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Fanfic: Best laid plans... 4/?

Best laid plans 4/..

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, with some McCallisters and Walkers running around as well.
Rate: This chapter: G
Disclaimer: Not mine. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: That the trouble with good plans... they can go wrong...

AU!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AN AU(=Alternate universe) so things will be most likely different from the original version. Read at your own risk. Don't blame me if you don't like what you read! Not set in any time/place in particular.

“I’m sorry.” Scotty says.
“For what?” Kevin asks.
“I don’t know. For ruining your day. Again. For the fact that you’re stuck with me. Again. Because Jason had to leave with his family. Again. … I feel like all I’m doing is apologize to you… And be a nuisance…”

“Don’t be silly. First of all, I like your company, so my day is not ruined and I don’t feel ‘stuck’ with you. And in the second place, this is not your fault. Eleanor wants to show her sons to her friends. And because Jason still hasn’t told the truth, you can’t go with them. It’s not your fault, so stop apologizing.

And there’s a plus to this. With you as my boyfriend, my mother isn’t desperately trying to hook up me with every available gay man in town, which is a blessing. I’m not looking for someone, so not getting stuck with all sorts of guys, with my family greedily looking on, to see if their attemps are successful, is so relaxing.”

“Thank you. Good to know I serve some purpose.” Scotty smiles.
“What do you want to do?” Kevin asks.
“Can we try skiing again? I thought that I was really getting the feeling again, just before we stopped last night.”

“Not too much troubles with aching muscles?”
“A bit. Perhaps just two or three times down the mountain and then something else?”
“Yes. Good plan. Besides, we should really get you a better pair of pajamas, because the weather-forecast says there’s more snow on the way and we have a few cold days coming.”


“I don’t get it.” Justin says and he takes off his snow goggles.
“What?” Tommy asks, now that he has been able to slide down next to Justin to overlook the rest of the path down the mountain.
“Scotty. Kevin.” Justin answers, as if it explains everything.

“What about them?” Tommy asks.
“Well, I don’t know. Can’t put my finger on it. They look in love, they’re both flirting with each other and … they seem perfect together…but … something is off. ‘Kevin in love with Scotty’ is different from the previous ‘Kevins in love’, if you know what I mean…”

“I’m still sober… I have no clue what you mean.” Tommy answers.
“Scotty is nice and all, but …”
“Let it go, Justin.”

“I think that there’s something going on between him and Jason.”
“Whah…?” Tommy finally puts his snow goggles on his head to look at his brother. “Are you insane? Jason? Why? If he’s in love with Jason, why would he be here with Kevin?”

“I don’t think he came here with Kevin. He came from New York. With Jason… I think he’s actually Jason’s boyfriend.”
“Whatever it is you’re smoking, either quit or give me some too, because you’re tripping.”

“I’m not. Remember how nervous Kevin got when he had to introduce Scotty? You know Kevin. Would he really introduce him in such a lame and stammering way? Kevin? The same Kevin who always, always rehearses his speeches to the nano-second? If he was in love with Scotty and in a relationship with him and knew that he was about to introduce his new lover to his family, he would have had the speech written down, typed up, spell-checked, printed, laminated and memorized…. He wouldn’t have stammered his way through it. He was caught off guard.”

Tommy wants to disagree, but in his heart he knows that Justin has a point.
“I don’t know. I just know that I like Scotty and I hope he’ll stay….” Tommy only will go so far in admitting that Justin might be right.
“I hope so too. And otherwise… we’ll just have to do some interfering….” Justin nods.

“What!? No! Are you crazy? Dad’s already angry with us over what happened yesterday.”
“If Scotty is here for Jason, then Jason is still in the closet about their relationship and I won’t let him hurt Scotty.”
“It’s none of our business. Remember, we’re not supposed to know that Jason’s gay… We only know because Kevin accidentally said something…” Tommy reminds his brother.

“Yes, so? Jason is safely stapled against the back of the closet, so he’s not coming out any time soon, unless they drag him out kicking and screaming. To believe anything less, you’d only be deceiving yourself. But Kevin is out and so is Scotty. I like them together….”
“Doesn’t give us the right to meddle.” Tommy points out.

Justin has to agree somewhat, but he’s not about to drop this and he’s not going to do it alone either.
“We're Walkers.... We meddle. It's our middle name..." Justin points out. "Know what? We’ll race down this mountain. If I win, we will try to get Kevin and Scotty together….”

Justin’s suggestion makes Tommy shake his head.
“Sure, why not? But if I win, we leave them alone and just keep an eye on Kevin…”
“Fine.” Justin laughs and shoves himself away from their resting point. Tommy counts to ten before leaving as well.

Tommy is the better skier, but on his way down he thinks over the things Justin had said. He could easily overtake Justin and get earlier than Justin at the end of their track, but he’s curious about a few things as well. Somehow it doesn’t add up. And he’s not sure that he has regrets when he ends up 10 seconds later than Justin.


Kevin and Scotty find a quiet booth in the restaurant, where they can warm up after all their shopping. Scotty is almost beginning to regret that he will be warm tonight and that he won’t be able to snuggle up to Kevin tonight, but maybe it’s for the best as well. Being so close to another man can’t be right.

