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14 steps to happiness - step 3 - Double negative

2.14 Double negative

By Marea67
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Scotty thinks about Kevin's proposal. 

Scotty plays with his mug, letting his fingers circle around it and back. He is sitting at the small kitchen-table. Well, it’s more ‘hanging’, for he is still tired. He’s happy that Kevin is at the office, so he can finally let it sink in what happened last night. Something has shifted in their relationship, but he doesn’t completely understand why it has changed.

When Kevin had suggested domestic partnership last night Scotty’s stomach had turned and his head became light. Was Kevin talking about…..? For a second he dared to dream, but as usual with Kevin, it was back to reality quickly. Oh. Right! Insurance! Of course. Death and dismemberment-clause. Why didn’t he think of that? He shakes his head. He loves Kevin to death, but sometimes he is as romantic as a brick wall.

A part of Scotty feels foolish. Foolish that he turned it down. Oh, he did the ‘right’ thing, but would it really be so bad had he simply accepted Kevin’s proposal? Scotty cursed himself for being such a romantic fool. He knows deep down inside that Kevin is the man he loves and wants to be with, so why make such a fuss? Were certain romantic gestures really that important between them? What if he had scared away Kevin with his refusal? He hopes not.

He gets up and wanders back to the bedroom, where he lets himself fall backwards on the bed. There’s nothing interesting about the ceiling, but he’s watching it anyway, trying to focus and remember what happened yesterday. Obviously the oxycodon is doing its job very well and at certain moments Scotty finds it hard to concentrate, but at least his hand doesn't hurt as much.

He closes his eyes and remembers Kevin had been very quiet. Usually at parties he would talk not only to people he knew, but also gossip about them, to Scotty. But this time he hardly noticed anyone. Scotty remembered the frown on Kevin’s face prior to his remark about the domestic partnership…. Scotty sits up. That’s it! That is actually what had been bothering him all along.

Somewhere between Kevin suddenly starting to talk about domestic partnership, insurances and clauses and his own painful hand and slightly fogged mind due to painkillers, he had been so annoyed about Kevin’s unromantic approach of the subject, that he missed an important detail: Knowing Kevin, his proposal didn't come out to the blue, he probably already spent a few hours weighing his decision!

And after looking at it from every angle, filtering out loopholes, evaluating the situation and weighing the pros and cons he had come to the decision that Scotty was worth taking such a step with. A step, Scotty is sure of it, would not be an easy one to make for Kevin… Scotty starts to smile. Kevin loves him, he is sure of it now.

Suddenly he feels all fuzzy inside. Because this means that maybe, just maybe, Kevin might ask him again. And as unromantic, clause-based and insurance-safe as Kevin’s next proposal would be, he would take it. He had enough romance in him to share with Kevin, and maybe teach some of it to Kevin, because he loves Kevin, pure and simple.
Tags: character - scotty, series - 14 steps to happiness

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