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welcome to my fantasies
Death comes to Pemberley - part 3 
29th-Dec-2013 01:25 am
Oh my God, what a soap-soup that was and how convenient a solution!

Best moment: OMG!!!  Lady Catherine de Bough played by Penelope Keith! What a load of fun that was!
"I told him that he needed to decide whether to live or die and then get on with it. With as little possible inconvenience to others...." Ha!!!
I want a 'heated debate' between her and Violet Crawley from Downton Abbey! Slaughter by sharp tongues and even sharper wits! :D

I was amazed by Trevor Eve and Tom Ward. I loved the fight that the last one had with Darcy in the coach and up the stairs. Please, dear Lord Roxton, settle down, dear chap, you were fighting a losing war over Georgiana anyway.

The entire drama in the last minutes of Wickham's hanging was a bad joke. All very exciting, ofcourse, but is there ANYONE who actually expected him to hang?

Lydia.... wow... talk about living in a state of delusion. I did momentarily feel for her. Luckily it was quickly over.

There was a love scene between Darcy and Lizzie. Sweet. Unnecessary, but sweet. Unless it was supposed to have the end-result, but that would be too fast for her to know about.

And .. ah... Mr Darcy. His emotions all over the place... that's how I like my Matthew. Darcy's anger, his apology towards Georgiana and Lizzie, his care for Wickham, his pride at the trial... Love that man....

But what a soap!
5th-Jan-2014 06:09 am (UTC)
LOL!!! I think its curious that while I found Rintoul horrid, you see him as the ideal Darcy, and Laira who is partial to Colin, views him as the iconic Darcy. Me? My first view of Pride and Prejudice was the Keira Knightly flic and her Mr Darcy is the one that I picture when I think of the character. So it seems that we each view 'our' original Darcy's as that image of what he should be. But we also each found Rhys's performance respectable as an older Darcy. Well at least we agree on THAT much!

As for the Kevin conversation all I can say is as a GIGANTIC Kevin fan, that would have been way too distracting for me to appreciate Matth's performance as Darcy, so I'm rather glad it didn't happen to me so that I could enjoy this without being plagued with thoughts of Kevin, or Scotty for that matter...

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5th-Jan-2014 06:11 pm (UTC)
Yes, you're so right! Darcy is such a mythified character that everyone have their own idea of how he has to be. And I agree that possibly our first Darcy is the one who have impacted us the most and we are looking form him in the other movies. Matthew has solved this problem very well, didn't read much negative reviews of him.

Poor Anna Maxwell I think is the one who received the worst part. Women always get the worst part, but thinking about what you say, I think that is possible that people where excepting to see Kiera-Elizabeth. There are a lot who tell that Elizabeth is so vivid and sparkling and I don't remember for the book that she was like this. She is intelligent and compassive, but I think people are confusing Kiera with Elizabeth. IMO, Anna Maxwell is a better Elizabeth than Kiera.

lol! Yes, better for you not having seen Kevin in DCTP. When I saw Darcy treating badly Elizabeth, I thought well, at least he is like this with all his lovers, is nothing personal against Scotty and I feel relieved. lol! I'm crazy!!

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