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Fanfic: Best laid plans...

Best laid plans 1/..

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, with some McCallisters and Walkers running around as well.
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Disclaimer: Not mine. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: That the trouble with good plans... they can go wrong...

AU!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AN AU(=Alternate universe) so things will be most likely different from the original version. Read at your own risk. Don't blame me if you don't like what you read! Not set in any time/place in particular.


“Excited?” Jason asks.
“I’m not sure." Scotty shrugs. "Are you sure that you want to do this? I mean, I don’t know any of the Walkers, except for Kevin, and… aren’t you worried that they will find out that you’re gay?”
“I thing that they already suspect something. I think they figured out that I used to date Kevin.” Jason smiles.

“You know what I mean.” Scotty answers, a bit annoyed at how Jason can always make him feel like he’s some idiot. “If they’ll tell your brother or your mother that you're gay and that you have a boyfriend…?” Scotty doesn’t finish his question. He got ostracized by his own family when they found out Scotty was gay. He would never want Jason to lose his family over him.

But with Jason’s interest in joining the upcoming elections he has no choice but to come out and to be honest about himself, before the press finds out and exposes his past to everyone, including Jason’s family. He sees coming out to the Walkers like a try-out for a bigger step. And that is mostly because he has faith in them, where he doesn't have any in his own family.

“They won’t. The Walkers know how homophobic my family is and they wouldn’t want my mom or brother to know that I’m gay and risk me losing my family… Besides, it’s not like they know me all that well. Nora Walker, Kevin’s mother, is befriended with my mom, but, aside from Kevin, I haven’t seen the other Walkers in 15 years.”

“Perhaps you should have told them that I’m coming as well.” Scotty wonders with a worried look on his face.
“I remember the Walkers as the kindest family I know. They will not leave you on their doorstep. They will treat you like one of their own, like they always have done with me.”

Jason smiles gently, taking away the fear that Scotty feels.
“Listen, Kevin would pick us up at the airport and, after that, two weeks of holidays in the snow. We’ll have family-dinners with the Walkers, because they are a great family.

But I’m sure that they won’t mind if we spent some time together, just the two of us. I have some plans for romantic dinners and perhaps we’ll take a hotel-room in town for a night or two…”
“Why? Won’t we be sleeping together?” Scotty wonders. Jason shakes his head.

“Oh, no. William Walker’s rule. No sleeping together unless you’re married. Doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight.”
“Won’t they mind if we get a hotel-room?” Scotty feels more and more confused about these last minute changes.

“They don’t care, as long as it doesn’t happen under their roof and we’re both consenting adults….” Jason explains with a shrug. “Can you ski?” He suddenly wonders.
“I might be rusty at it.” Scotty answers softly. “I used to go ski often with my parents, but…” He doesn’t finish his answer, he doesn’t have to.

“I’m sorry, love, didn’t mean to make you sad.” Jason answers, covering Scotty’s hand with his own, then pulling back quickly, afraid someone might have seen him do it. Scotty sighs. He understands Jason’s fear. After all, he had lost his own family when he came out, but he wishes that Jason wasn’t still so extremely deep in the closet.

Back in New York, in their own little circle of friends, they’re both very cautious. The only time when they’re really free is when they’re alone in Scotty’s apartment. But in any public place, where Jason doesn’t feel safe, he hides behind his wall, much to Scotty’s disappointment, because Scotty cannot be bothered to hide his homosexuality any further.

“The plane is about to land.” Jason points out and Scotty puts the safety-belt on. He looks out the window, and he can see the snow-covered mountains. So unmovable. This nauseating feeling comes back to him and he feels like he’s about to make the biggest mistake of his life. He closes his eyes, when he feels the plane start its descent.


“Jason!” Kevin waves at Jason and Scotty. So far, Scotty had only met Kevin once, briefly. He doesn’t know much about him. He’s a lawyer, 33 or 34 years old, Jason’s ex-boyfriend. Not unkind, a bit uptight perhaps. He does have an expressive face however and Scotty knows that if he wouldn’t be in love with Jason, he could drown in Kevin’s blue eyes.

It had worried him at first that Jason had wanted to meet up with his ex, and they still seemed so close, but even Scotty could see that Kevin had no romantic interest in Jason. Kevin and Jason had known each other when since they were kids, until Jason’s family had moved to Washington, while Kevin’s had stayed in Los Angeles.

The McCallisters and the Walkers had always remained friends. So, it was inevitable that Jason and Kevin would meet each other again. That happened when they were 20 years old and both in New York, where Jason had moved to and Kevin had spent his holidays. They had rekindled their friendship, became roommates because Kevin wanted to study in New York.

It had however taken until their mid-twenties to find each other romantically. Their relationship had lasted several months, but then they had decided to stop. Scotty assumes that Kevin had broken it off, because Jason prefers not to talk about it. Something had created a temporary rift between them and Kevin returned to Los Angeles.

