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Fanfic: Best laid plans... 8/?

Best laid plans 8/..

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, with some McCallisters and Walkers running around as well.
Rate: This chapter: G
Disclaimer: Not mine. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: That the trouble with good plans... they can go wrong...

AU!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AN AU(=Alternate universe) so things will be most likely different from the original version. Read at your own risk. Don't blame me if you don't like what you read! Not set in any time/place in particular.


“Hey, Scotty, it’s me.” Kevin’s voice at the other side is all Scotty needs to hear to open the door. He lets Kevin in. His eyes are red and swollen and Kevin can see his hands tremble when he closes the door behind Kevin. He forgets all caution, all his reasons for not revealing too much of himself. "What happened, honey?”

He caresses a tear away, but it only leads to another flow of tears.
“I didn’t know who else to call…” Scotty sobs.
“It’s alright, babe, I was still in town. With my brothers. Getting drunk… So, it wasn’t like I was doing something important.” Kevin smiles. “What happened?”

“Jason came here...”
“I’m sorry. I told him where you were. I wanted him to have a chance to make things up with you... Did he hurt you?” Kevin’s eyes quickly look over Scotty body, as if he expects to see something broken.

“Yes.” Scotty answers, then he shakes his head. “... No.... I don’t know... Yes, I guess so. I should have seen it coming though... I just... I didn’t want to see it.... I did not want to see it... I’m so stupid...” He sits down on the bed and, after a few seconds of wondering if he should, Kevin sits down beside him.

“You’re not stupid.... So don’t say that... What happened?”
“He came here. Said he was sorry. He started to kiss me. We had sex.... Then he wanted to leave...” Scotty swallows hard and Kevin understands there’s much more to it, so he waits. Finally Scotty continues: “He hasn’t told anyone about me, although I thought he might have. He plans to marry that girl Rose. She has a rich family and I’m a nobody.”

“Did he actually say that?” Kevin still believes that Scotty is overreacting.
“You’re kidding me. Did he seriously say that to you?”

Scotty begins to laugh and Kevin hopes that Scotty will not go hysterical on him.
“He told me that he still wanted to see me, at his convenience and in complete secrecy. ... because he loves me so much, you know...”
“Wow... that must have warmed your heart and soul.” Kevin can’t help but be sarcastic.

“Yeah, right to very core of me. I exploded.... I threw him out! And even then ... he still didn’t get it. Said he’d call me back when I was less angry. What the hell happened to the Jason I got to know in New York? It’s like... his mom took him under her wings again and he morphed into someone else...”

Kevin remains quiet for a while, not sure what to say. Should he be honest? Or should he try to make Scotty feel better? He decides for honesty.
“I’m not sure if you want to hear this, but I’m going to tell you anyway. I’ve spent quite some time trying to figure things out for myself, when Jason and I broke up.

In all honesty, I don’t think that it is Jason who has changed... but your perception of him has. I can only speak for myself, but you may be able to recognize yourself in it too. I could understand that he had troubles with telling the truth. He has a homophobic family, a family much in the news for their politics and all.

And it’s not a good idea to antagonize such a family if you have political ambitions of your own.. I mean, I get it. Doesn’t mean I have to agree with it. And it was ultimately the most important reason for breaking up with him... He was not honest about himself. Not to his family. Not to his friends... And, in a way, not to me...

This switching of character that he did when he was with me or in public eventually began to grate. And he wasn’t honest with you either... You’ve seen a side of him, you knew was there.  You had to have known! The ruthless, career-driven politician is an essential part of him. But I think that, like me, you thought that you could be more important to him. But.. you’re not... and neither was I...

And I get that it hurts... Perhaps I should have warned you about him sooner... It must hurt like hell. He may not the person you thought he was, but I can guarantee you that he has not changed... You have....” Scotty can’t even bother to protest. He knows that Kevin is right.

Jason is most likely the same man he always had been, only Scotty had been confronted with the part he didn’t like. But Scotty is honest enough to realize that he had been too blind to see it.
“If you would have told me about Jason, I probably wouldn’t have believed you...”

“No. Probably not.” Kevin agrees. He takes Scotty hands between his own. “But you’re not stupid. You’ll get over this because you’re resourceful, kind, charming and you know your own self-worth, something you weren’t willing to compromise for Jason.. You made a very good decision. You’ll see that. Maybe not now, but eventually.”

He can see a smile come to Scotty’s face.
“Thank you... You make me feel so much better.” Scotty says, threading his fingers with Kevin. He looks up at Kevin and notices how Kevin doesn’t look away. Jason does it very often. Any form of intimacy, aside from sex, is mostly pushed away.

“I love this... When you look at somebody and they don’t look away.” He says softly as if mesmerised by something. Kevin opens his mouth, ready to admit that looking at Scotty is something he could do all day and never get tired of. But then it hits him that the last thing that Scotty now needs is someone flirting with him.

“Ahm... Maybe I should go...” He says, carefully taking away his hand, but clearly not wishing to pull away. There’s a pain on his face that Scotty doesn’t quite understand.
“I was actually kind of hoping you’d .. stay?.. I don’t want to be alone.” Scotty’s words come out hesitantly.

Maybe he cannot ask this of Kevin. After all, Jason is Kevin’s friend and Scotty isn’t. Kevin might think that Jason is wrong, but that doesn’t mean that his loyalty would automatically shift to Scotty. Kevin, on the other hand, wonders if he can accept this request. Can he really spent a night next to Scotty, knowing that Scotty is hurting ... and this close to being single again...  and not go completely out of his mind?

