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Fanfic: Best laid plans... 2/?

Best laid plans 2/..

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, with some McCallisters and Walkers running around as well.
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Disclaimer: Not mine. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: That the trouble with good plans... they can go wrong...

AU!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AN AU(=Alternate universe) so things will be most likely different from the original version. Read at your own risk. Don't blame me if you don't like what you read! Not set in any time/place in particular.


Scotty folds up his shirt and puts it on the chair.
“I don’t think I’ve ever eaten more in my life. I’m going to gain quite some weight in staying here.” He sighs. He can see how Kevin takes of his shoes and wiggles his toes with a satisfied look on his face. Scotty can’t help but smile. It looks so funny on the usually so arrogant lawyer.

“Yes. Say what you want about my mother, but she can cook.”
“Your mother is a sweetheart. She truly is.”
“Yeah.” The pride on Kevin’s face is endearing. “I’m sorry she didn’t put you closer to Jason.”

“Well, that’s not your fault. Or hers. To her, I’m your boyfriend. I should be seated next to you. And away from the McCallisters… But, I didn't really mind about it... Your parents are both so nice. I thought Robert and Eleanor were quite nice to both of us too. I would have expected them to be more distant, considering that, to them, we’re a gay couple and therefore ‘wrong’.”

“Yes. But I guess it’s different because the gay guy is Nora’s son and not her own son.”
“If only she knew…. It’s really time for Jason to come out.”
“At age 33 I think he should. But it’s not up to us though.”

“No.” Scotty agrees with a sad face. Kevin looks at Scotty long naked legs and he realizes that Scotty is about to go to bed wearing nothing but pajama-shorts, and (so he hopes) underwear.
“Is that all you’re going to wear?” He asks.

“Yes.” Scotty answers.
“It can get quite cold at night….”
“Jason didn’t tell me that….” Scotty says, feeling a bit stupid, because somewhere he should have realized this himself.

“I suppose he thought you knew… He always does that.” Kevin shrugs. It reminds Scotty that Kevin and Jason were lovers once.
“Were you and Jason ever here together?” He asks, caught between curiosity and jealousy.
“No. Not here, but at another ski-resort.” Kevin answers absent-mindedly while he tries to think of a solution for Scotty.

“We’ll have go to town tomorrow anyway. I’ll get you something warmer than that... If the temperature drops any further this will not do.” Kevin decides, surprising Scotty that he would take such a strong decision for Scotty. As if Kevin realizes it too, he suddenly bites his lower lip, which looks rather cute.

“Sorry, it’s not my decision of course…. I didn’t meant to presume that… I don’t know.. I’m sorry. This is … weird… for me too.” Kevin apologizes.
“’s Alright. Thanks for pointing it out to me and… we’ll see what we can do about it tomorrow…” Scotty smiles despite himself, glad that he’s not the only one feeling awkward.


Scotty wakes up in the middle of the night. Kevin is right. It does get cold at night and he can feel the cold around him, but he’s not cold. As he wakes up even further he realizes that he’s warm because Kevin’s body is warm, like a furnace, and the only reason why he knows this, is because he’s spooned up against Kevin.

For a moment he wants to withdraw, turn away from Kevin, but he would wake up Kevin if he did. And it’s not like his side of the bed is all that warm and appealing. He’s tired and all he wants to do, is go back to sleep. He closes his eyes. Why should he not stay where he is… just a little bit longer…


As usual, Kevin is the first in the house to wake. His rigorous schedule as a lawyer is still in his system and he automatically opens his eyes at the usual time for him to get up. It’s quiet and he feels warm and safe and… Safe? He opens his eyes again, suddenly aware of the fact that someone is spooned up against him.

For a second he feels panic, because he hasn’t been with a man for a few years now, but then he understands. Scotty! Of course! During the night he must have gotten cold and moved closer to Kevin. Jason would do that too when they were still lovers. Kevin breathes more lightly. He’s tempted to wake up Scotty, but decides against it.

Judging by the calm way that Scotty’s chest moves against his back, he deduces that Scotty is sleeping peacefully, so why make things awkward? Kevin tries to move. Scotty moans in his sleep and the arm around Kevin’s waist pulls him back. Kevin rolls his eyes. Alright then… An extra hour of sleep it will have to be…


Scotty can’t believe the noise this family can make at the breakfast-table. There’s laughter and banter and cynical remarks made with love. The McCallisters are not at the breakfast table and Scotty would like to know what it is that Jason is doing, but he can’t really worry about it.