He listens how Kevin orders tea for both of them. Scotty is surprised that Kevin remembers which flavor he prefers. He had only told Kevin once... Jason still doesn’t know that cinnamon-tea is his favorite. He has to ask each time. It’s those little details that Jason can never seem to bother about.…
“So? Happy with your choices?”

“Yes, and not just the pajamas.”
“I’m sure Jason will love the coffee-cup you bought him.” Kevin laughs.
“It would be a nice memory of this holiday… The one we didn’t spend as together as we had hoped.”
“I’m sure he’ll love it.” Kevin answers, more neutrally than he had wanted. He wishes he could be more enthusiastic.

“And those gloves you got me….” Scotty sighs, taking out the thick winter-gloves, that are of a far better quality than the ones he has.
“You’ll see that tomorrow, your hands won’t get so cold.”
“Are you angry that we had stop early, because my hands nearly froze off?”

“No, of course not. If you’re done, you’re done. I’m fine.” Kevin smiles.
“I just felt like spoiling the fun….”

“What is it with you that you always put yourself down like that? If I wouldn’t have liked to stop, I would have asked you to wait for me while I went for another round. No. I don’t mind at all. You were cold and wet from your fall. I’m glad you didn’t break anything.”

“My shoulder does hurt a bit.” Scotty has to admit, while he absentmindedly checks his phone.
“Any word from Jason?” Kevin asks, correctly guessing what Scotty was doing.
“Nothing.” Scotty answers.

“I’m sure he misses you too.” Kevin says generously.
“Yeah, sure.” Scotty answers, but not very wholeheartedly. Kevin sighs.
“So, what do you want to do later this afternoon? Stay warm at a movie?”
“I’m in the mood for a good slasher-movie.” Scotty shrugs, feeling not too warmly about Jason right now.

“Can’t help you there. It’s only a small movie-theater. Choice of two movies. A Disney-thing and a comedy…..”
“Disney it is.” Scotty decides.
“You buy the popcorn.” Kevin warns.


The moment Scotty enters the kitchen of the house, that the Walkers had rented, he can see that something is wrong. Nora is such an open book and he can see that she’s angry. Very angry.
“What is going on?” Kevin asks.

“The McCallisters have decided to spend a few days with another family. They are old friends of Eleanor.” Justin answers before Nora can.
“I went through all this trouble of finding a house big enough for all of us and then they simply vanish for a few days. I really wanted a few nice days with old friends…”

“Is it just Eleanor? Or her sons as well?” Kevin asks, knowing that Scotty would want to hear the answer.
“Oh, no. Her sons left with her. They’ll be back in about 5 days and they promised us that they would find the time then to be with us. How generous!!”

Scotty is dumbfounded. So, not only would Jason not be there for a few days, he hadn’t even bothered to inform Scotty of this. As if Scotty didn’t even exist anymore.
“I want to bring my things upstairs…” Scotty says to Kevin, holding up the bags with, amongst others, a new pajama he had bought.

“I’ll join you in a bit.” Kevin answers. Scotty nearly runs out of the kitchen. Justin and Tommy frown. It's quite obvious that Scotty is upset with the news that the McCallisters will be gone for a few days. Justin doesn’t care much, he doesn’t like them much after all, but now he believes even more that he was right about Scotty and Jason.


Kevin finds Scotty on the bed. He has his arms wrapped around his knees, his forehead resting on his knees. He looks lost. Kevin walks up to him and Scotty raises his head.
“I am so s….” He starts to say, but Kevin places a finger on his lips.
“Don’t say it. Don’t even think it.” Kevin can see Scotty swallow away the apology.

“I … I don’t know what to say. I’m not even sure if I’m hurt or angry or just numb or… I don’t know… I should be so mad… but I’m not…. I just… I don’t care…” Scotty says softly.
“Of course you care.” Kevin corrects him. Scotty sits up straight, letting go of his legs.

“Of course, you care, because this is not what you wanted. You have to be disappointed at this. And you’re not numb. I think that you’re beyond anger…” Kevin tells Scotty. Scotty wants to disagree, but then he smiles.

“You’re right. I think that, more than anything, I’m just livid. I took two weeks off work to be with the man I love and the only one person I do not see is the man I love… Instead I spend all my time alone…”

“Hey!” Kevin reacts semi-insulted.
“… in the company of a man, who, charming as he is, is not the man I came to be with…” Scotty corrects himself.
“That’s better…” Kevin nods. Scotty laughs softly. “So, what are you going to do now?” he asks Scotty.

“I had planned to be miserable and sulk and, in general, just be pissed off at the world, but … you know what? … I like you. And I like your family. And I have two weeks off from work and this place is too beautiful and too much fun to sit inside in sulk...”
“That’s the spirit!” Kevin compliments Scotty and he helps Scotty to get up.


As the night falls, the temperature drops significantly and the wind howls around the house. The snow is piling up outside and in one of the rooms, Scotty is grateful with the warm pajamas that Kevin insisted he’d buy. He’s warm and comfortable… Yet, it still helps that he has Kevin, his own little furnace, to snuggle up to.




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  • More K/S 'artwork' :)

    3 more of my old 'artwork'.

  • K/S 'artwork' :)

    I hope no one minds that I post some of my old Kevin/Scotty 'art-work' :) This I made for one of my stories... I might be posting more…

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