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Fanfic: Round one

Round one

By Marea67
: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: The boys aren't mine, just playing with them
Summary: Where would Kevin be without his kid-brother's help? ;)

Dedicated to Lilypoppy. I still owed her a story since 23 December 2013 for getting me "Dylan Thomas's A Child's Christmas in Wales" - I hadn't forgotten! :)


“Boy, do you look angry.” Justin says, as he grabs a stool to sit on. The look that Scotty gives from across the bar isn’t too sympathetic. “So, what did that idiot of a brother of mine do this time.” He sighs, figuring that Scotty might want to rant about Kevin, who's usually the reason for his anger.

“Nothing.” Scotty answers.
“Oh, come on. Just get off your chest, you’ll feel better.”
“It’s not your brother, but the rest of that idiotic family of his….” Scotty says, and upon seeing the look on Justin’s face, he quickly adds: “… present company excluded, naturally.”

“Thank you. What’s going on?”
“What isn’t going on? There’s always something. If it isn’t your mother, then it’s Kitty or Sarah.. Oh, and now lately Tommy is regularly complaining to Kevin too. If it isn’t one, it’s the other.

And somewhere between Café 429, his work as a lawyer, raising 2 kids and dealing with this very demanding family, I’m sick and tired of it all. I’m pissed off that the one evening I had made some plans for us, Kevin has to go help your mother…”
“Why didn’t Kevin simply say no?”

“Because he didn’t know that we had plan. That was part of the fricking plan! Just some time off, for him and me, just a few hours, just for us, but nooooooo, Nora had to butt in again….” Scotty fumes.
“Tell mom to change her plans…”

“She’d want to know why. And then I’d have to tell her. Fifteen minutes later the whole family, including Kevin, would know.  And then it's no longer 'fun', but a chore on your to-do list… Got to put these in the freezer….” Scotty stomps away and Justin sighs. He just came here for some coffee, not for a side-dish of drama.


“Mom, do you like Kevin and Scotty?” Justin asks, sitting at her kitchen-table.
“What kind of question is that? Of course I do. I’ve always loved Kevin. And Scotty is just so adorable. The sweetest guy ever.”
“Do you want their marriage to work?”

Nora turns to her youngest son. Her eyes narrow.
“Has Scotty cheated on Kevin again?”
“What??? ...No!!!” Justin is clearly horrified that he had given that impression, but Nora, by now, smells blood.

“Then what? And don’t say ‘nothing’, because you’d be lying and I’m holding a…” She looks down at her fingers. “… the butter-knife.”
“I’m impressed.” Justin answers dryly, after one look at the old and very blunt butter knife. “I think their marriage is in trouble.”
“Why?” Nora leans closer to him.

“Kevin and Scotty are so tense, so on the edge of just cracking under the pressure, what those two need is some time to themselves, but .. how do you accomplish such a thing? They’re both so busy all the time. Between their jobs, their own family and babysitting yours, they hardly have time to spend quality time with each other.”

“Babysitting my family?” Nora looks a bit insulted, but Justin shrugs. “What do you mean by that?"
“Oh, come on, mom, you know as well as I do, that the question ‘who-you-gonna-call’ in this household doesn’t get answered by ‘Ghostbusters!’, but  by ‘Kevin Walker!’. Don’t pretend that you don’t know it, because you do it all the time, as does Tommy, Sarah and Kitty… And me… occasionally.”

At least Nora has the courtesy to look slightly guilty. She has to admit that she has been depending on Kevin quite a lot these days. And she knows that some others have as well. She takes a deep breath and makes up her mind.
“Let’s get to work.” She says.

“Doing what?” Justin asks.
“Saving Kevin and Scotty’s marriage.” Nora yells as she marches towards her study. Justin grabs a cookie and takes a huge bite.
“Thought you would.” He grins.


“Oh, come on, Daniel-sweetie, please,…” Scotty begs, but Daniel refuses to eat and Scotty gets more desperate by the second, because nothing is moving along as it should. At that moment Kevin storms out of Olivia’s room yelling:
“… If only you would pick up after yourself, you wouldn’t have to be searching like crazy!”

