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Fanfic: Best laid plans... 9/?

Best laid plans 9/..

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, with some McCallisters and Walkers running around as well.
Rate: This chapter: G
Disclaimer: Not mine. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: That the trouble with good plans... they can go wrong...

AU!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AN AU(=Alternate universe) so things will be most likely different from the original version. Read at your own risk. Don't blame me if you don't like what you read! Not set in any time/place in particular.


Kevin’s breathing quickens and his lips part. Scotty’s lips brush against his, still hesitating if he should, but then they crush down on Kevin’s with a desire that surprises both Kevin and Scotty. Kevin’s fingers find grip in Scotty’s hair and he replies to the kiss with so much passion that Kevin and Scotty both need to break the kiss for lack of oxygen.

Scotty’s head is spinning. He never knew that a kiss could leave such an impact. There’s something definitely different about kissing Kevin. He plays with the buttons on Kevin’s shirt, opening them one by one, each opening revealing more of Kevin’s chest. He has seen Kevin shirtless before, but never thought of actually being allowed to touch him.

The tension between them rises. He can hear Kevin breathe faster and more shallow and he can almost feel Kevin’s eyes on his hand as it moves down further. The shirt falls open and Scotty’s fingertips slide over the exposed skin. He can see the muscles in Kevin’s belly tighten when the caress slides over the belly.

“Oh...” Kevin closes his eyes tightly. He’s too excited and it begins to hurt. Scotty’s fingers rest on the button of his jeans and that is when Kevin, with every ounce of self-control left in his body, grabs Scotty’s wrist. “Don’t! Don’t do this.... You don’t have to....”, but the pain in his voice contradicts his words.

“What do you mean?” Scotty asks, watching Kevin shift slightly away from him.
“What we could have doesn’t have to be about this.. About the sex...” Kevin breathes heavily. His entire body is aching for satisfaction.
“You don’t have us to have sex?” Scotty asks in disbelief.

“Not necessarily....” Kevin whispers. Hypocrite, you want him to fuck you senseless. Scotty begins to smile, he pulls his hand away from Kevin’s hold and leans over to Kevin.
“I think you’re lying... I think you want me to fuck you senseless....”
“What are you? A mind-reader?” Kevin wonders.

Scotty's laughter is carefree and he shakes his head.
“I’m not. I can see it in your eyes, feel it in your body.... So, why are you saying ‘no’?” Scotty’s face is serious again. He can feel Kevin tremble under his touch.
“I... I’m not like him.” Kevin answers so softly that Scotty nearly misses it.

“Like Jason, you mean?” He can see Kevin nod.
“I don’t want this to be just about sex.... I want it to be more than that.... So, if you’re not... If you don’t really want this... you don’t have to... We ... We can wait...” Scotty stares at Kevin wondering if he’s for real in suggesting that they’d wait.

How could he ever have thought Kevin to be uptight, arrogant or distant? The emotions this man conveys within a few seconds vary from pain to lust to concern to need. Desperate need.
“Oh, you have no idea how much I want you, do you?” Scotty’s words have barely left his mouth or he adds action to them.

He pushes Kevin back down on the mattress and within seconds he’s all over Kevin, no longer giving him a chance to think or worry about anything. With a loud moan Kevin pushes himself up against Scotty. Their kisses are sloppy, their touches uncoordinated, but it doesn’t slow them down. The need only grows.

Kevin can feel how Scotty pushes his pants down to his thighs and he shoves and wiggles until he can kick them to the floor. Scotty is between his legs. Hard and ready, and Scotty is glad to find Kevin equally aroused. Scotty’s hands moves between them, closing around Kevin’s hard cock.

Kevin closes his eyes tightly, he’s too close. He tries to control himself a bit longer. He tries desperately to postpone the inevitable, while his fingers slide down Scotty’s cock wanting to satisfy Scotty in return, but he's  losing out to his own needs. He hasn’t been with a man for so long that all these feelings begin to engulf him.

He can feel how Scotty turns him over with ease, pulling Kevin’s ass against Scotty’s hard cock. The strong hand between his legs moves fast and hard, Kevin cries out, knowing he can’t hold back much longer. At the same time he can feel Scotty push against him, but making no effort to penetrate him.

However, for a second, Kevin can imagine that hard length inside him, where he actually wants it to be. He can imagine Scotty’s firm grip on this body. He can imagine Scotty thrusting deep. He can imagine Scotty trying to holding back, but coming anyway... And that is where he loses his own fight.

