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Fanfic: Kisses sweeter than Red Velvet Cupcakes

Kisses sweeter than Red Velvet Cupcakes

By Marea67
Rate: R? I've not been too graphic.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, just like to play with them. Any harm done is unintentional, but with pleasure ;)
Summary: It’s Friday…. 14 February… You know…


Kevin gives Scotty a little kiss in his hair, just behind his ear, before he carefully leaves the bed. Scotty doesn’t wake up. Not so strange. He got home at two in the morning and it’s now only six o’clock. Kevin gives his husband one last glance, wishing he could get back in bed, snuggle up to him and sleep some more, but he has a case to prepare.

His clothes are on the small kitchen-table, where he dresses himself in silence. He took a shower last night to be able to sleep a little longer this morning. He prepares the coffee, so all that Scotty will have to do is press the ‘on’ button. With a little smile on his face he puts all the things that Scotty needs for his breakfast on the table.

Plate, knife, cup, … his glass for his orange juice… And then Kevin places a little card against the glass, so Scotty can’t help but see it as soon as he walks in. For a few seconds he questions if he had done it right. How often had Scotty not told him that he's just not as romantic as Scotty would have liked him to be?

He drops the thought. It will have to do. He checks everything one last time and, satisfied with the lay out, he nods to himself, takes the lunch-bag that Scotty had prepared for him, last night, before going to bed, and he leaves their apartment for the courtroom.


Scotty stretches out as far as he can. The alarm is unforgiving and he knows that he has to get out of bed to get Olivia ready for school and Daniel ready for Nora. He turns over to find the place next to him in bed to be empty. Of course, Kevin had to be in the court-room early today, he now remembers.

“Scotty! Scotty!” Olivia calls him and he gets up.
“What is it, princess?” He asks. She smiles and points at the card, which leans against his orange-juice glass.
“Secret admirer?” She teases.

He hopes not. He’s not sure that Kevin would understand. He then sees that his name is written in Kevin’s handwriting and he smiles.
“Gonna read it?” Olivia asks.
“No.” Scotty answers teasingly. “Not until you’re in school.”

“Dirty talk?” She asks, surprising Scotty. Of course, she’s becoming a teen-ager and she has discovered boys. And more knowledge of sex…
“Probably not. He knows that you might read it.” Scotty sighs, not able to fully hide his regret. Not that Kevin had ever written him a sexy letter before, but with two kids, the chance is even more unlikely.

He opens the card and reads:
“Your kisses are sweeter than red velvet cupcakes… I love you.” No name. Not that he would need one. Red velvet cupcakes… Those were the days… And he smiles at the memory…


Kevin finds a little spot to sit. The case is not going as he had hoped and he could need this quick break to regroup himself. He opens up his briefcase and takes out the lunch-bag that Scotty had prepared for him. J

ust when he grabs his sandwich, he notices that the bag is heavier than usual. He looks at the bottom. A small box. Kevin frowns and takes it out of the bag, as if he fears that it might be a bomb.

He opens the box. There, in the middle, is a beautiful, absolutely perfect red velvet cupcake, the ones only Scotty can make.
“Oh, Scotty…” He whispers and then he smiles, when he also finds the little card that says, ‘I love you’.


By the time that Kevin is back at Café 429, dinner is on the table and they eat at the restaurant, because Scotty has to supervise the kitchen, before his work starts. Staff walks around busying themselves with getting the restaurant ready to receive guests. Some guests show up early and need to be seated at their tables.

Olivia enthusiastically tells Kevin and Scotty about her soccer-match today, while Daniel also wants to tell his story or whatever it is he’s gurgling on about in his own child-language. Scotty hardly manages to find out what actually happened in the courthouse exactly, except that it had looked hopeless and the judge hadn’t decided yet.

More people enter the restaurant. Scotty has to work. Kevin manages to shove the last spoonful of ice-cream, or rather melted ice, into Daniel’s mouth, while Olivia starts to put away the dishes so that their table will become free as well. Kevin looks at Scotty, but he’s so busy that all they can do is wave at each other and then Kevin goes up to their apartment with the kids.


First: Bath Daniel. While Daniel is put to bed, Olivia takes a shower. When Kevin is done reading to Daniel, there’s only time for one last kiss for Daniel. From Kevin. From Olivia. Kevin closes the door of the bedroom and turns on the baby-monitor.