“If only you and Scotty wouldn’t always put them someplace else!” Olivia yells back.
“If only you would realize that leaving them, on the floor, in the middle of the room, so Scotty and I can trip over them and break our necks, isn’t working either!” Kevin immediately replies. Scotty sighs.

“What are you looking for?” He asks.
“The shoes she needs for soccer-practice.” Kevin answers.
“Come on, sweetie…” Scotty coos, trying to move Daniel to take another bite.

Kevin looks at his husband with a loving smile, then focuses his attention on Daniel.
“Daniel. Eat. No playing.” Kevin says followed by one look at Daniel, that immediately makes Daniel open his mouth and start eating. Scotty’s chin drops. He’s been trying for what seems hours, to get Daniel to eat and Kevin only needs to bark once? Frustrated he turns to Kevin.

“How did you do that?”
“I’ve been practicing the Nora-Walker-stare.” Kevin shrugs. “Now where could those shoes be?” He looks around as if they might magically pop up on a chair.

“Have you checked the small cupboard in her bedroom. She throws everything in there.”
“She said they weren’t there.”
“Check it yourself, she doesn’t always see what is right in front of her…” Scotty sighs, straightening his back. He watches Kevin disappear and a few seconds later he hears Kevin let out a cry of victory.

“Found them!!”
“Where were they?” Olivia asks.
“Small cupboard in your room?”
“But I checked.” Olivia says flabbergasted. Over her head Kevin looks at Scotty.

“It’s a known fact that if you’re desperately looking for something, you usually overlook it. Like searching for your socks, while they’re in your hand or something.” Kevin says.
“That’s stupid.” Olivia immediately reacts.

“Wait until you get our old age.” Kevin teases.
“Hey! Speak for yourself, old man. I’m not old.” Scotty replies quasi-offended. Kevin laughs and leans in to kiss him, but then the doorbell rings.
“I’ll get it!” Olivia hollers, followed a few seconds later by: “It’s Gramma Nora!” Kevin rolls his eyes. “And Sarah!”

“Did you invite them here?” Scotty whispers between clenched teeth, fearing that they’ve come for dinner, when he has none.
“No!” Kevin whispers back, before turning to Nora asking: “What are you guys doing here?”

“This is an intervention.” Nora says.
“Intervention?” Scotty echoes.
“Yes. I’ll take Olivia to soccer-practice and then she can stay over. Paige loves the idea. She’s made all sorts of plans.”

“And I’m taking Daniel with me.” Nora announces.
“You will?” Kevin asks.
“Yes. And Saul with run the kitchen tonight and tomorrow night .” Nora tells them.

“But…” Scotty tries to object.
“No. No protest. Justin has booked you a room in a hotel. Here you go. Pack your things and get lost!... Oh! Before I forget… Phones! Give!”

Nora holds out her hand. Too flabbergasted to go against his mother, Kevin hands her his phone. She turns to Scotty, who’s slightly more rebellious, but can’t ignore her stare either.

“Good. Now pack some things for a weekend and get out.” She orders. She takes Daniel’s travel-bag, which always stands close to the door. She has everything else he could need at her place. Olivia had already been informed on the plans, so she’s prepared to leave as well. And after a quick exchange of kisses, Kevin and Scotty are alone.

“Did we just lose our kids?” Scotty asks, head still spinning.
“They’re gone.” Kevin acknowledges. “We’re alone. With a reservation for a hotel-room….” He opens the envelop. “… at the Hotel Sunbeam, where we spend our honeymoon… As of tonight?”

“How fast can we get there?” Scotty asks with a little grin. Kevin looks at his husband.
“Fast! If I have to.”
“Then let’s go! Before anyone in your family changes his or her mind. The kids are safe. The restaurant is taken care of…. What are we waiting for….?”


“Oh, wow, this room is still the same…” Scotty swoons as he looks around the room where he had spend his honeymoon with Kevin a few years ago.
“Yeah, great.” Kevin answers curtly. Scotty feels annoyed. Is it really necessary for Kevin to be so grumpy?

But when he turns around he can see that Kevin is actually more preoccupied with getting undressed.
“Kevin, isn’t it a little too early? We haven't had dinner yet.”
“No. I want you now. Before anything happens.”

“Anything happens?” Scotty asks.
“Mom might have taken our phones, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we got bugged with some tracking-device to find us. Any moment the family can be in front of our door to interrupt us again..” Kevin tells Scotty.