He shudders hard, his cry seemingly coming from the tip of toes. He reaches behind him, trying to push Scotty closer to his body and then he comes all over Scotty’s hand, his entire body shaking and trembling from the impact. He’s aware that, behind him, Scotty is taking care of himself.

Kevin wishes, with all his heart, that he could muster the energy to turn over and help Scotty, but at the same time, there’s something so arousing about feeling Scotty move behind him and finally feel the warm liquid against his ass, proving that Scotty had found his own satisfaction.

Exhausted Scotty remains spooned up against Kevin, until Kevin turns around in his arms, wraps his arm around Scotty and kisses him. Scotty replies to the kiss with equal tenderness. They continue to kiss quietly until Scotty notices that Kevin is no longer replying to them, because he’s asleep.

He turns to his back. Kevin remains in a deep sleep on his arm. He looks over to Kevin and realizes something. The sex with Jason had, in all its perfection, felt off and wrong. And yet, the sex with Kevin, in all it’s all messiness and no matter how uncoordinated, had been the most satisfying sex he had ever had.


Scotty stretches out and turns to his side.... not finding Kevin there, as he had hoped.
“Morning, sleepyhead.” Kevin smiles as he steps out of the bathroom. “I’ve ordered up some breakfast. Hope you don’t mind.”
“No... Of course not...” Scotty answers.

Kevin sits down on the foot of the bed.
“Regrets?” He asks. He looks intensely at Scotty’s face, trying to find out what the answer will be.
“About? ... Us? No...” Scotty shakes his head. “You?”

“I’m not sure.. I think we were moving a little fast... Not that I didn’t want it... Just... You moved from Jason to me very quickly and I swore that I wouldn’t do this... I wanted to give you time to figure things out, deal with your feelings, get everything in perspective.... Take it slow...”

Scotty remains quiet and just when Kevin thinks that he has most likely infinitely insulted Scotty and that Scotty will never talk to him again, Scotty replies to him.

“I see what you mean. It did go fast... Too fast perhaps... but... I also believe that I know what I was doing. This feeling that something wasn’t right about the relationship between Jason and me has been with me for quite a while, like some gut-instinct that your mind refuses to acknowledge. I loved the idea of being in love and I guess that Jason’s inability to commit to me is also a good excuse to not have to commit to him...”

“So,.. you weren’t entirely willing to commit to Jason, but you would to me?”
“Yes. No. I don’t know. This is a completely different sort of relationship for me... I have this pattern of meeting a guy in a bar, fall head of heels, get drunk, end up in bed with who I think will be the love of my life and then .... the next day I find out that he isn’t...”

“Yeah, I know that pattern.” Kevin nods.
“With Jason, because everything had to remain so hush-hush, there was also a certain thrill to it... But, in the long haul, I think that what he and I had, wouldn’t have worked for me... Like you, I couldn’t stay in the closet forever...

When Jason suggested this holiday, I sincerely thought that this would be the next step towards our future... You were one of the few people who knew that Jason and I were more than ‘just friends’. Jason guessed your family knew about your past with him. And they do. I thought this would be like testing the waters for Jason to come out....

But then he didn’t. And I was disappointed and I think that subconsciously I already knew I had had enough of this relationship. I just wasn’t willing to admit it to myself... And I think that Jason isn’t willing to accept it either, that this relationship has reached a dead end .

It, however, doesn’t make what happened between you and me last night, any less genuine. I think that I really want us to be together... If you want me too?”
“Of course I do.” Kevin answers. “... but, would you be willing to go back with me to my parents and spend the rest of the holidays with them? And with me?”

“I don’t know. Do you think they could forgive me for lying to them? That I’d be welcome there again? I did a terrible thing.”
“I’m sure that if I show up there, with you as a my boyfriend, for real this time, they’d be over the moon.” Kevin answers with a smile, that makes Scotty nod shyly and hope for that Kevin is right.


“I’m sorry, Wally, but Scotty left in a bit of hurry, after a fall out... I have no idea where he might be now, but...” On the other sign of the line, Wally begs William to try and find out anything he can. William lowers his phone. He sympathizes, but can’t see how he can help.

That is when he sees a car drive up to the house. He can see Kevin exit the car and just when William wants to answer Wally’s request, with an explanation for why he cannot help, he sees that Kevin is not alone, but that Scotty is with him...
“Wally? I make no promises, but I’ll see what I can do. Alright?”




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