“I.... I’d have to tell my brothers... They’re waiting for me...” He answers, hoping this will buy him some time to come to terms with it. He gets up and dials Justin’s number, thinking rightly that Justin would likely more sober than Tommy. “Hey, Justin... ahm.. don’t wait for me... I’m staying with Scotty tonight...”

“Well, that is fast...” Justin grins, thinking there’s a different meaning to Kevin’s words.
“No! I mean... Jason and Scotty had a fight and Scotty kicked him out....
“Good on Scotty! I like him more with each action he takes!”

“.. but now he’s upset and hurt and...”
“Man, if you don’t ask him to be your boyfriend, I will ask him to be mine.” Justin threatens jokingly. Kevin laughs.
“It’s not .... it’s not like that...It’s... complicated.” He says, not quite able to hide to his brother that he would like things to be different too.

“Yes, I think you’re right.” Justin answers more seriously. “Can I talk to Scotty? I just want to hear him tell me that he’s okay.” Kevin hands his phone to Scotty.
“Justin wants to talk to you.” Kevin gives his phone to Scotty and signals Scotty that he has to go to the bathroom.

“Hi, Justin.” Scotty takes over the phone.
“Hey, man, are you sure you’re alright? Or should Tommy and I come over and kick Jason’s ass?” Scotty laughs at Justin’s words.
“I’m fine, Justin, don’t worry... And I’ve got Kevin here, so I feel a bit better.”

“Right.” Justin says. There’s a silence before Justin finally manages to say what he really wants to say.
“Don’t hurt him, please.” He asks Scotty.
“What do you mean? Who?”

“Kevin. Don’t hurt him.”
“What..? Why...?” Scotty feels confused.

“Kevin really likes you. A lot... He has for several months. He told us this. But he’d never come between you and Jason. Or try to take advantage of you, now that you’re hurting... so, please, don’t do it to him, just because you know you can.”

“I .... I didn’t know... I...” Scotty stammers and Justin pretends to realize that he has given too much information.
“You didn’t know? ... I’m so stupid. Don’t tell him I told you, ‘kay? Cause he’s gonna kill me if he finds out and... Forget what I said, okay?”
“Okay?” Scotty hesitantly answers, but there’s no answer. Justin has cut the call.

Unaware that, in a bar not far away, a high-five is passed between Tommy and Justin, Scotty gets of the bed to put Kevin’s phone on the table. He can hear Kevin come out of the bathroom.
“I have nothing to sleep in, so I guess, I’ll just keep my clothes on...” Kevin says.

Kevin walks up to the bed.
“Which side do you want me to take?” He asks Scotty. Scotty shakes his head. It doesn’t matter to him. Little things are starting to fall into place in his head. Kevin keeping his distance at first. Kevin’s trying to be friendly and open, without losing some of that reserved attitude.

And for his himself, each kiss should have told Scotty the same thing: that he was liking Kevin way too much. Especially that last kiss earlier this day in the car. And Kevin... He must have been constantly on this guard to not show too much feelings towards Scotty and, yet, now Scotty can see that the attraction had been there all along.

Not just from Kevin towards him, but also vice-versa. He had felt attracted to Kevin, but he had ignored it for Jason’s sake. No wonder the sense of loss had felt so real to him. It had been no longer something to do with faking feelings. He had really lost his heart to Kevin. And to the Walker-family in general.

As he walks slowly to the bed, he can see why Justin has asked him not to hurt Kevin. He can finally see in Kevin what Kevin has been trying to hide. His anger at Jason for how he treated Scotty. His fear to show his feelings. His pain that he can’t show them,... The battle between ‘wanting to’ and ‘not being able to’. He realizes with a shock that Justin is right. He’s in a position that he can hurt Kevin, because Kevin is in love with him...

Scotty gets on the bed and moves closer to Kevin, who sits with his back against the head-board.
“Justin said something to me...” Scotty begins.
“Something important?”

“Yes, that you...” But then he can’t bring himself to tell Kevin what Justin had said, out of fear to create troubles between Justin and Kevin. However, when he looks at Kevin, he sees that Kevin has already guessed it and a look of horror comes to Kevin’s face.

“What did he tell you?” It’s just a whisper.
“He said that...” Scotty turns over and straddles Kevin’s legs. “.. that you.. ahm..” Kevin looks up at Scotty, fear in his eyes. Scotty’s fingertips caress Kevin’s cheek. “.... that you really like me... A lot more than you want me know...”

Kevin breathes out. It sounds shaky. He shakes his head.
“He shouldn’t have told you that.”
“Is it true?” Scotty shouldn't even have to ask this question, because the answer is clearly written in Kevin’s eyes.

“It doesn’t matter how I feel. I never... I don’t want to complicate things...”
“You wouldn’t... because... I think, I like you a little too much as well....” Scotty carefully chooses his words, afraid that he might somewhere still have misunderstood something. He’s not ready to fully trust his instinct here.

He moves closer to Kevin and Kevin realizes that Scotty is about to kiss him. And this time it won’t be in joke, or by accident, but the real thing. He feels panic rise, not sure if he can do this. Fear of getting hurt war with this extreme longing to feel Scotty’s lips on his and just surrender.

Scotty can see the fear in Kevin’s eyes. He takes Kevin’s face between his hands. His thumbs caress Kevin’s cheeks.
“I’d never hurt you...” He swears. His lips are so close to Kevin’s now.
“Scotty..!” The tortured moan comes from Kevin’s lips and he tries to push Scotty away.

It’s a weak protest though and Scotty ignores it. Kevin can feel him push through his pointless defence. It’s inevitable. Scotty moves even closer to him. Kevin knows that if he would clearly say no now, that Scotty would stop, but he has no voice for it. His breathing quickens and his lips part....




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