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welcome to my fantasies
Death comes to Pemberley - part 3 
29th-Dec-2013 01:25 am
Oh my God, what a soap-soup that was and how convenient a solution!

Best moment: OMG!!!  Lady Catherine de Bough played by Penelope Keith! What a load of fun that was!
"I told him that he needed to decide whether to live or die and then get on with it. With as little possible inconvenience to others...." Ha!!!
I want a 'heated debate' between her and Violet Crawley from Downton Abbey! Slaughter by sharp tongues and even sharper wits! :D

I was amazed by Trevor Eve and Tom Ward. I loved the fight that the last one had with Darcy in the coach and up the stairs. Please, dear Lord Roxton, settle down, dear chap, you were fighting a losing war over Georgiana anyway.

The entire drama in the last minutes of Wickham's hanging was a bad joke. All very exciting, ofcourse, but is there ANYONE who actually expected him to hang?

Lydia.... wow... talk about living in a state of delusion. I did momentarily feel for her. Luckily it was quickly over.

There was a love scene between Darcy and Lizzie. Sweet. Unnecessary, but sweet. Unless it was supposed to have the end-result, but that would be too fast for her to know about.

And .. ah... Mr Darcy. His emotions all over the place... that's how I like my Matthew. Darcy's anger, his apology towards Georgiana and Lizzie, his care for Wickham, his pride at the trial... Love that man....

But what a soap!
4th-Jan-2014 01:02 am (UTC)
What was the issue with the kiss?? I don't remember anything. I did watch the Keira K. version some years back, but I dont recall all the details. This week I decided to watch P&P BBC edition, since it was handy to watch (on Netflix) and OMG that is horrible acting. Mr Darcy is awful, walking around with a stick up his...well you get the point. And Elizabeth is rather superficial and silly. Not at all the well read, intelligent, mind of her own girl I thought she was meant to be. If ANYONE thought that this new cast didn't deliver their acting best, just watch the old one to be reminded of MR's acting genious. Anyway, I digress. What did I want to know? Oh....what was the problem with the kiss??

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4th-Jan-2014 02:08 pm (UTC)
About the kiss, there is one theory that defends that since Austen didn't write about physical affection, the film adaptations shouldn't have it. In the movie with Kiera, they filmed two versions of the end (one with kiss and another without). Personally, I'm always for breaking boundaries, so a sex scene with Austen characters is a great thing to see IMO :)

I'm a fanatical of Austen and I have seen even the most old adaptations from BBC and I agree about that the Keira adaptation of Pride & Prejudice is the worst of all. Keira seems stupid and she doesn't look at all like an Austen heroine, and Mr Darcy is more like a timid nerd than Mr Darcy. For a Hollywood adaptation of Austen, are much better Emma with Paltrow and Sense &Sensibility with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslew. The three of them are much better Austen characters than Keira K.

About Mr Darcy, l still think that Colin Firth is the best. Matthew was great but I think Colin is more like the Mr Darcy of the book. Also, there were some parts, like when Darcy cried with Georgiana that I felt that Matthew mixed Kevin with Darcy. And during all the three parts it reminded me all the time of Kevin. For me it's impossible that Mr Darcy would ever cry. But I think he played well an older, sweeter and softer version of Darcy and he is better than Mattew Macfadyen that for me is the worst Darcy.

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4th-Jan-2014 09:06 pm (UTC)
I didn't mind Kiera, though yes she seemed somewhat miscast. The Darcy that I found so objectionable was an actor named David Rintoul cast in the BBC miniseries a long while back. Not entirely unattractive, not sure if he looked 'the part' or not since I've never read the books, but boy was he uppity to the point it was distasteful. Macfadyen I did see, and yes he comes off quiet to the point of timidity which seems wrong for the character yet Rintoul takes the cake for the worst Darcy ever (for me). I've never seen Colin, but I reckon if they erected a statue in his honor, he couldn't have been all bad....