“Paranoid, love?” He asks.
“No. Just want you..” Kevin says, closing in on Scotty, gently pushing him backward towards the bed, where he pushes Scotty down on his back and removes his sneakers. “I’m not going to wait one second more than is necessary.”

“Kev, not that I mind, but aren’t you overdoing it?” Scotty takes off his shirt anyway, just in case Kevin is not overdoing it.
“No..” Kevin kisses Scotty’s lips.
“Whatever happened to foreplay? ….Oooooh!” Scotty rationality flies out the window under Kevin’s touch.

“Round two. Not now.” Kevin informs him. “I don’t want to postpone anything anymore. If it’s not my family, then it’s the in-laws, the kids, car accidents, runaway-family, illegitimate kids, serial killers, Christmases that go wrong…” He takes away Scotty’s belt and flings it on the ground.

“Don’t stop…” Scotty whispers, not so much interested in Kevin’s list of disasters as in the way that Kevin’s hands open his pants and how fingers brush along Scotty’s swollen member.

“… I wouldn’t be surprised…” Kevin pulls Scotty’s pants down. “… if next on the list are meteorite-strikes, avalanches, tornadoes or tidal-waves…” He spreads Scotty’s legs and lowers his head.

“Death and dismemberment…” The words somehow come to Scotty’s mind.
“Death and dismemberment?” Kevin raises his head, moving his lips away from Scotty’s belly.
“Forget it…” Scotty begs, pushing Kevin’s head back down, arching up when warm breath caresses his skin.

He can hear Kevin laugh. By now he’s naked under Kevin, allowing Kevin access to his body to do whatever he wants, but all Kevin wants is to satisfy Scotty. Scotty’s fingers search for grip in Kevin’s hair. He cries out as the warm mouth pushes him closer to his orgasm.

Kevin’s hand moves between his own legs. He’s so aroused that he feels as if he’s about to explode. Scotty can feel that Kevin is distracted by something and he moans in protest. Kevin can’t help but smile when he hears the desperation in Scotty and decides to focus on him, Scotty can’t be that far away from coming.

He can hear Scotty cry out his name and a second later he comes. Still half in a daze of the rush, Scotty pulls gently at Kevin’s head.
“Come here…” He begs. “Come here, baby…” He pulls Kevin closer for a kiss and he can taste himself on Kevin’s lips. Without further delay his hand slides between Kevin’s legs, taking no time to play.

He can see Kevin close his eyes, bite his lower lip, there’s soft begging to not stop, while he pushes his body closer to Scotty’s hand.
“Come on, baby, come on…” Scotty encourages sweetly, capturing Kevin’s mouth again.

He can feel the reaction from Kevin, the warm liquid that spills over his hand, and he kisses Kevin’s even more intensely, knowing it will Kevin longer to come down from cloud nine again…. But eventually they’re next to each other on the bed. Satisfied. Tired. Happily grinning like fools.

“That was amazing.” Scotty sighs. “When can we go for round two?”
“When Little Big Man is grown up again.“ Kevin answers dryly and Scott laughs out loud as he turns to put his head on Kevin’s shoulder. His finger draws a pattern in Kevin’s chest-hair.

“Can we order something from room-service? I’m hungry.” He eventually asks.
“Order whatever you like.” Kevin mumbles.
“I like you…” Scotty licks one of Kevin’s nipples. Kevin can’t help but giggle softly.

“I meant food.”
“Oh…” Scotty reacts as if he hadn’t known that. “My mistake…” He rolls away, but immediately gets pulled back.
“I don’t mind it if you make a mistake….” Kevin says generously. Scotty laughs.

“I need to get some strength… I have to have a long conversation with Little Big Man later on.” Scotty promises. Kevin stares at him for a few seconds.

“I’m sure he’s going to love that.” He then smiles, claiming another kiss. “You’re right. We need strength for that…” He hands Scotty the menu, that is amidst the other information on the hotel. “You’re the chef… You know what’s best…” He says with a wink.


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  • Turn a different corner 102/102 (final part)

    Nah, not half as a hot as I planned, but it will have to do... The boys refuse to give me more details. (sigh ) Turn a different corner 102/102…

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