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Fanfic: Best laid plans... 5/?

Best laid plans 5/..

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, with some McCallisters and Walkers running around as well.
Rate: This chapter: G
Disclaimer: Not mine. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: That the trouble with good plans... they can go wrong...

AU!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AN AU(=Alternate universe) so things will be most likely different from the original version. Read at your own risk. Don't blame me if you don't like what you read! Not set in any time/place in particular.


Scotty had expected the days to be boring and endless without Jason, but he had quickly discovered that this is not possible around the Walkers. If he’s not with Kevin, which rarely happens, then one of the other Walkers take over. He loves the company of Justin and Tommy, who seem to be more than willing to gossip about their family and Kevin in particular.

If the first day had been all about telling the embarrassing stories, their attitude changes overnight, when Tommy and Justin begin to tell him about Kevin’s work as a lawyer and how he has managed to help his family and friends over the years. They talk about his loyalty and his love for his family. They tell Scotty a bit more about the worries they had had about Kevin after his break up with Johnny.

And Scotty can’t help but feel his admiration of Kevin grow. What he likes even more is that both men treat him like a member of the family. And that the same love is also given to him by Nora, William and Kitty. For that love alone, Scotty sometimes wishes that he really was Kevin’s boyfriend.

To be treated with equal care is something so unfamiliar to him that he discovers that he fears it as much as wants it. He loves to be with Kevin. Just to know that he’s free, that he can be open about who he is and what he is… It’s a freedom that he searches for and that, he realizes, he’s missing when he's with Jason.

Adding to that feeling is the confession, made by Tommy and Justin, that they are happy about Kevin’s relationship with him, especially considering that, just before Johnny, Kevin had been in a relationship with a man who was still completely in the closet. Scotty needs no subtitles to realize that they are talking about Jason.

Though they confide to him that they can’t reveal the name of the person, for fear of hurting Kevin’s trust, they do explain to Scotty that maybe Kevin was better off without that guy, because someone like that would never come out of the closet and would only get Kevin hurt.

By the time they leave Scotty alone, the feeling of dissatisfaction with his love-life is beginning to settle in with Scotty. This is simultaneously the worst holiday ever and the best one ever. Sure, he didn’t get to spend time with the man he wanted to be with, but the alternative is just great. Maybe even better.


It’s the fourth day after Jason has left him alone with the Walkers and Scotty hasn’t had time to miss him. He watches the stack of cupcakes on the table and he smiles. All he has to do is close his eyes and he’s back in the kitchen. Yesterday. Somehow the conversation had turned to making cakes, cookies and pastry when Kevin had dropped the bomb.

“… I have to say. I tasted Scotty’s red velvet cupcakes … They are better than mom’s.” He says casually and silence falls.
That is a … dangerous thing to say in this house, son.” William says, looking at Kevin over his glasses.
“Not really. The truth must always be said. Your rules.” Kevin sweetly reminds him. Justin whistles softly at Kevin’s audacity and Tommy sits up.

“You are aware that this is about to become a challenge, right?” Nora’s eyes become narrow, but the threat is good-natured.
“Yes, .. because after those words, we deserve a fair contest…” Tommy nods and Scotty shakes his head.
“I would never presume to…” He starts, feeling slightly awkward.

“Forfeiting already?” Kitty teases.
“No… I just…” Scotty attempts.
“Bake off... Bake off…” Tommy and Justin start to chant. Scotty gives Kevin a confused look.

“Take it, Scotty.” Kevin encourages. “Show them who’s best…”
“Yes, kid, step aside, I’ll show everyone who’s the better queen in my kitchen…” Nora boasts, in all good fun.
“Is that a politically correct thing to say, mom?” Kitty wonders jokingly.

Scotty’s jaw drops, then his sense of humor kicks in. He nods that he takes the dare.
“Politically correct or not, you’ll lose, girl.” He tells Nora with confidence.

