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Fanfic: Best laid plans... 6/?

Best laid plans 6/..

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, with some McCallisters and Walkers running around as well.
Rate: This chapter: G
Disclaimer: Not mine. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: That the trouble with good plans... they can go wrong...

AU!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AN AU(=Alternate universe) so things will be most likely different from the original version. Read at your own risk. Don't blame me if you don't like what you read! Not set in any time/place in particular.


“You’re getting married?” Nora asks Jason.
“Yes.” Jason answers. He has a smile on his face, but it doesn’t reach his eyes. Rose, on the other hand, is all smiles.
“That is quick… You only met 2-3 days ago?..” Kevin points out, a little flabbergasted.

Jason smiles uncomfortably. Eleanor laughs.
“Jason and Rose have known each other for years. Just as friends. Yet, this time,.. something magical happened. .. It was more or less inevitable… Such a pretty couple.”

The Walkers collectively avoid looking at Kevin. They know that Kevin used to date Jason, all be it briefly, and this announcement feels false to all of them. It is therefore that they don’t notice that Scotty is ash-grey, staring at the young, starry-eyed girl who puts her hand on Jason’s arm as if to lay claim on him.

“This is great news… We have to celebrate..” William eventually says. He doesn’t wish to seem uncaring and he motions Tommy to get the wine, but Eleanor shakes her head.
“Oh, no, we have to leave. But we were in the neighborhood and we just had to tell you our good news….”

Nora and William walk up to the door with the McCallisters, giving Kevin the chance to turn to Scotty and escape the kitchen.
“Scotty?...” He doesn’t ask anything specifically, he can see that Scotty is in shock. “Come on, babe, let’s get out of here.”

He gently pushes Scotty out the door and into the hall, leaving it to his family to say goodbye to the McCallisters.
“Are you okay?”
“No….” Scotty takes a deep breath. “No, I’m not….”


Kevin enters the kitchen again and the Walkers look up at him.
“Oh, honey, are you okay?” Nora immediately asks. “It must be so weird for you to hear this decision that Jason made, knowing what we know…” Kevin’s shoulders sink. He has to tell his parents the truth now, now that it no longer matters…

“Yes. Yes, I’m fine… Ahm… there’s something…. I need to tell you.. I have to explain… Ahm, Scotty is upstairs… Packing his things…”
“What happened?” William asks.
“Did you fight?” Kitty wants to know.

“No…. I… I haven’t been fully honest … about Scotty…. Scotty isn’t my boyfriend… He’s … He was supposed to be here as Jason’s boyfriend…”
“What?” Justin’s jaw drops. He can’t believe he was right after all. He had given up questioning Kevin and Scotty.

“… but then the other McCallisters showed up and Jason panicked… Or so we thought.. and he blurted out the lie and … I know it wasn’t right… but .. Scotty and I decided to go along with it, thinking that eventually Jason would tell the truth….” Kevin looks miserable and he has a hard time confronting the serious faces of his family. They will be so angry.

The silence that follows his words seems endless, but then William reacts.
“Eleanor’s announcement must have hit Scotty hard…” He understands.

“If Jason indeed intends to marry that girl, then he won’t be coming out anytime soon, no. …. Scotty is upset… Very upset. So much so that he asked for my help… I’ve helped him change his airline ticket. He has asked me to drive him into town and drop him off at a hotel. He booked a room for tonight… He wants to take the first available plane back to New York. Which will be tomorrow-evening.”

“Oh, the poor boy.” Nora’s sweetness takes even Kevin by surprise. “He’s such a nice kid. He didn’t deserve this…”
“No. He didn’t.” Kevin agrees. “I will take him to his hotel.”
“He could stay here. It’s not like he must leave because of us…” William says.

“He wants to leave…. He feels lied to. And he’s hurt…. And confused, I presume…” Kevin answers with a shrug, showing that, as far as he’s concerned, Scotty doesn’t have to leave either.

As if he knows that he’s topic of the conversation, Scotty enters the kitchen. He sees everyone staring at him and he guesses that Kevin has told them the truth. He feels even worse now, realizing that he has lied all along to a family that had received him with open arms and that had showed nothing but kindness, acceptance and love towards him.

His eyes fill with tears, because somehow losing Kevin, and all the other Walkers, feels more and more like a terrible loss.
“I’m so sorry for you, honey. Guess this wasn’t the holiday you had expected.” Nora’s heart is breaking when she sees the sadness on the young man’s face.

“No…” Scotty shakes his head. “But it wasn’t a complete waste of my time. Kevin has been amazing with me. You all have been... amazing with me.”
His voice loses strenght towards the end. He finds it hard to control his tears. “I wish it could have been real… I would have liked to be a part of your family… You’ve all been so kind to me and I’m so sorry that I lied to all of you… And I’m sorry for all the embarrassment that I’ve put Kevin through…. ”

“Ah, don’t worry. He’s used to that…” Tommy waves it away and he tries to lighten the mood. Justin smirks.
“We don’t mind. There’s nothing better than remembering all those stories that Kevin wants us to forget about…” Justin adds.

“Yeah, thanks. I feel so much better now.” Kevin replies sarcastically and Scotty smiles through his tears.
“We’re really sorry to see you go..”William now says. “I think we could have really grown used to having you around.”

He shakes Scotty’s hand and Nora gives him firm hug. Scotty nearly loses his self-control when he sees the tears in her eyes. He can’t remember the last time anyone had cried because he was leaving. He says his goodbyes to Kitty, Tommy and Justin too, before he follows Kevin to his car.