Oh and as for Kevin, I didn't see him at all. (but I may have mentioned that in some other post) Yes Darcy teared up, but I doubt that was an actors creative choice. The script MUST have called for it - no fault of poor Kevin's. Though I'll give you one thing, I don't see Matthew (the actor) as a very convincing crier. Though Kevin enjoyed the emotion a little often than most, Matthew must be an exceptionally happy person since I don't think he quite knows how to tap into that emotion. It never quite feels genuine, as if he's never really experienced that type of anguish in reality. He definitely should stay away from crying scenes. They rather don't suit him.

Edited at 2014-01-04 09:23 pm (UTC)
4th-Jan-2014 10:52 pm (UTC)
Haven't seen this version with David Rintoul, but for what you say, is better that I not see it :) You have to read the book! I read it when I was a teen and I felt in love with Austen books, after that I started reading all the books and watching the movies :) Colin Firth is exactly like the Darcy in the book. I recommend you to watch thus BBC adaptation, It's really amazing. All the cast is great and the script is very true to Austen.

IMHO Matthew cries very well, maybe he exaggerates it a little? but the Darcy from the book, would never, never cry. I doubt it was in the script, maybe it was a decision from the director? Who knows? About seeing Kevin in the show, we will have to agree to disagree :)
4th-Jan-2014 11:38 pm (UTC)
As said, for me, Rintoul portrayed Darcy the best so far, but I have to say that I saw the show before I read the book, so I went into the book with an image of THAT Mr Darcy on my mind.

I always found the version with Firth to be too 'casual', with Rintoul's performance in mind, and for lack of a better word. It lacked that stiff British-ness that I wanted to see in Darcy. what I missed in Firth's Darcy was that arrogance, that stiffness and that absolute belief in himself and his superiority over other people, which (IMO) Darcy was raised to believe in.

I think that what was the biggest killer-moment for me was the infamous 'pond' scene. It just felt completely 'off' to me somehow. I can't remember if it was in the book, haven't read it in years, but it just didn't feel right to me, I remember watching it and rolling my eyes, even though Mr Firth looked pretty good. :)

Never saw the Knightley version, I don't like her much as an actress. I'm not against her, but she never seems to do anything to me either.

I've rewatched bits and pieces of DCTP and I still like Matthew's work in it. I think he found a balance between the stiffness in Rintoul and the more casual approach by Firth and created a Darcy that was still half very self-confident and at the same time rather vulnerable.

Edited at 2014-01-04 11:39 pm (UTC)
5th-Jan-2014 12:05 pm (UTC)
Long time without reading the book, but for what I remember, Darcy is not really so arrogant. That is how Elizabeth saw him at first, but she was wrong about him. Austen compares two types of men: Darcy is the serious and reserved one, with a great deal of responsibility and who doesn't like to be center of attention.Mr. Wickham is his exactly opposite, charming, funny and very friendly but inside he is not a good man. That is what Austen want to say, that appearances are not true and that Darcy is not charming or extrovert but he is a much better man than Wickham. For this, I think Colin and Matthew have played this part very well, showing that Darcy can seem too serious or arrogant but that he is not really like that.
If Rintoul have played Darcy as really arrogant, I have to agree with ihrtmr that that would have been very bad acting IMO.
About the pond scene it was not in the book. In the book Elizabeth is in Pemberley visiting the house with relatives like if she was in a museum and when she is in the gardens she casually met Darcy. I don't think this scene is so great either, I was disappointed when I saw it after all the buzz, I thought that Darcy will be shirtless :) That would have been better.

Edited at 2014-01-05 12:07 pm (UTC)
5th-Jan-2014 06:16 am (UTC)
Well, M67 seems to appreciate Rintoul. He certainly DOES have that stiff-britishness, arrogance etc. that Marea describes. While I found it offputting, it very well may be the very description of the man in print. You should watch it. And I'll watch the Colin version and one of these days I'll read the book..... Then we'll have something to compare them all to. Yes agree to disagree. Its not that I disagree that YOU related the character to Kevin. I just didn't; and I'm relieved that I hadn't. I dont think I could have enjoyed it as much otherwise....
5th-Jan-2014 12:08 pm (UTC)
Yes! I agree we should all read the book and watch the tree versions and we discuss it again :)
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