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welcome to my fantasies
Death comes to Pemberley - part 2 
28th-Dec-2013 12:04 pm
actor matthew rhys

Okay. What can I say: It is like watching season 5 of B&S, the storylines, urgh.... the acting, WOW!!!

- The acting is superb! I love what ALL actors are doing with their characters, not just Matthew. The cast in general is just amazing. The moment where Georgiana had to make her choice broke my heart. Well acted (even though the 'collapsing' at the end, roll eyes, a lady would do that in the privacy of her own bedroom.) I wanted to wring Lydia's neck (Jenna Coleman does an amazing job here) It was nice to see Jane brought in, if only temporarily. The moment between Lizzy and her dad - endearing.... The father/daughter relationship is exactly how it used to be. I can even go along with the  communication (or lack thereof) between Darcy/Lizzie,  under these circumstances. It is all well-played.... And can I also point out how wonderful Trevor Eve is?

But ....

- The clothing for Lizzie in particular is terrible. Perpetually-low-on-money Lydia is better dressed than the lady of Pemberley who has a gazzillion times Lydia's income and is supposed to be a very wealthy woman. Lizzie has always been less interested in these things than her sister/mom, but even she must have realized her status and be dressed more according to high society ladies than to a maid..

- I'm quite surprised that overhearing Lydia say that Lizzie would have preferred Wickham, but married Darcy for his money, makes Darcy go all irritated as if he's supposed to believe all that..... Yes, sure, no one more reliable as a source of information than Lydia and her idiotic line of thinking and her drama-queen-act at the church. I hope that the next episode will prove Darcy more offended by Lydia's incredible stupidity than that actually thought that she was right. I know, men are stupid when it comes to understanding women, but Darcy can't be THAT ignorant! Not after 5 years of marriage to the woman he supposedly loved. Too soapish!

- And I was sitting here going: "Oh, please, don't let HIM be the dad...." and of course he was.... Eyes nearly rolled out their sockets from the incredible predictability of it all. Again too soapish! Not saying that it couldn't have happened that way. Those days men were even held less accountable for knocking up a woman and then dumping them, but in all it felt too much like a Ta-da! moment. And I could see it coming from miles away. And I just hoped and prayed that I would be wrong.

No pics. I haven't found a good download-point yet. (haven't been looking too hard either) but in general, Matthew is delicious.... Unbiased opinion here. :P

28th-Dec-2013 06:53 pm (UTC)
The opening scene between Darcy & little Fitzwilliam was so adorable. I'd like more scenes between them.

Lydia is the best little pest ever! The scene at the church is fabulous! Great job from Jenna Coleman & Mr Rhys :)

I loved the tension between Lizzy & Darcy.
And yes, the acting is perfect!

I agree about Elisabath wardrobe. It's awful!

28th-Dec-2013 08:27 pm (UTC)
I know, right? Elizabeth's clothes are good enough, but not for a lady of the standard that Elizabeth is supposed to have. Yes, I love to hate Lydia, a job well done there. :D
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