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Fanfic: Best laid plans... 13/13

Best laid plans 13/13

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, with some McCallisters and Walkers running around as well.
Rate: This chapter: G
Disclaimer: Not mine. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: That the trouble with good plans... they can go wrong...

AU!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AN AU(=Alternate universe) so things will be most likely different from the original version. Read at your own risk. Don't blame me if you don't like what you read! Not set in any time/place in particular.




Scotty just can’t get enough of kissing Kevin. He can feel Kevin move underneath him. He pushes his body up against Scotty’s and Scotty knows what he wants. It’s what Kevin always wants, he’s just insatiable when it comes to sex. And Scotty is not complaining. Not. At. All.

“Hungry?” He gently taps Kevin in his nose. They both know that Scotty isn’t talking about food. Kevin doesn’t answer, just his pushes his body up again. “Want me?” Kevin’s moan is all Scotty needs. He can feel Kevin turn in his arms. He enters Kevin easily and Kevin gives himself to Scotty completely. Eyes closed, he’s only focused on the here and now.

Scotty’s thrusts are slow at first, but he can’t control himself too long. Not when Kevin knows exactly how to coach Scotty to move faster. Kevin cries out Scotty’s name, now that he comes closer to his climax. Scotty moves his hand over Kevin’s mouth to silence him a little, but all Kevin does, is kiss the inside of Scotty’s hand.

His tongue licks between Scotty’s fingers and then he sucks in Scotty’s index-finger. He can feel the reaction ricochet through Scotty’s body and then Scotty thrusts deep, pushing Kevin even closer to the edge. They become one, moving in such a way that they drive each other closer to the moment suprême.

Finally Scotty can’t hold on anymore and he comes, making Kevin follow closely after him. Holding the still heavily breathing Kevin in his arms, Scotty kisses Kevin’s neck, tasting the salty sweat on his lips.
“You’re amazing…” Scotty manages to whisper.

He’s still in awe about how great making love with Kevin is at each time they do it.
“That’s ‘cause you are so perfect.” Kevin smiles. He caresses Scotty’s hands, resting on his belly, all the while feeling Scotty’s warm mouth on his skin. It’s this what he loves so much. The aftermath of the love-making.

Not, unlike certain other lovers in his past, get out of bed and get dressed, but time to relax, to be tender, to enjoy each other’s company and just feel at peace with the world around him, even if just for a little while.
“This is good.” Scotty hums in Kevin’s ear and Kevin can only nod quietly.

“I needed that stress-relief.” Scotty now grins.
“Glad to be of service.” Kevin picks up one of Scotty’s hands and places a kiss on the inside of the hand. Scotty continues to kiss Kevin.
“Don’t know what I would have done without you and little moments like these.” Scotty says with a satisfied sigh.

He isn’t joking. Having sex with Kevin had proven to not only be a very effective and satisfying way to get rid of his tensions, but also it had strengthened their loving relationship even more, if that was at all possible. And Scotty needed that relief of stress a lot, with everything that had been going on in his life these last few months.

Over the last few months, Scotty had slowly but gradually taken over the restaurant Café 429 from Kevin’s uncle, Saul. Saul wanted to spend more time with his partner and Scotty had loved it to be considered as the one to take over from Saul. It hadn’t been easy. He had to learn a lot and he dreaded the moment that he would be 'on his own’.

Though he also knows that it’s not exactly like he would be ‘alone’ in this. He had always missed having a family, but the Walkers more than make up for that loss. He found that he had gained an extra father, a mother that just loves him more than his own mother ever had. And of course his own father is in his life again as well.

His relationship with Justin, Tommy, Kitty and Sarah is very good. They treat him like a brother. He had met the other in-laws, Julia and Joe and he had liked them almost immediately as well. His friendship with Robert has grown too, since Robert and Kitty are carefully taking their first steps towards a relationship as well.

He’s now ‘uncle Scotty’ to Sarah’s kids and he loved it to hear himself be called an uncle, and in the same breath as Kevin. It’s such a blessing after his time of secrecy and lies with Jason and being mostly alone. He’s now a lover, a partner, a son, a brother and an uncle.