The drive into town is quiet and heavy with unspoken words, as they are both working through their own thoughts. Kevin is seething mad at Jason and worried about Scotty. Scotty can’t think of anything in particular. Too many conflicting feelings for both Jason and Kevin make him feel so lost.

Kevin stops in front of the hotel and he knows that this will most likely be the last time that he will see Scotty. The idea of losing Scotty nearly takes his breath away, but Scotty needs to deal with Jason first, before Kevin can make a move.

“I’ve had a great time with you… I’m sorry that it all ended so badly for you…” Kevin says, quickly giving Scotty a shy glance and he wonders why he has a hard time letting go of this young man.
“It’s me who should be grateful for your kindness.”

Scotty wonders where his almost Victorian way of speaking comes from. What is he? Some blushing virgin who escaped the watchful eye of his chaperone? They both smile nervously, unable to explain to sudden tension between them, something that hadn’t been there before.

“Scotty….” Kevin turns to Scotty.
“Kevin…” Scotty turns to Kevin at exactly the same time. They both laugh, breaking the tension. Then Scotty leans forward with the idea to kiss Kevin on the cheek, but the kiss ends up on the corner of his mouth. Kevin turns his head a bit further.

Scotty’s lips come further in contact with Kevin’s. The kiss that follows is deeper and more intense than either one had expected and Scotty is visible surprised when Kevin ends the kiss. Kevin turns away and he clears his throat.
“I think you should go..” He sounds hoarse. Scotty nods and gets out of the car.

There’s not even another word of goodbye. Scotty immediately rushes to the hotel and then he’s vanished. Kevin leans over the steering wheel for a few seconds trying to regroup himself when he hears a loud knock on the window of his car. Shocked, he looks up, only to find Tommy standing there. Kevin opens his window.

“Justin and I followed you… Come on, get out of the car. We’re staying in town tonight.”
“That’s not really necessary.” Kevin says.
“Yes, it is. You need to get drunk and you need to get laid, not necessarily in that order.” Justin says.

“I just…” Kevin begins, but his brothers won’t let him finish.
“You liked him a little too much, didn’t you?” Justin’s question is so direct that Kevin can only nod. “And still, you let him go…. You do realize that you’re a complete and total fool for letting him go, right?”

“Justin…. Scotty is hurt and confused… And he’s still in love with Jason…. If I would admit to him now, that I fell for him the first time we met, a few months ago, it would only complicate matters. And the last thing that either he or I needs is more heartache. He’ll survive…” Kevin sighs. “And so will I…”

“Yes, …. Especially when, tomorrow morning, you realize that he’s not worth the terrible hangover…. Come on! Dad gave me his credit-card… Let’s get drunk.” Tommy says. “You fool.” His smile is friendly though.
“Says the idiot.” Kevin answers.
“Will both you morons just shut up?” Justin suggests with a smile.


“Just in case you remotely care, Scotty will return to NY tomorrow. He’s staying at the Orange Rose Hotel. K” Jason reads the message twice, before looking over his shoulder at his family. He knows that he needs to leave.
“I’m going out for a walk. I have a bit of headache… No, I just want to be alone for a while.”


Scotty is about to turn on the water in the shower, when he hears a loud knock on the door. He wraps a towel around him and walks up to the door, wondering who it could be.
“Jason! You’re here?” Scotty is in shock. Jason is about the last person he had expected to see.

“Kevin texted me where you were… I’m sorry about this whole mess… I wanted to be with you so badly… I’ve been so worried about so many things….” Jason kisses Scotty on the lips and Scotty lets him. He’s hungry for some attention, for some love and for something that he can’t quite put his finger on, but it’s something he needs desperately from Jason.

He’s glad to know that Jason is with him. He must have told his family the truth. How else could he be here? Scotty wants to ask him how it all went, how he had told them, what they had said, but Jason doesn’t give him time to ask anything. Jason pulls at the towel and it falls on the floor.

His hands rest on Scotty’s hips, before travelling down. Scotty can only give a quick squeak at Jason’s touch, because each word he could say gets expertly muffled by Jason’s mouth on his. Scotty feels himself being pushed towards the bed. He had missed Jason so much…

He lets himself fall on the bed. Jason is on top of him a few seconds later. Caught between the hard mattress and Jason’s hard body, Scotty doesn’t stand a chance. He gives in, happy that Jason is finally with him and wishing not to waste another second with talking. He just wants Jason to make love with him.


“I still think you’re an idiot. You shouldn’t have told Jason where Scotty is.” Justin says. The first two rounds of beer are gone and Tommy is getting the third.

“I know. I just want Scotty to be happy and I hope that Jason is smart enough to not let a good guy walk away. I can’t imagine that he will really marry that girl and continue to pretend that he’s straight…”

“You’re still an idiot.” Tommy places the beer in front of them.
“Agreed.” Justin nods. “You should have told Scotty how you feel….”

“You should march up there and just grab him and just ... kiss him…or something or rather…” Tommy says.
“You guys have been watching too many rom-coms.”

“And whose fault is that?” Justin asks.
“Mine. I know.” Kevin accepts responsibility.

“You’ve brainwashed us. Man, you should have this conversation with Kitty.”
“Yes, because if there’s anyone who can tell how to get a man it’s my single sister.”

The three men laugh and order another round of drinks.
“No, I just have to accept it. Scotty is in love with Jason and not with me. And I don’t want to be the rebound-guy either… That is a very unhealthy thing too.”
“Yes… You’re probably right.” Tommy nods. “But you’re still an idiot…”




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