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welcome to my fantasies
The Americans..  
30th-Mar-2014 02:47 pm
the americans
.. Not trying to be mean about this show. I've desperately tried to like it, because Matthew likes working on this show so much. But I just don't like  this show. And I don't know what it is.

I think I can compare watching this show with a comedy with a 'laugh-tape' underneath. I don't need to hear the laughter to get that there's a joke, but I won't laugh at the joke if the joke isn't funny. With "The Americans" I can see it, but not 'feel' it.

Maybe that a lot of that feeling is due to Elizabeth. This is by no means some dig at Keri's acting. I think she's doing a good job, I get where Elizabeth is coming from, I can understand her worries for her kids etc, but I don't give a sh**. If she is concerned/worried/scared about something, I just end up rolling my eyes and think 'get over yourself, drama-queen'. I think it's because Elizabeth has been an ice-berg for too long, that her about-turn just feels incredibly fake to me. I'm more concerned/have more compassion for Sandra, Nina or Martha.

Maybe it's knowing that Philip/Elizabeth will always get out of it alive, is what takes the sting out of these episodes as well. Like watching an episode of the A-team, you just know that, regardless how well the trap, they will get out of it. No worries. (Unfortunately the 'ways out' for P/E aren't half as entertaining as the A-team's. :S)

I think that Matthew is doing an phenomenal job in showing off his acting talents, he makes each character a different one and I watch in awe of his subtlety, the nuances on his face, the way that he uses his body and everything, but I'm not engaged in Philip at all. Again, there's no need to be worried about him either.

If Matthew hadn't been in it, I would stop watching this show. And though I know that Matthew likes this role, because he does get to slip in all these different disguises and I want him to be happy and with a steady job and such, a part of me wouldn't shed a tear if this show got cancelled tomorrow.
31st-Mar-2014 04:17 pm (UTC)
I like the show. A lot. I feel very lonely in this, at least here among my fellow MR fans. Other people seem to like the show too and for all the actors and characters, from what I understand.

There's definitely change in this season compared to he previous one. I still feel that Keri is the weak part and some scenes stand and fall with her lack in the acting department. But in the US she is the big star, so they're sort of stuck with her...
31st-Mar-2014 05:44 pm (UTC)
Oh, don't feel lonely. I don't mind if you love the show. I'm perhaps more envious of that feeling than you can imagine. :)

I agree that Keri/Elizabeth is the weaker part in this, I guess that is where I have the most issues as well. I feel, as a woman, I SHOULD feel some sympathy for her, especially knowing about her past and the fact that she got raped (always traumatic) and all the emotions that she can't deal with and all that stuff with Gregory, I think it SHOULD have driven me to tears, create emotion, but it just doesn't.

But, please, continue to love the show, sometimes reading what someone else is saying can change your own perspective on something.
31st-Mar-2014 07:46 pm (UTC)
Don't feel lonely. I'll watch it with you. I suspect I don't like it quite as much as you. It's a little bit tailored to intelligent minds and I'd like to think I'm reasonably so, but it has complex story lines, an awful lot of reading of captions and requires more thought/analysis/ remembering of details to follow it than I usually care to invest in a show. So my 'beef' with it is entirely different than the other commentators. That said, it seems I like it much more than the average poster, and I absolutely intend to continue watching...
31st-Mar-2014 09:33 pm (UTC)
Don't feel lonely. The show is critically acclaimed. All the critics love it. So, we are the weird ones :) It's so great to love a show, so enjoy it and don't let our comments to spoil your fun :)
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