He goes to Olivia's to her room and he takes the time to braid her hair, so it will not get all tangled up during the night. He's getting quite good at it too. They read a story together, before Kevin reads to her some more. He closes the book and puts it on the nightstand.

He knows that Olivia will pick it up and read a bit more, once he has left, but that is alright. It helps her calm down and sleep. So, he kisses her goodnight, tells her not to stay up too late and he closes the door of her room.

Toys are quickly cleared up and finally Kevin can sit down with a glass of wine. He flips through the channels, but nothing interests him. He looks at their DVD-collection, but lacks the energy to make a choice. It’s getting later and, bored, Kevin decides to go to bed. He’s tired anyway.

In bed, he takes out his file and begins making notes for his latest case, when he hears the door open and close. Keys in the ashtray. A few steps. Open fridge. Silence….Close fridge. Knife… Scotty’s sweet humming. All the familiar noises. Those little things that Kevin has learned to treasure.

Fridge opens again and closes again. Scotty has prepared Kevin’s lunch for the next day. He always does. Lights go out and footsteps approach.
“I knew that you’d still be awake.” Kevin smiles at Scotty’s words. “I loved your card. Thank you.” He kisses Kevin quickly on the lips.

“I loved the little surprise in my lunch-bag.” Kevin says. He watches as Scotty undresses himself. Always a nice view. Scotty takes something up that he had put on the chair upon entering. It’s a larger box. He gets in bed and sits down next to Kevin. Kevin automatically turns to his husband.

Under the blanket, their legs find each other. Scotty smiles and sits closer to Kevin.
“Got these…” He opens the box. More red velvet cup-cakes… Kevin licks his lips.

“Oh, you know the way to my heart.” He moans. Scotty laughs sweetly and hands one of the cup-cakes to Kevin.
“To the good memories these bring…” Scotty says and he takes his first bite.

“Happy Valentine’s day, sweetie.” Kevin replies, tasting his own cupcake. He makes a sound of pure delight. “Perfect.. As usual…” He looks up at Scotty. “I love you.” He says and he leans closer to kiss Scotty.

Scotty puts the box on the nightstand, the two half-eaten cupcakes are forgotten. With one hand in Kevin’s hair, he forces Kevin to deepen the kiss, his tongue invading Kevin’s mouth, not it finds much resistance to begin with. Kevin slowly lies down on his back, taking Scotty on top of him.

Scotty’s large hands roam over Kevin’s body, anywhere he can touch, caress, explore and reach. Underneath him Kevin squirms. He wants to feel even more of Scotty’s body on him, inside him… Scotty knows what Kevin wants. He gently pushes down Kevin shorts to find what he searches for.

Kevin is so aroused and it makes Scotty smile because he knows that he is the one who can do this to his husband.
“.. you want me..?” He whispers in Kevin’s ear. As if that even needs an answer, Kevin pushes his body up against Scotty’s.

Not in the mood for some clever remark from Kevin, Scotty silences any word Kevin could say with a kiss. They continue their kiss until Kevin turns to his stomach signaling that he no longer wants Scotty to wait. Yet, Scotty takes his time to get Kevin ready if only because he loves the way that Kevin moves underneath his hands.

Kevin moans when Scotty eventually pulls him closer, slipping inside with more ease than expected. Kevin softly encourages Scotty for more and Scotty doesn’t need to be asked twice. Taking in the scent that is Kevin’s, he closes his eyes, tightens his grip on Kevin’s body and he surrenders himself to the will of his body.


Spooned up, their favorite position. Kevin’s fingers caress Scotty’s hand.
“So good.” He sighs.

“I know. We should do this more often.”
“That is what you always say, Scotty.”

“It is, isn’t it?” Scotty smiles, kissing Kevin again. “I love you.”
“I love you too.” Kevin mumbles in reply, sleep is catching up with him.

“Happy Valentine’s Day.”
“You too.” Kevin sighs. Sleep has taken him.

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  • Been re-reading some of my old things..

    .... maybe also in attempt to recapture some my old writing fever... I'm now re-reading ' Turn a different corner . I just started at part 1…

  • Just little snippets of stories....

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