The Walkers, still believing him to be Kevin’s boyfriend, have taken him under their wings and, much to Kevin’s complete embarrassment, they have a lot of entertaining stories to tell about Kevin and though it’s all in good humor, Scotty can feel sorry for Kevin, because Kevin doesn’t deserve this.

He learns more about Kevin in one hour than Jason has ever told him. From the fact that he used to eat earwigs when he was a kid (Kitty is still horrified), to how he would sing and dance to all of Olivia Newton-John's records in front of his mirror (nice impression by Tommy), to how he nearly fallen out of tree because he was too drunk (Justin shows his comedic side) to how, as a baby, he peed straight into the mouth of that terrible maternity nurse that Nora had hated with all her heart.

Under normal circumstances, Scotty would have had breakfast with Jason, perhaps hearing a few stories on Jason, and not about Kevin. Kevin does seem to take it all with a smile, but Scotty wonders if the broad smile is just to hide how angry he really is at being put on display like this, or if it is a genuine smile.

“Nora!” Eleanor enters the room. “I’m so happy, that you had breakfast brought upstairs, so my sons and I could have breakfast there. I love you and I don’t want to be unkind, but it was so nice to speak with my boys in such a calm setting.”
“That’s what I thought too, Eleanor. I knew you’d love it.” Nora smiles. “And I know my family.”

Scotty can see Robert and Jason now enter as well. Both, like Eleanor, are dressed and ready to leave.
“I’m taking the boys to town and we’ll be gone all day. Don’t expect me back before midnight. You’ll have your family all to yourself.” Eleanor tells Nora, who simply nods.

Scotty feels confused. He had wanted to have a quick talk to Jason, maybe a few stolen moments, or just a kiss, but Jason doesn’t even look in his direction.
“It will give all of us a chance to get to know Scotty a little better.” William answers in a cheerful voice.

As if only now he’s remembered of Scotty’s existence, Jason calmly replies, more in general than to Scotty:
“I hope you will have a wonderful day.” Scotty is confused by the cold remark, while Kevin turns to Jason as if to gently remind him of something.

“I thought you said that you would take Scotty with you, while I went skiing…?” The question is clearly meant for Jason, and Scotty.
“I’m sorry, Kevin. That was before I knew my own family was here…. I’m afraid you’re going to have to entertain your own boyfriend…”

For a reason Scotty can’t put his finger on, he’s more shocked about the cold shrug of Jason’s shoulder that follows after his words, than by the words themselves. It’s like he doesn’t care that Scotty will have to spend all day with a family he doesn’t know, pretending to be someone else's boyfriend.
“Oh, if Scotty….” Eleanor means to extend an invitation to Scotty, but Jason cuts her off.

“No. I’m sorry, mom, Scotty, this is some time for our family… I’m sure that Kevin and Scotty will understand that….” He turns to Kevin with ‘work with me’ look on his face. Kevin looks at Scotty, who looks miserable and he answers stiffly.
“Oh, I know I do… And I’m sure that I don’t need to explain the importance of family to Scotty.”

There’s sarcasm on his voice, just a hint, but enough for his youngest brother, Justin, to raise an eyebrow and he wonders what is quietly happening between Kevin, Scotty and Jason.
“Oh, I do.” Scotty replies, more impersonal than he thought he could.


“I’m sorry.” Scotty says when they enter their bedroom. “It’s no problem. I can stay here alone… I got books…”
“Are you crazy? No, you’re coming with me. Can you ski?”
“Haven’t done it in a long time…”

“We’ll start slowly. You’ll see, by the end of the week you’ll going down the mountain like an avalanche on a roll.” Kevin jokes cheerfully, maybe more cheerful than he actually feels. Scotty wishes that he could read Kevin better and tell if Kevin is just faking the kindness or if he’s genuine. He decides that it might be better to take Kevin’s friendly offer. It beats being left behind on his own.


Scotty leans against the tree and he pushes his hand in his side, while the tears run down his face.
“Well, thanks!” Kevin answers with mock-indignity. “Here I am, breaking in my neck in ten places and you’re laughing your head off. No, thanks… Thanks a lot.”
“I… I’m so… so sorry…” Scotty hiccups. “It was too funny…. You legs… pfft!”

He makes a wave with his hand to illustrate how Kevin had fallen down, on his back, his legs in the air. In all fairness, for one second, Scotty had been concerned that Kevin might be hurt, when he had seen the fall Kevin had made. But after one look at Kevin’s snow-covered face and body, and the flabbergasted look on Kevin’s face, Scotty’s laughter had become unstoppable.

