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fanfic: Sunday's early sunlight


Sunday’s early sunlight

By Marea67

Pairing: Kevin/Scotty

Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: They are not mine. If they were, I wouldn’t be writing, I’d be watching
Summary: the title says it all.


The sunlight came into the room, barely filtered by the curtains. Kevin watched the dust lazily move through the sunbeam. The noise of the street was silenced by the closed windows. It was quiet in the room. Almost serene. A quick glance at the clock told him it was 7 o’clock in the morning. Not just any morning, but on a Sunday morning. After all these months, occasionally, he could still wake up on ‘Jason’-time, as he called it. This used to be the moment of the day, that Jason would leave him alone, to be in his church on time.


But, at this moment, no one was moving. Certainly not Kevin. He enjoyed the feeling of Scotty’s head against his shoulder. Scotty’s breathing is slow and calm because he was still in a deep sleep. His warm body pressed up against Kevin’s. Scotty’s long legs entwined with his own. Scotty’s hand resting on Kevin’s stomach where it created a little pressure, that was not unpleasant. It felt possessive without being oppressive.


Scotty’s hair was messed up by their love-making of last night, when Kevin had run his fingers through that hair, holding Scotty’s head in a strong grip to make sure that their kiss would leave them both breathless. Or perhaps even more ruffled from the moment when Kevin had pushed down Scotty’s head to find pleasure between those lips that drove him to madness. But Scotty had a totally different way in mind to give Kevin what he sought.


Kevin smiled at the memory. Every movement had been deliberately slow so that Kevin would end up begging for satisfaction. At first Kevin had put up a bit of a fight, not wanting to give in too quickly to Scotty, but when one hand slipped between his legs, making him gasp with excitement, while the other firmly grabbed his chin, pulling his head back so that Scotty’s lips could be closer to his ear, whispering encouragement, Kevin lost the battle. With Scotty deep inside him but also around him, he had felt cocooned by Scotty’s love and tenderness. He felt safe. Safe to let go of all his restraints.


His body moved. Pushing himself closer to Scotty’s body. His lips parted, but the only sound was a whispered plea for satisfaction. He could hear Scotty’s heavy breathing close to his ear…. There was no longer coherent thought, only  basic desire. The desire to surrender to that tidal wave, that, he knew, would wash away all other feelings. He held his breath as something inside him broke free.  Behind him he heard Scotty moan and knowing that his orgasm had caused Scotty to go over the edge as well, turned him on even more. 

Eventually Scotty’s firm grip on his hips loosened up as he carefully pulled back. 
Kevin let himself fall on the bed, turning himself on his back. His hot skin touching the cool sheets. Scotty came lying on top of him. He gently let his fingertips slide over Kevin’s still sensitive skin, making Kevin shiver and a smile appeared on Scotty’s handsome face. He saw love shining in Scotty’s eyes. And he felt that same love in himself. He didn’t need to say the words. They were not needed between them.


And now they were here together. On this lazy Sunday morning. Kevin carefully moved down a bit and rolled to his side so he was lying face to face with Scotty. Kevin took his time to study that face. He let his fingers run through the tousled hair. Scotty made a small noise but didn’t wake up. With the back of his index finger he caressed Scotty’s cheek and smiled when a small smile came on Scotty’s face, for caressing a highly sensitive place. He then let the tip of his finger caress Scotty’s forehead and his finger traced the eyebrows and brushed carefully along  Scotty’s long eyelashes.


Scotty slowly opened his eyes. He blinked a few times and not yet fully awake murmured:

“’Morning. … time is it?”

“Around 7 o’clock.”

“Oh,… Jason-time, right?”

“Yes. Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“Am not.” Scotty answered in a sleepy tone, indicating that he was ready to go back to sleep. Kevin smiled, looking intently at that face he loved so much.


“You are so beautiful.” He whispered to Scotty. Scotty opened his eyes.  

“You will make me blush.” Scotty whispered back.

“Even better.”

“No, it’s not.”

“Why are we whispering?”

“Don’t know, you started it.” Scotty replied with a grin.


Kevin laughed and moved his face closer to Scotty’s. His lips caressed Scotty’s, but he didn’t kiss him, when Scotty’s lips parted for the kiss. Instead he smiled and started planting small kisses all over Scotty’s face,  carefully avoiding the awaiting lips.

“Kev…” protested Scotty. When he felt that Scotty had waited long enough, Kevin first kissed his upper lip, then his lower lip before taking control of Scotty’s mouth. It wasn’t until he did that, that Scotty arched himself closer to Kevin, but Kevin pushed him gently away, not wanting any other contact then their kiss.


“What’s your hurry?” he asked hotly in Scotty’s ear. “We have all day…. I have all day to make love with you, to do all sorts of things to you, to drive you crazy and make you beg for more.” His voice had been hot, but then he looked at Scotty with mischief. “Or…. perhaps make you cry out ‘no more, do it now’.” Scotty moaned. Whatever! He just didn’t want Kevin to stop lavishing his attention on him. His arms slipped around Kevin’s waist. And before Kevin could stop him, he was on his back, pinned underneath Scotty.

“I don’t think so.”


“I will make you surrender to me.” Scotty sounded menacing, but the laughter in his eyes gave him away.



“Yes, just like last night.”

“Like last night?... Sorry… I don’t recall….”

“Turn over and I’ll refresh your memory….”

“I bet you would.” Kevin’s laughter broke through.

“So, you’d better give me what I want.”

“Came and take it!” Kevin teased. Scotty more than eagerly complied by kissing Kevin thoroughly.


When Scotty let go of Kevin’s lips to concentrate on Kevin’s throat, Kevin opened his eyes. The sunbeam had moved and was on the bed. The serenity of the room remained. But the silence was broken by Scotty’s kisses. Kevin blew in the direction of the dust and the dust twirled around like a it did a mad dance.  Kevin smiled. This was happiness.


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