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fanfic: The Closet

The closet
By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17 for sexual content.
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Kevin is tired of waiting and takes charge
When Kevin walks into the bedroom he cannot help but stop in his tracks. His lips create the word “Wow.” But there’s no sound. Scotty is naked on the bed, lying on his stomach, he’s reading a book and has not yet noticed Kevin coming in holding 2 cups of hot liquid.
“Your cup of herbal poison.” Kevin puts the cup on the nightstand closest to Scotty.
“I smell your caffeine addiction.” Scotty replies, not even looking up.
“Gotta die of something.” Kevin shrugs.

He puts his coffee next to Scotty’s tea, straddles Scotty’s naked body and gently caresses the bare back. Scotty hums under the soft touches, but deems it necessary to pout:
“Why are you dressed? It’s not even 9 o’clock, we have nothing to do all day… Come back to bed.”
“Tempting. But you got to get up and get dressed as well.” Kevin says practically. Scotty frowns.
“I have a friend coming to make me something here and he needs to be in the bedroom slash bathroom.”

Scotty looks puzzled. He hates it when Kevin doesn’t tell him what is going on.
“I was already working on a few little changes and then I met Dominic yesterday for the first time in two years and we had lunch together. And I was talking about something that I was bothered about and he could help. And suddenly everything fell into place. So he was here last night to take measurements and will today finish the job…… ” Alright, that explains some things. Scotty had to work late last night and by the time he came home, Kevin was already asleep.

Kevin bends over and kisses Scotty’s neck and shoulders. “….. and delicious as it is to have you here, naked and all, I would like for you to get dressed too…” He rolls off Scotty and takes his coffee. With his mug in his hands he chooses a pair of jeans and a t-shirt for Scotty and throws them casually on the bed. Come to think of it, Scotty noticed that this was the third time in three days that Kevin chose what he should wear. Very domestic.

This time, Scotty is not surprised at Kevin’s choice of clothing for him. Kevin would love to see him in that t-shirt day and night, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Well, either that or wearing nothing at all, Scotty grins. And he has to admit that the blue color really matches his eyes and he feels great whenever he wears it, because he likes the appreciative looks he gets and not from Kevin alone. Although, of course, Kevin’s opinion is the only one that really matters to him…..


At 9 o’clock exactly Dominic knocks on their door and Scotty is pleasantly surprised to meet this handsome man, who is not very talkative and after a quick chat with Kevin starts to work in the bathroom.
“Cute.” Scotty replied once Dominic left the room.
“Straight, married, 2 young kids.” Kevin smiles.


Scotty fills the morning with all sorts of little jobs in the kitchen and living-room. Whatever Kevin is planning has nothing to do with him. He sits down for a moment to consider how this loft is still Kevin’s and not really his. Sure he lives here, but what little possessions he has, they are still with his friends. Most of his belongings are either in the Ranchero or in a few bags at the bottom of Kevin’s closet.

Though Kevin has allowed him to start to bring his own things into Kevin’s loft, Scotty is still holding back, because he still has this nagging doubt about Kevin. He keeps expecting Jason to return. For Kevin to get swept away by him. There are days when Scotty is very confident that Kevin and he will finally have the relationship he dreamed of, two years ago, when he fell for Kevin. There are days he fears that it will all crumble under his hands….

He’s been in love before. He had heard the words ‘I love you’ said to him before, only to be dumped a few weeks later. He had lived with another man before, but left because he couldn’t stay in that relationship…. And every time he left with nothing but his few possessions, a broken heart and a bruised ego. Kevin and he had a checkered past and yes, he himself was responsible for some of the issues between them, he knew that.

So now he was extra careful with his feelings. Maybe a bit too careful. Maybe next weekend he should bring some of his things that are still at Mario’s and at Jordan’s places to Kevin’s home. Just a few boxes at the time…..But just thinking about it, makes him nervous, because compared to Kevin’s furniture and possessions, Scotty’s belongings are so … cheap!

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Kevin’s voice chases the bad thoughts away and Scotty smiles.
“I’m fine. Just very far away with my mind….. I have to work Monday and Tuesday night. Will you have dinner here? I could make something extra tonight and put it in the freezer, so you can eat that later this week?” Scotty suggests.
“I’m having dinner with Sarah on Monday, so maybe just something for Tuesday, but I’m still trying to squeeze an invitation to dinner out of Julia and Tommy.” Kevin replies with a grin.

Scotty laughs and is about to answer, when Dominic calls Kevin back to the bedroom. Kevin gives him an apologetic smile. And as he watches Kevin walk away, he’s back in love with Kevin and he knows he should come to a decision too, for Kevin is trying so hard. And sometimes it feels like he’s waiting, for Kevin to make the concessions, when in all honesty, some steps should come from Scotty too.


It’s almost three o’clock when Dominic says that he’s done. Kevin seems happy with the outcome. He pays Dominic what he owes him cash. Kevin is all smiles and jokes and it’s obvious that Dominic and he know each other, because some jokes don’t register with Scotty, but Scotty is only too happy to see Kevin laughing. Dominic and he shake hands. And Dominic invites them to have dinner at his place some evening, Scotty says that that would be wonderful and then Dominic is gone. And once he’s out of the door, Kevin leans against the door, his eyes glowing with happiness.

“It is exactly as I wanted. And Dominic did such a good job.” Kevin is in awe. Curious, Scotty follows Kevin into the bedroom. And he sees the extra shelves on the wall and the deep closet in the bathroom. Already the bathroom underwent some major changes when Kevin had the paint removed from the walls a few months ago. And some empty space had been created at the time. And that space is now filled with a deep closet.
“What do you think?” Kevin asks, smiling brightly.