“I can’t remember the last time… I laughed this much…” Scotty giggles.
“Well, just for that, you owe me coffee.” Kevin says, a smile in his eyes. He reaches out to Scotty and Scotty wants to help him up, but instead Kevin pulls him down next to him on the ground and he soaps up Scotty’s face with cold snow.

Scotty yelps in surprise, but isn’t down for long. A good-humored fight erupts, that ends with both of them covered in snow and slowly getting wet.
“I think we’d better get ourselves someplace warm. I know a nice restaurant. And you still owe me coffee.” Kevin reminds Scotty.

“And you owe me a hot chocolate…” Scotty answers. He helps Kevin up and they both continue their trip down the mountain. They move slowly because Scotty still feels a bit insecure, but Kevin can see that his confidence is growing. In all, it’s not as bad, as he feared it would be. It even seems like it could be quite a nice day.


“So, this is where you love-birds decided to hide…” Tommy and Justin don’t even ask permission, but simply join Kevin and Scotty at their table in the café, where they’re having a nice little meal. Scotty is about to open his mouth that he and Kevin aren’t ‘love-birds’, but then he remembers that, to them, he’s Kevin’s boyfriend.

It’s only, at that moment, that Scotty realizes that he hadn’t even thought of Jason all day. Kevin had successfully distracted him and he hadn’t even had the time to feel sad about not being with Jason. William Walker now joins them too.
“Kevin, can I steal you for a few minutes? Something legal going on.”

“That sounds illegal..” Kevin jokes and he apologizes to the others that he must leave them alone. “Be nice to Scotty, will you?” He asks Tommy and Justin before he follows his father, leaving Scotty alone with his brothers, who immediately take advantage of the situation to get some information out of him.

“So when did you two actually meet?” Justin starts.
“We met each other, the first time, a few months ago, Jason introduced us.” Scotty answers in all honesty.
“Because we hadn’t heard a word about you, so far…” Tommy states rather than asks.

“It’s still very early in the relationship.” Scotty echoes the words Kevin had used earlier.
“Have you slept with him?” Justin asks.
“We share a room and a bed at the cottage.” Scotty answers with a ‘yeah, duh’ face, but Justin doesn’t accept this answer.

“Come on! Did the two of you have sex?” He asks directly and Scotty feels a blush rush to his cheeks.
“Don’t you think that question is inappropriate? I’m not asking you if you have sex have your girlfriend either? … Or with you wife?” The last part is directed at Tommy.

“Won’t you at least answer our question?” Tommy says. “We wouldn’t ask if you, if it wasn’t important to us, because, honestly, under normal circumstances, what happens between you and Kevin is none of our business.”
“You got that right.” Scotty answers in a very calm way.

He looks at the two brothers and he has the feeling that the answer is important to them for a reason that he doesn’t get. Kitty decides to that use that exact moment to join them.
“And?” She asks Tommy and Justin.

“Scotty hasn’t answered us.” Justin answers.
“Why not?” Kitty now turns to Scotty.
“I would like to know why it’s that important to you to know if I’ve had sex with him or not. I’m sorry, but it’s hardly a question that you bring up in light conversation.”

Kitty looks at her two brothers.
“Subtlety is not exactly your forte, is it?” She asks sharply. “I’m sorry, Scotty. Yes, the question may come across as inappropriate, but … in the light of what happened with Johnny …. We’re worried about Kevin…”

“Johnny? I’ve heard that name mentioned before… Who is or was that?” Scotty asks.
“A nightmare.” Kitty answers.
“A piece of shit.” Tommy is less subtle.
“Someone who should get shoved under a bus and driven over a few times.” Justin shrugs.

“He hasn’t told you?” Kitty now wants to know. Scotty shakes his head.
“Well, can’t blame him. Would you?” Tommy frowns at his sister. He places his hand-palms against each other and seems to think over his next move. From the looks that pass between the brothers and sister, Scotty gets that something is going on.

“If Kev didn’t say anything….” Kitty starts, but Tommy sighs and turns to Scotty.
“Five years ago, Kevin met a guy, Johnny, and fell completely and totally in love with him. It was an instant thing and I don’t remember ever seeing Kevin as happy as he was at the time. Johnny was a romantic guy.

He really pampered Kevin with love, gifts, attention, flowers, candlelight-dinners… the whole circus…. Kevin really believed that he had hit the jackpot this time… You have to know that Kevin has this knack to always picking out the wrong guy. He had his heart broken so many times before, that we were surprised that this time it all seemed to work.