Jason remained in New York. In fact, there are a lot of gaps in their story, and Scotty never really pressed for more details as he didn’t want to hurt to Jason’s feelings. All he knows is that Kevin’s 30th birthday had changed all that again, when Jason had decided to pay him a surprise visit, which had been a good thing to do apparently.

They both realized that, even though their romantic relationship no longer existed, their friendship had remained strong as ever. So strong, that Kevin’s family had invited Jason over for their annual family holiday, as if Jason was a part of the family, and Jason had, unbeknownst to the Walkers, except for Kevin, decided to bring Scotty along.

The hug between Jason and Kevin is warm, firm and like old friends. The handshake, that Kevin and Scotty share, reminds Scotty that Kevin is stronger than he appears.
“Are you ready for two weeks of mayhem?” Kevin laughs at Jason.
“No, but let’s get started.” Jason replies. “Have you been waiting here long?”

“No. I just got here about an hour ago. My plane had got delayed at the start, at LAX, and got here two hours later than expected.” Kevin explains.
“I hope your family won’t mind that I brought Scotty along?” Jason asks. Kevin shrugs and then smiles.

“Of course not. You know what my mom’s like, ‘mi casa es su casa’. Let’s go.” Scotty follows Kevin and Jason at a few paces. The first time he had met Kevin, Kevin had appeared friendly but not too interested in him. And this second meeting makes Scotty see that nothing has changed here.

Jason and Kevin talk to each other, ignoring Scotty, who trudges after them, feeling about as useful as a hailstorm on a sunny day. He doesn’t try to interfere in their conversation, as it seems to be about people they know and he doesn’t. It isn’t until they exit the airport-hall and the cold air hits Scotty like a wet towel, that Kevin stops and goes through his pockets.

“Ah, here it is. The family has arranged a rental car for me. Already collected the key… Parking lot G, place 14…. This must be it…” He stops behind a big black 4 wheel drive. “That ought to get us where we need to go.” Kevin answers, not entirely sure that he likes the idea of driving such a big car.

He opens the back and helps Jason, Scotty and himself to load their luggage. Once they’re done, they move to the front where Jason asks:
“Would it be alright if Scotty sat in the front with you? He can get car-sick in the back…” Kevin gives Scotty a surprised glance, as if he had forgotten all about him.

Much to his own annoyance Scotty can feel a blush come up.
“Sure, no problem.” Kevin says. “This only means that you and Tommy can’t drive in the same car together, when someone else is driving…. My older brother Tommy always gets car-sick too.” Kevin explains with a nice smile and Scotty had no idea what to reply to that.


“You’re finally here!” Nora Walker rushes over to meet the 3 men who just entered the kitchen of the house that is described as their holiday-‘cottage’, even though it’s more of a holiday-'mansion'. “Before you guys say or do anything else. Jason, Kevin, I have such a big surprise for you….”

“Oh-oh.” Kevin reacts.
“… And the surprise is that, ...” Nora holds her breath for 3 seconds signaling that the bomb-shell is about to be dropped. “… And William and I decided that it would be fun to invite Eleanor and Robert to come here as well!”

Kevin has no issues with Robert McCallister other than that he’s a Republican and Kevin a Democrat, which means they would probably never see eye-to-eye on matters that concerned the LGBT community. Kevin knows from Jason, that Robert and their mother, are rather homophobic.

“What?! My mother and brother are here?!” Jason’s shock is very apparent.
“Jason? Is that you?” Jason’s mother, Eleanor, chooses that moment to enter the kitchen, ready to meet her son. Scotty takes two steps back. So, this tall, pretty woman is Jason’s mother?

He can see how she kisses her son on the cheek. At the same time, Robert McCallister enters the kitchen as well. Scotty had seen enough pictures of the Senator to recognize him immediately. The pictures had done him an injustice, because he’s certainly more attractive than Scotty had expected.

On their way to the holiday-house, Kevin had already informed on who else would be at the house. Aside from his parents, Nora and William, there would also be Justin, Kevin's youngest brother. Tommy, the older brother. And his sister Kitty. Jason had asked some more, but apparently ‘Sarah’ had to work as did Tommy’s wife, Julia. So they wouldn’t be there.

It’s up to Scotty to guess who’s who. Robert is followed by a blond woman and judging by the high-pitched scream she gives, when she sees Kevin, Scotty correctly assumes that she’s Kevin’s sister Kitty. Hugs and kisses are exchanged while even more family-members enter the kitchen and Scotty suddenly feels terribly lost.

It’s clear that the McCallisters and the Walkers had remained close to each other, even if the distance between Washington, Los Angeles and New York is quite big. Memories are exchanged at the speed of light, with only half a sentence needed to make everyone laugh…

Until the youngest brother suddenly notices Scotty, standing alone at the door.
“And who is this?” He asks. Jason turns to Scotty.
“This is….” He suddenly realizes that, with his mother and brother there, he can’t tell the truth now… “Kevin’s new boyfriend, Scotty! …. He ... is... Kevin’s surprise..?”