“Nice.” Scotty admits. “It will give you a lot of extra space to store your clothes … and all…” Somehow Scotty feels it’s the wrong answer, for suddenly Kevin seems very disappointed and his smile fades away. He is about to ask Kevin what is wrong, when there is a knock on the door.
“Right on time also.” Kevin says, but even though he’s smiling again, Scotty senses his hurt.

Kevin opens the door and a woman followed by 4 men walk in. Scotty watches the parade with surprise. He recognizes the lady in question. Her name is June and she owns the dry cleaners that Kevin always uses. And the men carry clothing apparently. It’s hard to say because all is covered in the black bags with the logo on them. And one man seems to have all of Kevin’s suits, for those are carried like babies in their long black bags. And Scotty understands that Kevin has everything cleaned and pressed for the new closet.

“That was a big job, Kevin.” She smiles as the men bring all the clothes to Kevin’s bedroom at Kevin’s direction. Kevin nods. He knows it was hard work and he appreciates it.
“Thank you so much for everything, June.”
“You are welcome.” She has known Kevin, since Kevin became a lawyer and started to live on his own. She had just started working for herself and he had been one of her first customers. That was years ago. But Kevin never changed drycleaner, she however saw her business thrive and now owned four of them.

“Thank you for bringing everything here, I know that is not standard..”
“That is alright, Kevin. You normally don’t ask for favors and it’s not that far away.” The men come back and she leaves again after Kevin arranged the payment.
“Wow. That was quite an undertaking.” Scotty remarks.
“Yes, …” Kevin seems a bit absent-minded. “Will you help me?” he asks.
“Sure.” But Scotty regrets it when he sees all the bags on the bed. He didn’t know Kevin had this much.

Scotty unzips one of the bags to take the suit out of it and he hands it over to Kevin, who hangs it in the closet…. The third bag however holds a surprise. Once Scotty opens that one, it immediately occurs to him that that suit is not one of Kevin’s. It belongs to Scotty. And should be flat in the Ranchero’s trunk, to avoid getting wrinkled. He looks at Kevin, not quite getting the meaning of what is going on. Kevin seems a bit insecure, but he replies:

“It is ours. Our closet, for us to hang our clothes in, something we will both use,… together… I told you a few weeks ago that I was fine with your moving in with me and that I wanted you to bring your things to my place…. but nothing happened. And I watch you. Half of your clothes are here, half of them in the Ranchero, and I know I didn’t have that much space here and we need some extra closet space and so I called Dominic. He’s a carpenter and what his eyes see, his hands can make. And he created this for me, for us, at a little price.” Scotty is speechless.

“And I had almost all our clothes cleaned and all, so all stains of the past, whatever those stains might be, would be gone and we could, sort of, start clean and fresh. Scotty, you’re my boyfriend, my lover, my…. my partner. I really want us to be together and that cannot happen if you live here, out of a bag, as if you’re some over-night-visitor from out of town, instead of the man I want to share my life with.” Because Scotty just stood there, motionless, Kevin got nervous.

“I know, ….I know you hate it when I do something without consulting you first, but I wanted to do this to prove to you that THIS is what I really want. We’re not room-mates, but more than that. Please don’t be mad at me.”
“Mad at you? Kevin…. This is wonderful. You must have read my mind. I wanted this so much, but didn’t know…. where to begin, how to get started.” His eyes are shining and Kevin asks shyly:
“Shall we re-arrange the bedroom together?” Scotty nods.

They spend the next 3 hours unpacking, re-arranging, searching for the most convenient way to sort everything out. The bags must be returned to the dry-cleaners, so they are carefully folded and stacked and eventually the bed is empty, the closet and drawers filled, the furniture re-arranged and Kevin and Scotty can finally look around, pleased with the result.
“Well, what do you think of our bedroom?” Kevin asks with a little smile.
“Our bedroom looks terrific.” Scotty replies, with a huge smile.

He cannot believe that Kevin actually did all this for him and he feels very special.
“But there’s one big problem with our bedroom.” He then says with a sad face. Kevin looks around, not understanding what Scotty is talking about. “Our bed is rather empty.”
Kevin gives him a broad smile and then he frowns:
“What can we do about that?” Scotty gives him the answer by walking over to him and kiss him softly. Then he backs off in the direction of the bed, taking Kevin with him.

His fingers open up the lower buttons of Kevin’s shirt exposing a patch of skin of his belly and sitting down on the bed, Scotty’s hands move to Kevin’s hips as he kisses the soft skin. Kevin’s hands run through Scotty’s hair. This feels so good. He takes a step back and pushes Scotty backwards on the bed. Under him, Scotty moves up the bed, so he’s full on his back when Kevin sinks down on top of him, slowly moving his body against Scotty’s, enjoying the kisses they share, Kevin does not have the intention to speed this up, neither does Scotty.

Underneath him Kevin hears Scotty’s soft moan. He breaks the kiss and looks at Scotty’s face. He moves his body sensually against Scotty and Scotty bites his lip, a little ‘oh’ escapes him, he wets his lips with the tip of his tongue, his eyes remain closed, his lips parted, waiting and wanting another kiss from Kevin and Kevin feels completely overwhelmed by his owns feelings of love and tenderness for this young man.

“Scotty? Scotty, open your eyes, look at me.” He begs quietly, the long eyelashes flutter but then Scotty opens his eyes to look up at Kevin, not understanding why Kevin doesn’t go on with his love-making. He sees a peculiar gentleness in Kevin’s eyes as Kevin softly caresses his cheek with his finger and then, gathering all his courage, the words Kevin meant to say for nearly two years come without any further hesitation: “I love you.”

<<< THE END >>>
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