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Fanfic: Best laid plans... 10/?

Best laid plans 10/..

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, with some McCallisters and Walkers running around as well.
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Disclaimer: Not mine. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: That the trouble with good plans... they can go wrong...

AU!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AN AU(=Alternate universe) so things will be most likely different from the original version. Read at your own risk. Don't blame me if you don't like what you read! Not set in any time/place in particular.


“Scotty! What a nice surprise to see you back.” Nora says. Scotty blushes at her kindness.
“Mom, dad, .. I’d like you to meet my new boyfriend, Scotty Wandell, it’s still early stages...” Kevin says with a huge smile, using almost the same words as he had used the first time.

“Heard that one before.” Tommy comments, still suffering from a gigantic hangover.
“Told you. He rehearses his speeches to death.” Justin points out, while he deals with his own hangover.
“So this time, it’s the real thing?” William Walker asks.

They are all seated around the table for brunch. Though Justin and Tommy are more slumped in their chairs, then actually sitting up.
“Yes, I think so.” Scotty answers with a shy smile at Kevin. Nora notices that he’s holding Kevin’s hand very tightly. “I hope that you can forgive me my earlier lies...?”

“We already have, honey.” Nora gets ups and hugs Scotty. “Are you two hungry?”
“We ate at the hotel.” Kevin answers.
“Of course. Join us, even if just for some coffee?”

“Coffee is always good.” Scotty nods. Nora is about to pour some coffee in two mugs when the door opens and Eleanor enters.
“Eleanor. Breezing in and out or are you staying this time?” Nora can’t help it that she sounds annoyed.

Eleanor’s shoulders sink.
“I’m sorry, Nora. I only now realize how rude I was. Here you guys went through all this trouble to be with us and we just keep vanishing on you... I’m sorry, can you forgive me?” She gives Nora a puppy-dog pout, tilting her head a bit.

Nora laughs. There is the Eleanor she remembers from way back then, when they were still young and goofy sometimes.
“Of course I can.” She says, grabbing Eleanor’s hands. “Nothing can spoil my good mood today. Now that Kevin and Scotty are finally a couple...”

“I thought they already were...?” Eleanor reacts. Nora takes a deep breath.
“It was all so early and there were some up and downs, some little snags, but ... I think they are solved.” She sees Jason and Rose enter, followed by Robert.

“I hope you don’t mind that we’ve brought Rose as well...” Eleanor says. Actually, Nora does mind, it bothers her to see Jason pretend that he’s in love with Rose, when in reality he’s not interested in women, but at the same time she reasons that it will be a reminder for Scotty that he can’t trust Jason.
“Robert can sleep in my room, with me, if needed.” Eleanor offers.

She must think that Nora is concerned about the sleeping arrangements, but Nora isn’t.
“That won’t be necessary. Saul has decided that he can’t be here anyway, so he’s not coming. Robert can take his room.” Nora replies cheerfully. In fact, Jason flaunting his relationship with Rose under Scotty’s nose, could be the best thing that could happen for Kevin and Scotty.


Jason can immediately see that something has changed between Kevin and Scotty. There’s something in their smiles, in their touches, the easy way they behave around each other.... Jason is sure of it: Kevin has had sex. He can still remember that certain glow on Kevin and he can imagine who it was Kevin has been with.

He waits for Scotty to get up and go to the kitchen, then he takes up his plate, mumbles something about needing to go to kitchen and he disappears. Kevin sees it happen and he’s about to follow Jason, when Tommy grabs his arm and shakes his head.
“Let them fight this out...” Tommy warns.


“You had sex with Kevin, didn’t you?” Jason doesn’t bother to engage in chit-chat first.
“Yes.” Scotty answers without a hint of an apology. “Not that it’s any of your business.”
“Don’t you think that it is inappropriate?”
“Inappropriate?” Scotty repeats.

“I get that you’re angry with me, but taking it out on Kevin and using him is just wrong.”
“Excuse me?”
“You know what he went through with Johnny and, yet, you use him to get back at me... That’s unfair.”

“So is lying about who and what you are... which, by the way, also hurt Kevin.” Scotty bites back. Jason ignores his words.
“I don’t want you to have sex with Kevin...”
“I don’t care what you want or don’t want.”

“You’re my boyfriend.”
“Am I?”
“Of course you are....” Jason sighs, as if he has to explain something too simple for words to a 5-year old.

“Listen, Scotty. I’m sorry about last night... I said a few things that .. I could’ve said differently. You know that it makes me nervous when you try to tell me what to do. I don’t like that. When Kevin told me that you wanted to leave I got over to you as fast as I could, to talk you out of leaving. I love you and...”

“Let me stop you right there! If you love me, truly love me, take my hand, take me with you into that room, march up to your mother and brother and tell them that you’re gay and that I’m your boyfriend! Come on! I dare you!”
“Babe, you know I can’t do that.”

Jason pushes Scotty gently towards the pantry, so that they can’t be heard, even if their voices would become louder.
“Scotty, this means everything to me. I’ve always wanted a career in politics and you know that. This is my chance...”

“Good. Perfect. Go in politics. Be happy with your lovely wife and all her money! I hope they’ll keep you warm at night. I won’t create problems. I’ll make you a deal. I’ll stay out of your love-life, you stay out of mine! And I’ll sleep with Kevin whenever, wherever and however it suits me.”

Scotty wants to return to the others, but Jason grabs his arm.
“I know you’re angry...” Jason starts, but Scotty pulls his arm out of Jason’s grasp.
“I’m not angry, or hurt, or disappointed, or vindictive or anything else. But I am done with us.”

He turns his back to Jason and he’s about to walk away, when Jason asks:
“You’re breaking up with me?”
“I already did that last night. I wasn’t kidding or throwing a tantrum when I threw you out last night. I’m done."

“All this because I’m not willing to come out just yet..? What happened to giving me all the time I need?”
“You can have all the time you need, you’re just not going to spend that time having sex with me.”

“Scotty, I promise you...”
“No! Don’t promise. You lie to your family, to your fiancée, to your voters, you even lie to yourself. What makes you think that I would believe anything that you’d say to a ‘nobody' like me?!”

Again Scotty makes an attempt to walk away, and again Jason stops him.
“No, please, I’m sorry about using the word ‘nobody’. I was wrong. I...”

“Yes, you were!” Scotty cuts him off. “Because I’m not a ‘nobody’. I’m Scotty Wandell! I’m 27 years old! And I’m a gay man. And damn proud of it too!
I’ve put myself through school. finished my studies, I’ve worked as a cater-waiter until I had enough money to follow my dream and now I work as an apprentice sous-chef.

I’ve always taken care of myself, I’ve never taken advantage of anyone. And what’s more important: I don’t owe ... Anybody... Anything. Least of all you. So, don’t let me stop you from living our dream. Be a politician. Give your voters your empty promises.

Marry the woman you only love because of her money. And let me be. Let me be with the man who loves me and who I love in return. A man who wants to share his life with me. Open and proud... Let me go.” And with those last words, he can finally break free from Jason and get out of the kitchen.




Just a short chapter tonight, because I couldn't find another right break in the next pages. I think that there are still 3 or 4 chapters coming after this one.
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