasm he takes Scotty with him over the edge as well, making their bodies come together.


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