“Bring it on.” Nora challenges, clearly amused by the way that Scotty takes the dare.
“Ooooooh….” William smiles. “You’re in trouble now, young man.”
“I can do this.” Scotty answers. “Easily.” And from the corner of his eye he can see a high five pass between Tommy and Justin.

Of course, that was yesterday and, today, the cupcakes are made and they wait to be tasted by the other Walkers. Nora’s cupcakes look and smell delicious and Scotty can only hope that he did it all right, because, deep inside, he just wants to win this competition, even though he wouldn’t mind losing from Nora. She’s such an amazing woman..

Everyone except Nora and Scotty, had been gone skiing, while Nora and Scotty were baking, but now they enter the room all cold, hungry and excited.
“I smell coffee.” William sighs contently.
“I smell cupcakes…Delicious cupcakes.” Tommy makes a smacking sound to tell everyone he’d like try them

“Dad, Tommy, Justin and Kitty will be the judges…” Kevin explains and he holds up a few scarves.”These should go in front of your eyes…”
“But they will immediately recognize your mom’s cupcakes…” Scotty points out. Nora nods that she agrees.

“Boys, Scotty and I worked hard for this. We’ve been slaving away in the kitchen alllll day and we need the truth. If Scotty’s are better, than tell me so. Don’t lie.” Nora says with a sudden sincerity. “Fair enough?” She asks Scotty. He nods. He doesn’t have much of a choice anyway.

Even blindfolded, it doesn’t take much for William to recognize that the first cup-cake is Nora’s….
“Delicious… No doubt Nora’s… Just the way I like them…” William moans. Despite that all of this is done in joke, Scotty can feel a certain tension inside him.

And not just him. Kevin seems to be equally concerned. He can feel how Kevin grabs his hand.
“Did you make the same ones as at Jason’s birthday, like I asked you to make?” Kevin quickly whispers to him. Scotty nods. “They’re going to love them.”

William is given the second one, made by Scotty. He takes a bite… Scotty can’t help but hold his breath. He nervously bites his lip. William wipes his lips and takes off his blind-fold.
“I hate to say this…. But Scotty’s are better.” William then says.

“Knew it!” Kevin shouts and Scotty’s too stunned to react at all. He had expected Nora to win. Now the others taste as well, and they all agree that Scotty’s are better. Even Nora. Beet-red, because he doesn’t know how to handle this many compliments Scotty looks at Kevin.

“You did good, babe.” Kevin hasn’t forgotten that Scotty is supposed to be his boyfriend. He places a little kiss on Scotty’s cheek, and, if possible, Scotty blushes even more.
“Is that the best you can do?” Justin asks Kevin.
“You know me. Public displays of affection aren’t my thing.” Kevin replies.

“Seriously, Scotty, I wouldn’t accept that if I were you. You deserve more than just a kiss on the cheek.” Tommy tells Scotty. Scotty looks at Kevin.
“Yes. I do.” Scotty laughs. He playfully wraps his arms around Kevin and begins to kiss him. A warm longer kiss, on the lips, …

Kevin’s head spins. He hasn’t been with a man in a long time and Scotty’s kiss awakes something in him… He gently pushes Scotty away.
“Let’s keep the rest for the bedroom.” He suggests playfully, but his eyes beg Scotty not to push this and Scotty gets his message.

He smiles at Kevin and nods, unnoticeable to the others, that he has heard Kevin. Their eyes meet and, with the kiss still burning on his lips, Scotty realizes again that he could easily drown in those blue oceans. For a moment he’s surprised by his own feelings, but he doesn’t get the chance to think long about it.

The kitchen-door opens, and much to everyone’s surprise, the McCallisters enter the kitchen.
“Eleanor? You’re back! And with Robert. And Jason.. And..?” William sees a shy young woman enter the kitchen as well.

“This is Rose Carter… She’s a daughter of the friends we’re staying with..” Eleanor introduces the young woman. “Nora, William, I have amazing news…” She smiles from ear to ear. “This young lady is,… as of today… engaged to Jason.” Jaws drop at her announcement and Kevin is glad that his entire family is shocked and not just Scotty and him.




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