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welcome to my fantasies
fanfic: Silence 
16th-Jan-2014 10:46 pm
scotty hug

By marea67
: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: G
Disclaimer: I don’t own Brothers & Sisters. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Kevin & Scotty are on their way back home after the events in 4.19, after Justin/Rebecca got married, Kitty is cancer-free, the truth about Aaron is out and Kevin has discovered that Narrow Lake is an anagram for Nora Walker.
A/N: Again, this should have been a bigger fanfic, but I never managed to put into words what I wanted with it. Again, wrapped up with a nice bow and, yet another story cleared out of my file 'unfinished stories'.


Kevin's speech at the end of 4.19: “I guess if there’s one thing I’ve learned recently is that nothing makes sense in this world. It’s a mystery to me .. how anything happens…but it’s what we do about it that counts. How you both met, that was fate. But that doesn’t mean it was easy and a lot of things came between you and your love. But you showed faith in each other and in the future.. .and that’s what I’d like to toast. To trusting that the end is worth it. And never letting go of its promise.”


Kevin lets his head rest against the window of the car.
“You’ll hurt your neck if you continue to sit like that.” Scotty says quietly.
“I know… But honestly, I think it’s the least of my pains. Could you please stop somewhere? There’s a restaurant over there, just stop at the parking-lot.”

“Are you okay?” They’re barely 20 minutes on their way from the old Walker-cabin back to their house. Kevin hasn’t said a word and Scotty doesn’t know what to say.
“I’m sorry….” Kevin only replies when the car has stopped. “I’m sorry… for… everything…” and then the tears come again.

Scotty reaches out and pulls Kevin into his arms. They sit quietly, Scotty holding Kevin close, Kevin seeking his husband’s tenderness. Suddenly Kevin breaks free.
“I…” He then flees from the car and Scotty takes a deep breath, searches for the bottle of water he took with him just before leaving.

He knew Kevin would get sick in the car. It was inevitable. Too little sleep, too much tension, too many reveals, too much of everything basically. He counts to 20, knowing that if he’ll see Kevin throw up, it won’t be good for his own meal either, then he takes a deep breath, gets out of the car and searches for Kevin.

Kevin is on his way back to the car, when they see each other. Scotty hands him the water. Kevin’s look is one of gratitude as he drinks the cold water.
“I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck… Everything hurts… Everything is so scrambled in my mind.”

“You need to rest, let your mind work through all the shocks you had to deal with these last few days.” Scotty tries, but Kevin shakes his head.
“All I see, when I close my eyes, is Aaron falling. I feel so guilty… Mom says she loves me, wants me to talk to her, but all I see is him falling and falling again…”

Scotty takes Kevin in his arms and holds him close. Kevin doesn’t cry and Scotty rightly assumes that, at the moment, Kevin is all cried out. All he can do now is let Kevin deal, on his own terms, with all that got discovered and just be there when Kevin needs a shoulder to cry on or arms to hold him.


16th-Jan-2014 09:53 pm (UTC)
"To trusting that the end is worth it. And never letting go of its promise." - that is imo one of the most powerful sentences of the entire show. It really touched me and still does.

This is nice to see... with all that was going on in those episodes, we never really got to see, how Kevin dealt with it, but somehow, it is believable, that the stress and the nerves make his stomach weak. It happens to many people.

thanks again for sharing
17th-Jan-2014 10:34 pm (UTC)
I've watched the episode recently and I realized that we have no idea how Kevin really dealt with it all. I think it was brave of him to confront Aaron, many people wouldn't have done that, but I also think that it created enormous tension in Kevin.
16th-Jan-2014 10:18 pm (UTC)
Very realistic part. Would have liked to see this in the show. But fourth season was great showing Kevin and Scotty intimacy so it's okay :) I miss those days and the Walkers :)
17th-Jan-2014 10:36 pm (UTC)
Yes, there were a number of good K/S moments in season 4, I just wished that Scotty had been given more to DO when Kevin had to deal with what he found out. It it had been Robert/Kitty, Robert would have been shown as a supportive husband and I wanted the same from Kevin/Scotty. I know that Scotty was supporting Kevin, but I actually wanted to SEE it.
18th-Jan-2014 01:38 am (UTC)
I too wanted to see Scotty supporting his husband.But we got see Kitty and later Nora comforting Kevin.Atleast there was that waking up scene on Kevin's birthday with all the kisses.The show did not hesitate to show that in 4th season.what changed in S5?
Loved the small snippet :)
18th-Jan-2014 10:19 am (UTC)
I know, it wasn't that Kevin didn't get the support he needed, but that I wished it had been more from Scotty. Of course the show is more about Kevin's relationship with this mother and siblings, but still....
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