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Fanfic: Best laid plans... 7/?

Best laid plans 7/..

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, with some McCallisters and Walkers running around as well.
Rate: This chapter: G
Disclaimer: Not mine. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: That the trouble with good plans... they can go wrong...

AU!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AN AU(=Alternate universe) so things will be most likely different from the original version. Read at your own risk. Don't blame me if you don't like what you read! Not set in any time/place in particular.


Scotty stares at the ceiling. Jason is next to him, an arm around him. As it should be.. And yet, something feels ‘off’. The sex had been great. As usual. There had been the sweet words. As usual. The touches had driven him crazy. As usual. And yet, something is different. Just not as it should be. Something is missing.

“I started to feel like some dirty secret, like I was only good for the sex…. Nothing more.” Why does he suddenly have Kevin’s words on his mind? Is it perhaps because, for the first time, he feels the same way about his relationship with Jason as Kevin had felt? He looks at Jason.

He has grown used to the tenderness on Kevin’s face when he relaxes. He has grown to sparkling blue eyes that reveal how he feels. Eyes that don’t lie… He has grown used to the little sounds Kevin makes when he sleeps, turns, dreams or is about to wake up. Those little memories fill him with a loving warmth that he somehow can’t feel  for Jason right now.

How come he had never noticed certain lines in Jason’s face, a certain hardness bordering on dissatisfaction? He gets up to get some clothes on and to get some water from the small bathroom. His body still aches somewhat. Jason obviously had had some pent up desires, because, in retrospect, he hadn’t been all that tender with Scotty during the sex…

Love-making, Scotty corrects himself, of course they were making love. Right? It hadn’t been 'just sex'?... But he sees the answer in his eyes, when he looks in the mirror. And he doesn’t like the answer… He takes a deep breath. Get over it.

He returns to the bedroom, to find Jason sitting on the side of the bed, putting his clothes on.
“What are you doing?” Scotty asks.
“I have to go back to my family….”

Well, of course he would have to. You can’t drop a bomb like that and just stay away. He sits down next Jason and takes Jason’s hand.
“I never even had a chance to ask. How did they react when you told them?”
“Told them what?” Jason asks in return. He pulls away his hand and grabs his pants off the floor.

“That you’re gay.” Scotty answers.
“I haven’t.” Jason answers.
“You’re going to tell them now?

“Are you crazy? No, of course not.”
“But…. They think you’re getting engaged to a woman… You’re gay… Makes no sense. Does she know?”
“No! She wouldn’t marry if she did.”

“You’re still going to marry her..?" Scotty suddenly understands. "Just pretend you’re straight…? All is just cute and peaches?” Scotty asks, bewilderment growing.
“Do you have any idea how rich her family is? With her family to endorse me in a political campaign, I could become a serious competitor, even to my own brother….”

Scotty quickly goes over the words spoken by Jason, which leaves him with one question:
“What about me?”
“You? Hon, I love you, but I hate to point out the obvious, but do you know who Scotty Wandell is?”

As Jason asks the question, he gently takes Scotty’s face between his hands.
“I’m sorry, sweetheart, but Scotty Wandell is a nobody. You will not be able to get me what I look for. I have to get it someplace else. That doesn’t mean we can’t still be together. I do love you and want to go on seeing you….

We will just have to be very discrete about it, as it cannot leak to Rose’s family. You do understand that, don’t you?” Jason asks. Scotty looks up at him and he nods slowly.
“Yes. I think I do…..” He starts slowly, while anger starts to build inside him. “You want our relationship to remain a secret….” A dirty little secret Kevin had called it.

“Right.” Jason sighs, glad that Scotty obviously understands him.
“You just want me to be a good boy, stay in our apartment, my ass in the air until you can find the time in your busy schedule to drop by and fuck it before you move on to screwing your beloved wife!?!!?”

“Jeez, Scotty, there’s no reason to be so rude…” Jason says.
“Rude? Me? You ask me to join for a 'fun' holiday, where you hand me over to someone else, you lie about me, you ignore me, you spring some engagement with a woman on me, have a quick fuck with me behind her back… and then I am the one who’s rude?!”

“Scotty, there’s no reasoning with you when you’re going all drama-queen like that." Jason rolls his eyes. "I’ll call you in a few days when you have cooled off and you can finally some sense.” Jason informs Scotty with the strict voice that would usually silence Scotty, because Scotty doesn’t like to fight and Jason knows this.

“Drama-queen? Me? You ain’t seen drama-queen yet! Get the hell out of my room! And don’t bother to call me, visit me or get in touch with me ever again, you lying little ... !” Scotty points at the door, unable to come with a word that conveys how he angry he is with Jason. Jason merely rolls his eyes again, thinking Scotty to be throwing a tantrum.

“Really, Scotty?” He asks with so much condescension in his voice, as if he's talking to a 3-year old. And that is when something in Scotty just explodes. He grabs Jason by the arm and shoves him towards the door. Jason is clearly surprised. And even more so, when Scotty doesn’t offer some immediate apology for his outburst, but instead opens the door and pushes Jason out the door.

“Out! And stay the hell out! And keep your shit out of my room as well!” He flings Jason’s coat and wallet as his head. “Don’t bother to find me again, Jason McCallister! I wouldn’t want you to waste your precious time on a nobody like me! And I hope you’re going to be very happy with your wife!”

He slams the door so hard, that he fears that the reception-desk downstairs will receive several complains from other guests at the hotel. He’s out of breath by his outburst and, leaning against the door, he suddenly feels lonelier than ever. He slowly sinks down and begins to cry.


It’s not that often that Wally Wandell checks his Face-book page. He never posts anything there, but only uses it to keep up with family, friends and acquintances. But he’s bored out of his mind tonight. His negotiations hadn’t exactly gone as hoped and he’s in a bad mood. He checks what his friends have been up to and he smiles when he sees there are new posts from Nora Walker.

He’d met her face-to-face only once, when Sarah Walker had introduced him to her at a party, a few years ago, but he had liked her instantly. Her energy and her care had made him smile. She had been funny, sweet and generous with her time towards a complete stranger. His own wife, Bertha, had been so rigid about so much in life…

From Nora he had seen how he should have reacted when Scotty had come out to him. Sarah had pointed out Kevin in the crowd, but Wally hadn’t had time to speak to him personally. But he had liked what he saw. A gay man, yes, but one who was confident, loved, respected…. All the things he hadn't been able to teach Scotty, because of how he had reacted. Or rather, how Bertha had reacted.

How could he have let Scotty get away like that? And not for the first time he wonders where his son is. It's not like he hadn't searched for him. He had found out that Scotty had been Oxford, Mississippi, for a short time, but after that, all traces of Scotty had become dead ends.

He smiles when he sees that Nora posted some pictures… Then his smile fades… One picture is of Kevin with a young man at his side and Wally can’t believe his eyes. He has to be wrong! And yet, the caption says “Kevin and his new boyfriend, Scotty! Isn’t he cute? About time that Kevin found a new guy!”, followed by at least 10 smilies. Wally stares at the picture …. Scotty….




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