We liked Johnny a lot too and when he said that he had trouble getting his new business-plan financed, dad even wanted to help him….” Tommy sighs. “Long story short. My uncle Saul had a heart-attack. Kevin left New York in a panic over his uncle. When he came back a few days later….. Johnny was gone. He had disappeared. Dad’s money was gone. So was a lot of Kevin’s money and possessions.

Johnny had cleaned out the house of anything worth stealing. And it got worse. While Kevin was still trying to understand what the hell was going on, someone rang at the door. A couple of guys forced their way in. Said they wanted to know where Johnny was. They didn’t believe Kevin when he said he didn’t know. They beat him half to death. Said that they’d be back for the money Johnny owed them.

Turned out that Johnny had a high gambling debt. Dad, uncle Saul and I flew to New York and started to deal with it all. Kevin was devastated, broken and badly beaten up… We paid the money that Johnny owed to get those thugs to leave Kevin alone. Dad did manage to get his own cheque cancelled, because the amount was so high that the bank wanted confirmation before paying out.

Johnny would have gotten away with it if he hadn’t tried to increase the amount on the cheque. We worked with the police to get Johnny arrested, but by the time they got him, most of the money that he had stolen from Kevin was gone, most of Kevin’s possessions were sold and there was nothing we could do.

Johnny went to prison, but that didn’t mend Kevin’s broken heart, or his body, or his confidence. Kevin moved back to Los Angeles where we could keep an eye on him, because we were worried about his mental state… Naturally, the family stood by Kevin, that goes without saying, but we all took an big financial hit over Johnny’s scam.

And though Kevin has paid all of us back everything he owed us, it took Kevin a long time, a lot of hours of work and a lot of counseling to get his life back on track…. The last thing that he needs, or that we need, is another lightning-flash relationship with some loser who’s only interested in Kevin’s money and not in Kevin himself….

We’re not waiting for another disaster. And I’m not saying that you are a problem. Just that this time… we’re more careful. For him. And for ourselves…” There’s a silence that falls after Tommy’s last words. Scotty can feel his stomach turn. How often had he himself not made the wrong decision? It all comes too close for his own comfort.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know this.” Of course not, why would Kevin tell him all this? After all, Kevin doesn’t exactly owe Scotty his life-story. Scotty’s mind works as fast it can to come up with a suitable reply that will answer the questions by the Walkers, protect Jason and not reveal Scotty as a liar.

“I think, that …. Perhaps… Kevin wasn’t ready to tell me about it. Not yet…. And to answer your question… No. We’re still strictly platonic. It may sound weird, but I think that we’re both trying to figure out what we want… Take it slow…” He sees the relief on the faces of Kevin’s siblings.

Scotty suddenly feels even more lonely than ever before. He’s pretending to be the boyfriend of one person, when he’s in love and in a relationship with another, who doesn’t even seem to notice him right now. And he has to deal with a family that clearly loves their gay son and brother unconditionally and it confronts him with the fact that his own family doesn’t care whether he’s alive or dead and that his own boyfriend, his closest thing to a family, seems to have vanished as well.

“Hey,…” Justin suddenly leans forward, upon seeing Scotty’s sad face. “We have no issues with you, you know. You seem okay… Though we collectively screwed up recognizing shit with Johnny, we can see that you love Kevin. Just the way you look at him… and all. We were watching you two talking to each other and, even we can see that you’re in love with each other…..” Justin is not sure why a hint of a sarcastic smile curls around Scotty’s lips.

And he doesn’t know that Scotty is about to blur out the truth, when Kevin and William return to the table.
“What is this… I leave you with a smile on your face and I return to find you look all doom and gloom?” Kevin smiles at Scotty.
“We told him about Johnny.” Tommy says dryly. The temperature immediately drops several degrees.

“What did you do that for?” William asks rather angrily.
“We had to know, dad.”
“Justin?” William looks at Justin.

“Tommy, Kit and I were discussing the sudden appearance of Scotty… We don’t want to see Kevin get hurt…. You know that he always picks out the bad apples.” Kevin winces at Justin’s words.

“Yes, dad…” Kitty chimes in. “For several years Kevin doesn’t date and suddenly, boom!, there’s a boyfriend. And, let’s face it, a strange choice for a boyfriend as well. No offense to you, Scotty, I’m sure that you’re a fine young man, but Kevin has always had older boyfriends. Rich and successful. Handsome. And in general, assholes. Pardon the word.”

