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welcome to my fantasies
Death comes to Pemberley - part 1 
27th-Dec-2013 07:24 am
actor matthew rhys

Death comes to Pemberley - part 1

It took forever (in my opinion) to get started. Too much Lizzy, not (never!) enough Darcy, but I have to say that I loved Matthew go all lord of the manor, yelling orders around.

Loved the different hats he had to put on. Bossy lord, loving husband, caring dad, concerned for Wickham, the roll-eyes at Mrs Bennet’s dramatic s. It was fun to watch.

Gosh, I had forgotten how awful ma Bennet was, loved the ‘quiet understanding’ between Darcy and his father-in-law. :D

Lydia is as awful a character as I remembered her to be. I sincerely wanted to slap her around (so I guess good job done by the actress!)

It was nice to see Matthew Rhys and Tom Ward acting together again, with a different kind of relationship. They’ve come a long way since Edward Malone/Lord John Roxton. Can I say they’re still as charming as they were then. J

Matthew Rhys and Tom Ward

I’ve never cared too much for the P&P version with Colin Firth, felt it was ‘too casual’ compared to MY Mr Darcy from the first one I saw around 1980-81 with David Rintoul, and I think that Matthew followed more closely on Rintoul’s Darcy somehow. I saw more of his Darcy in Matthew than I saw of Firth’s version.

I’m sure that the next episode will reveal the several 'secrets' that were being kept. Curious what will be discovered and how Darcy will respond.

David Rintoul as Mr Darcy.

27th-Dec-2013 08:34 pm (UTC)
Well, the version with David Rintoul was from way back the early 80s. I never knew the name of the actor until recently, but the character of Darcy in all arrogance and stiffness impressed me and when he finally dared to show himself more vulnerable I completely melted.

I read P&P very often since and I continued to have THAT particular image of Mr Darcy in my head. The much hyped version with Firth was just not 'Victorian' enough for me. It didn't feel strict enough somehow. If that makes any sense... :)

Never saw the Matthew Macfadyen version, by then I was rather disappointed with newer filmings of older books. Re-imagining isn't always 'better'. This is not particulary about P&P, but more in general.
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