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"Revenge"-news that made me smile...

I don't follow the show so closely anymore. I think it's been going on for too long. I'm sort of done with the twists and turns. And now we have memory-issues? Whatever. (roll eyes)  I just want it be over with, for everyone to finally find out who Emily is and just get it over with. But this little piece of info about my 2 favorite characters on the show, put a smile on my face. :) I might actually watch again.

I have to throw in real quick that I love Nolan and Aiden (Barry Sloane) being roommates.
SN: Aren’t they great? They’re so funny together.

Is that going to continue? They are so different and they even refer to themselves as kind of an odd couple, but I love that.
SN: No, we try to get them together and the beauty part is that they both have this love for Emily which allows them to kind of get together when they’re worried about who she is, what she’s doing, or if they’re helping her to plan, but the two of them on-screen are a joy. We loved putting them together.

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