Scotty cleans up the last of the last of dishes and looks around. Everything is ready. He breathes out shakily, nerves starting to get the better of him. He hears a knock on the back-door and walks over to see who it is.

“Hi. Can I come in?”
“Yes. Sure.” Scotty opens the door and quickly looks over his former lover. Older, thinner, perhaps wiser… That is his quick assessment.
“How are you?” Scotty asks to start a conversation.

“Good. You?”
“Fine.” Scotty answers as quickly as Jason did and then they both start to laugh.

“I’m sorry.” Jason starts. “This is awkward. I came here to talk to you and I had all these speeches in my head of what I was going to say to you and… Now that I’m here. With you. I have no idea what to say. Or where to begin. I feel so stupid for just … I don’t know.. Maybe I shouldn’t have come here.”

“Okay…” Scotty nods that he understands. “If you’re seriously interested in my life?” He asks. Jason nods. “To answer your question in more detail… I’m still in a relationship with Kevin. I’m happy. We’ve bought the 2 apartments about this restaurant and converted them into one house for ourselves.

Café 429 is now officially mine. All the papers are signed. We have the grand re-opening tonight. My father is back in my life. He has bought a second house, not far away from here, so he has a place to stay when he comes to LA.”

“The Walkers not too much for you?” Jason jokes.
“Sometimes. Then Kevin tells them to get lost.” Scotty laughs. “Your turn.”

“I’m currently single. No lovers. Nothing. I’ve managed to patch things up with my mother and my brother. And I’ve been telling a lot of people the truth about myself. And about my lies… I’ve lost a few friends. Gained a few as well. It’s been a rocky year… And...

I’m sorry about everything I’ve done to you… It was wrong… And I hope you can forgive me. Because I miss you. And I miss Kevin. And I know that it isn’t going to be easy, but … I’d like us to be friends again… to rebuild some sort of relationship again. ‘Cause, you and Kevin were the only ones that nearly got me to come out. The persons I felt the safest with…”

Scotty shakes his head slowly and desperation fills Jason.
“I know I screwed up and that I made some stupid decisions, but … you haven’t been unhappy with me either? And I don’t think that Kevin was either?”
“No.” Scotty admits. “I don’t think that either of us was unhappy with you.”

“I’m not belittling the hurt of finding out that I’ve lied, but.... I'm not some terrible person... I’m just a human being ….who made a mistake and ... who's asking for a second chance…? To prove that I’ve changed? That I’ve learned from my mistakes? Please?” Scotty looks at Jason, who seems genuine in wanting a second chance. And why should he continue to be angry at Jason?

Jason had lied, yes, but he had brought good things to Scotty’s life too. Scotty is in a good place with Kevin, he has a roof over his head, a job to go to and a family that loves and supports him… Jason has apologized, he’s been working hard on correcting his mistakes..
“Come here.” Scotty says and he hugs Jason.


“Mhmmm.” Scotty moans, as Kevin’s hands slides over his hips. Kevin kisses him and in between two kisses, Kevin reminds him of the reason why they are both in bed and drunk on a little too much champagne. The reviews for the restaurant are in and they are all positive about the changes made to Café 429.

“Do you think that you could take a few days off, next month? Because I’d thought it might be a good idea to go back and do some more skiing and drinking tea and, just in general, do nice and relaxing things….” His finger playfully slides up Scotty’s inner-thigh.
“Been making plans, huh?” Scotty asks, spreading his legs a bit to give Kevin some more room to play.

Kevin’s mumbled answer gets lost in their kiss.
“I have other plans.” Scotty eventually says when they both break their kiss for air. “See, I don’t need another house or skiing or anything else… I just need you… And a bed…” He rolls them over, so Kevin is underneath them.

Kevin moans when he notices how hard Scotty is. Then he smiles.
“The best laid plans ….” He reminds Scotty sweetly. And with a sudden move he turns both of them over again, so Scotty’s underneath him once more. His fingers slide over the hardness underneath them and Scotty pushes up his body.

“… You forgot that I like to be in charge…” Kevin reminds Scotty and without any further warning, he lowers his head and takes Scotty’s swollen member between his lips. Scotty’s fingers slide into Kevin’s hair, encouraging him for more. He closes his eyes and surrenders. Who is he to mess with whatever Kevin’s plans are anyway….?


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