marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Fanfic: giving up?

Giving up?

By Marea67
Kevin, Justin
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S isn’t mine
Summary: Taking place after 5.08 and all the ladies falling for Justin.

I know, 5.08, no one’s favorite (at least not from those I know), but if you just forget about Pepe-le-Pew’s terrible mother and look at the story-line about Justin (Kevin/Scotty/Kimberly/Angie), it’s actually good/funny/So Walker-fun.

I’ve always liked that brief conversation between Kevin/Justin, where Kevin admits that it’s still ‘good days and bad’ between him and Scotty. Very realistic.
In that same conversation, Justin tells Kevin that he gave Scotty his notice that he’d be leaving and Kevin says that Scotty fired him (and jokes that he’ll sue Scotty for it)…


“You again?” Kevin frowns, but Justin doesn’t take him too serious.
“Well, I’m without a job and so are you, now that I quit and you’re fired…” Justin grins, placing some coffee in front of Kevin on the desk.
“Yeah, like being a lawyer wasn’t difficult enough.”

Nonetheless, Kevin takes up his coffee and, after a moment of deliberation asks:
“Have you heard anything from or about Rebecca?”

“No. Not even Holly and David know exactly where she is. She called David to let him know that she had safely arrived in New York. Since then she sends him the occasional text that she’s fine, but she won’t say where she is. All I know is that she didn’t take the job she had there, after all.”

“So, you have no clue where she is?”
“No. She could be in Alaska or two blocks away from here. I don’t know.

“Must be hard.”
“Not really. I’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s over. Over and done. I’m single again and I’m going to enjoy my life again. Only this time, I’ll be a bit smarter than before. No drugs and drinking and such…”

Kevin nods. It sounds simple enough.
“And you? How are things between Scotty and you?” Justin asks. Kevin shrugs.

“Don’t know. Sometimes I forget. And then I remember. And sometimes I remember and want to forget… I just struggle through the days. I love him and I know he loves me. Sometimes it hurts so much. Some days it doesn't. Up and down.”

“But you’re not giving up?” Justin wants to know, a bit worried about Kevin’s words.
“Never. I love him way too much to give up.” Kevin replies, a tiny smile on his lips.

Tags: character - justin, character - kevin, fanfic - short story

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