Kevin gives Jason a dumbfounded look. Jason turns his back to the others and, out of sight for the others, aside from Kevin and Scotty, he quietly begs Kevin for help.
“Yeah, .. ahm.. I’m sorry, I should have said something earlier, but… it was a sudden…. thing… or something… ” Kevin stammers, giving Scotty a ‘what now?’ look.

“You can say that again.” Scotty whispers, he’s still in shock. Kevin knows he’s a terrible liar when it comes to his family and he’s worried they will not believe him, so he has to stay as close to the truth as possible. So, he confronts the gazes from his family head on.

“We… ahm… Scotty and I met a few months ago….” Well, that’s not a lie. “And we talked a bit….” They had after all said ‘hello’ to each other. “And … well, you know how they say that you can always test your relationship when you’re on a holiday together….” That is as a proven statistic.

“And … this is just a test to see…. We’re still trying to figure things out…” Weren’t they ever! “To find out where we stand in this. And .. uhm… you know… It’s sudden, I know… And we’re still working on this… And … ahm.. it’s still in its early stages….”
Very early stages….” Scotty nods.

“Awwww, that’s wonderful news! I never thought I’d see you happy again with another man, not after that disaster that was Johnny…” Nora sighs. The ‘umphfs’ and ‘ughs’ that follow betray that ‘Johnny’ is not someone whom the Walkers want to discuss. Kevin gives them an awkward smile and Scotty is left to wonder who ‘Johnny’ is.

“I hope that it’s not a problem that I brought Scotty…?” Kevin asks.
“No, of course not…” Nora replies immediately.
“I’ve explained dad’s rules about not sleeping together to him and it’s no problem to him. Maybe you can tell which room he can use…?”

“Oh, right… Well, that’s a bit of a problem.. With Robert and Eleanor here and Saul still to join us, we have just enough rooms. Scotty will have to sleep with you…” Nora says cheerfully.
“What?!” Scotty asks, panic rising.

“Please, don’t be like that, we’re not that old-fashioned. Kevin is 33 years old and you are over 18 years old, I assume?” William, Kevin’s father, jokes.
“27…” Scotty’s voice is just a whisper.
“Well, it seems like you’re both more than consenting adults…” Nora laughs.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude… I just …. This was not what I had expected…” Scotty answers in all honesty, even though his meaning is different from what Nora thinks it is.
“I’m so happy with this news…!" Nora claps her hands. "Kevin has a boyfriend!... ” Nora hugs Scotty tightly.


Scotty follows Kevin and Nora and he tries to remember the layout upstairs. First, the room where Nora and William sleep. Opposite of that room is Tommy and Justin’s room. Next to Nora is Kitty’s room, it’s a small room, just big enough for one person. The room next to that is for Robert and Jason.

On the other side, next to Tommy and Justin’s room is a bathroom and then the room where Eleanor sleeps. At the end of the corridor is the room where Kevin and Scotty will sleep. The room opposite of theirs is reserved for Kevin’s uncle and Nora’s brother, Saul. Nora gives them the keys and leaves them alone.

“Oh no…” Kevin whispers, seeing the large bed in the middle of the room. Scotty lets his bag sink to the ground as he sees that Kevin and he will have to share a bed together. There isn’t even any other place to sleep. Aside from the bed, there’s only one chair and a table in the room.

“I… I’m so sorry.” Kevin says and he looks rather helpless. “I’m sure that Jason will soon think of a solution.”
“Yes, but not right now…” Scotty answers. Night is falling and he cannot see Jason tell the truth today.

“No.” Kevin accepts. “Hey! We’re both adults. It’s not like we would really misbehave or something. I know we don’t really know each other all that well, but I can guarantee you that I have no interest in you. Nor do I have the illusion that you would be remotely interested in me. We can do this, while Jason works through his hang-ups with his family.”

“Yeah. Sure.” Scotty agrees, but not too whole-heartedly. He sees Kevin roll his eyes and he knows that it sounds like he doesn’t trust Kevin. Scotty has to admit that Kevin doesn’t deserve this. After all, their current situation is not Kevin’s fault, but Jason’s. Or rather the McCallisters in general.

“I’m sorry.” Scotty therefore says. “My misgivings weren’t addressed to you, but the situation we’re in. We shouldn’t have had to do this.”
“I agree.” Kevin nods, and he drops the subject. “Which side of the bed do you want?”
“I don’t care.”

“Me neither… Shall I take the left? Closer to the window?”
“Okay…” Scotty’s smile earns his a grin in return. “This is weird, but I think we should make the best of it.”
“I know. Freshen up a bit. We need to be at the dinner-table at six-thirty. Or dad will kill you.” Kevin tells him.




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