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14 steps to happiness - step 2 - Moral Hazard

2.15 Moral hazard

By Marea67
About: Kevin
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Driving home Kevin remembers


Driving back home Kevin is suddenly tired. He just notices how much he wants to be home. Not so much the place where he lives, but where Scotty is. He knows Scotty will be there, he’s not working tonight and lately he hardly goes out with his friends anymore. Not because Scotty is not allowed to hang out with friends, but because Scotty decided he’d prefer to be with Kevin in the precious moments they do have together. Scotty….

I won’t be prepped any more until you admit you’re a gay.” Kevin smiles. God, could any man be that sexy? “I am Scotty Wandell from Oxford, Mississippi, son of Wally and Bertha.” Wow. Self-confident and cute as hell “.. but then you can’t be faithful to anything until you know why you should.” And he’s smart. Oh, Kevin remembers the “…., suitors….” And the pang of jealousy he had felt when he had seen Scotty with that other guy.

Geriatric, let’s say nine.” Provocative as a only Scotty could be. “Why are you whispering?” Interested to know things about him…. Kevin remembers the kiss in the restaurant that ignited a million fires in him, but not as hot as when he kissed Scotty at his door the next day. He remembers the fight over the dinner, the fight at Ojai, the fight at the office and Scotty’s bitter: “It took you two months to make me feel worthless…Congratulations!” And nothing hurt him more, because he really, really.... liked Scotty and wanted him to make something of his life. He had wanted to support Scotty in this.

And then they met again….“That is quite the masculine watch.” God, Scotty still hated him at first, but later that night Scotty had made love to him and the next day…. they fought again. What a mess. Yet, he smiles at the memory of that night, because the morning may have been hell, but the night itself had been heaven. It had all felt so incredibly good and right. “It’s not like you drugged me.” No, it had been Kevin who had been intoxicated by the desire that Scotty could so easily bring up in him. A desire so difficult to control.

He parks his car and waits before getting out, because suddenly he wonders who or what he is returning to. As busy as their lives were with their sometimes conflicting schedules, his life had never been more organized. Sure, they had their disagreements, they argued, and then they talked and negotiated and made up…. They were closer now than ever before. They didn’t need words sometimes to explain things, they just read it in each other’s eyes.

He looks forward to being home on the nights that Scotty is there, because…well,… Scotty is there. Just that simple fact… And suddenly Kevin wants to snuggle up to Scotty and forget about the rest of the world. He wants the intimacy they have and this ability Scotty has to block the world’s problems away from him, so he can regroup and find peace of mind…. He wants to be home.
Tags: character - kevin, series - 14 steps to happiness

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