Scotty looks from the other Walkers to Kevin. He’s not sure how to react after Kitty’s words. Kevin looks hurt and angry.
“Yes, you’re right. And knowing how successful none of these relationships were, you don’t think that it’s possible that I might actually look for something else for a change?

That maybe I’ve learned from my previous mistakes? Certainly from the one I made with Johnny? Yes, Scotty is younger, and perhaps not exactly rich, nor does he drive a big fancy car. He’s not running a company or a gallery or a political party. Nor is he known in our circles.

But, so far, he’s nothing if not polite, kind, generous with his time and his attention, and not very demanding. Damn me, for liking someone who gives me the impression that he’s not after my money, but just seems to enjoy spending time with me, laughing with me. Someone who actually reads the same freaking books that I read!...

I can’t remember the last time I’ve laughed as much as I have today, that I felt so relaxed and at ease … And then you had to ruin it all. There was no need to make me look like a complete idiot in front of Scotty. He didn’t need to know! If he had needed to know, I would have told him. In my own time. In my own words!”

Tears start to fill his eyes and Kitty jumps up.
“Kev, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Of course, you’re right, but we’ve been worried about you and we’ve come so close to losing you before… I don’t want to see you all hurt again…”

She wraps her arms around him. Scotty can see how Kevin, at first, physically resists the hug, but then lets his sister close to him. Kevin gives Kitty a kiss in her hair.

“You don’t have to worry about me. None of you have to… Scotty has had his own .. unfortunate choices… and I’ve had mine. We’ve both had our hearts broken before and we’re not looking to get hurt again. I would have appreciated it, if we could have had separate rooms rather than being thrown together like this, because I had wanted to take things slow. As did Scotty. But we’re both mature. We both know … who we love… and that’s all that matters right now.”

Scotty looks at Kevin, wondering if Kevin had merely guessed that Scotty has had his heart broken several times too, or if Jason had said something about it to Kevin.
“We’re sorry, Scotty, we were very rude.” Justin says meekly. Tommy nods and signs that he agrees with Justin’s words….

Scotty can’t help but smile and he can’t help but like this family.
“It’s okay… It took me off-guard, but I’m glad that this is settled. And that I’ve found out a bit more about Kevin… Things I’m sure he would have told me about eventually… I’m sorry you got so hurt….” His last words are for Kevin.

Kevin sighs and shrugs.
“I’m over it. It’s dealt with. He’s gone. I’ve dealt with the aftermath. I’m back on track and …” He looks right at Scotty. “I just want a new chance on … finding what I’m searching for… whatever that may be.”

Scotty feels awkward seeing how Kevin has to show more of himself than he had probably ever intended to, and he has no idea what to say, but he doesn’t have to, because Nora joins the group now, camera in hand.
“Oh, there you guys are… I want to take some pictures.”

It earns her a round of groans, but she bosses everyone into taking their places. She tells Scotty to stand next to Kevin.
“Say cheese!” She says and everyone complies. How could anyone refuse her anything? “My friends back in LA will love these pictures.”

The family is about to break up when Nora suddenly has an idea.
“Kevin! Scotty! I want a picture of you two together…” Kevin and Scotty give each other a concerned glance, but, as per Nora’s order they take place near the romantically burning fireplace.

“Oh, come on!” She suddenly says. “Kevin, put your arm around Scotty, for Pete’s sake. Stop acting like you’re complete strangers. You’re not fooling anyone. One look at the two of you and you can just see….” Kevin gives Scotty an apologetic smile when he puts his arm around Scotty’s waist.

Scotty replies by putting an arm on Kevin’s shoulder. The flashlight blinds them with its brightness and while still blinking they hear Nora suggest:
“And now, just a kiss…”
“Mom!” Kevin’s shocked voice makes the others focus on Kevin and Scotty again.

“Come on, Kev, since when are you that shy?” Justin jokes.
“Yeah, it’s just a kiss.” Tommy points out.
“Let’s do what they ask, before we get another round of questions.” Scotty says softly, so only Kevin can hear.

“I feel awkward.” Kevin says between clenched teeth, a fake smile on his face. Scotty shrugs and leans closer. Kevin closes his eyes. Scotty’s lips rest on his, perhaps a little longer than they should, but then it’s over and he finds himself taking a deep breath, while everyone cheers over the kiss.

“I want to get out of here.” Kevin says to Scotty and Scotty nods. “Sorry, you guys, but Scotty and I are going back to the house… We’re both tired…” Though there’s quite some ‘yeah, right’s and ‘is that what they call with your guys?’, it’s all in good fun and by the time Kevin and Scotty leave the other Walkers, everything seems back to normal.




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