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Fanfic: I'll be home for Christmas 1/2

I'll be home for Christmas 1/2

By Marea67
Rate: This part G, can't make promises for the other half. ;)
Disclaimer: Written with love, not for money
Summary: Set in season 2, Kevin/Scotty's new relationship is still ... very new ...
Author's note: I couldn't think of a title, so Iris suggested that I'd google Sky Radio and take the first Christmas song I'd hear... Which was Michael Bublé (one of my favs!) with "I'll be home for Christmas". I've already used that title before, but .. a deal is a deal. ;)
And, before I forget, with thanks to Sue for suggesting on Twitter: "... Christmas, log fire, it's snowing outside, warm and cosy inside any help?"... It helped! ;)


“Alright you guys, admit it, you hate me.” Spencer laughs and he looks at the other lawyers around the table. Kevin can only nod and agree.
“Yes, I hate you.” But his smile tells Spencer it’s not all as bad as it sounds and that Kevin doesn’t have any problems with the plans of his colleague at all
“Christmas in a cottage, in the woods, just me and the wife. Romantic log-fire, candles everywhere. There will be snow outside, it will be cozy inside… There will be making out in front of the fire…. I can’t wait! …" Spencer, ever the romantic dreams out loud, before he turns his attention to Kevin again. "So, what are your plans for Christmas? Some nice and cozy thing with your new boy-friend?”

Kevin smiles at Spencer’s question. His ‘new boyfriend’. It still sounds so weird to hear someone call Scotty his ‘boyfriend’ a  nd he’s still not used to discussing his private life with Scotty with his colleagues. Though he’s out at the office, he does believe that some people feel awkward about the fact that he’s gay and would rather not hear too much details.

“No such luck. He has to work. So, I’m alone for Christmas. With my family that is.”
“Sorry to hear that.” Spencer answers, laid-back as usual.
“Why don’t you ask him to skip his job for one night? It’s not like you desperately need his income, do you?” John, one of the other lawyers, asks.

“No.” Kevin sighs. “But Scotty prefers to have his own income.” Kevin shrugs. “I’m not allowed to pay anything for him.” He makes it sound like it doesn’t bother him, but he has noticed how tired Scotty is these last few weeks. With plenty of staff-members sick with the flu or just a cold, Scotty works nearly every day and for many hours.

Of course, it’s good for his income, but not so much on his own health or his relationship with Kevin. While the others around him talk on about their Christmas-plans, Kevin becomes all quiet, realizing that he will once again be stuck with Nora’s cooking and, delicious as it might be, he would have preferred it to be Scotty’s cooking instead.


“No! Scotty! What is wrong with you? You make so many beginner’s mistakes! Why?” André, the chef-cook at San Estephe is nearly in tears. Crocodile-tears for sure, but upset nonetheless. Scotty hangs his head. “I’m used to better work from you. This is…. This is…. I can’t find the right words for this! The fish is overcooked, the potatoes are almost raw, the lettuce is dead… Dead! I say. Do you really expect me to serve this to my customers?

They will laugh in my face! They will wonder how I dare to ask money for this! They will all go home and tell everybody how terrible my food is.
And then no one will ever… ever… eat here again…. I will go broke and I will have to fire everyone…” André paints this most dark picture, while he lets his hands wave around dramatically. “What is wrong with you…?” He now asks more softly and with more care. Scotty shakes his head

He doesn’t want to look up and show the tears that cling to his eye-lashes. He hasn’t been this strongly reprimanded in months!
“Scotty?” André asks again.
“I’m sorry. I’m so tired. I’ve been working almost non-stop…”

André has to recognize that Scotty has been in the kitchen a lot lately. He nods slowly and waves Scotty away.
“Go wash your face, put some cold water on your face.  And on your wrists! It will let you blood flow again and perhaps it will get your brains to work again as well.”

Though he tries to sound harsh and with authority, there's  genuine concern in  André's eyes.
“Yes, sir.” Scotty practically whispers and he doesn’t know how fast he can leave the kitchen. André shakes his head. What is he to do? Scotty was  at the top of his class for a reason. He’s just a very good cook. A lot of creativity, smart, resourceful. A good nose, eye and taste for food….


“Have you heard?” Juliette, one of the receptionists at the law-firm, asks, when she enters Kevin’s office with his coffee.
“Heard what?” Kevin asks, not even looking up from his paperwork. “... Thanks for the coffee…”

“Spencer… Had an accident.”
“What do you mean? I spoke to him at the courthouse when we had lunch. He was just fine.”
“He was leaving the courthouse, 30 minutes ago, and he fell down the stairs.”

“Oh, my god, is he okay?”
“He was taken away in an ambulance … Hospital…. No word just yet…”
“Sorry to hear that… If you get any news, let me know?” Kevin asks.
“Naturally.” Juliette nods.


Scotty washes his face and wipes away his tears. The cold water helps to ease the pain in his eyes. He uses a small guest-towel as a cold compress.
“Come on, pull yourself together.” He tells himself. “You can do this. Just stay focused.” But he looks at his swollen eyes and he wonders if he can focus.


Juliette knocks and enters upon Kevin’s call.
“Latest news on Spencer…? Leg broken in 2 places. He will have to stay in the hospital for a few days, so he won’t be home for Christmas…”
“Oh, and he has such lovely plans…” Kevin frowns.

“I know. Romantic get-away,…” Juliette swoons. “..Just for him and his wife… He was so looking forward to it, told everyone in the office about it…”
“Well, that really sucks… Can I check on him?”
“Yes, he’s allowed to see people.” Juliette nods.


André watches Scotty work. He’s focused again. Apparently the little talk earlier had helped. André sighs and checks his list. Maybe he should give Scotty a few days off. Scotty had pulled everyone else’s shifts these last few weeks… And it’s not like André doesn’t have enough people to man the kitchen at Christmas, even if a few will call in sick…

He doesn’t like it much, because Scotty is an asset to his kitchen. At the same time,… if this continues, Scotty will grow to dislike his work here and quit…. And to be honest, André feels that he’s already preparing Scotty to take over this kitchen next year.


Kevin closes his office. This was his last day this year. He has time off until January 2nd. Not that it will be much fun. Scotty will be working 60 hours a week, so he won’t be with Kevin that much. It will be busy at the restaurant and the bar, so Kevin can’t do his work there either…

Arriving at the elevator he has to wait and it gives him time to realize that he will be alone for Christmas and New year’s eve… again. Just when he’s about to feel very sorry for himself his phone rings. Just looking at who’s calling him, he starts to smile.
“Hey, Scotty…” He says.


“Hey, Spencer, you look like you’re in a lot of pain.” Kevin points out the obvious.
“I’m not actually. Nice combination of pain-killers.” Spencer sighs contently. Kevin bends over to place a kiss on the cheek of Spencer’s wife, Hilary.
“Kevin, it’s good to see you.” Hilary smiles. Kevin can see that she’s been crying.

“Is everything alright?” He asks, wondering if perhaps he doesn’t have all the news and if perhaps the situation is more serious than previously thought.
“I’m fine…. It’s just….” Her eyes fill with tears again. Kevin gives Spencer a panicked look. Spencer waves with his hand.

“It’s nothing… Nothing we can’t survive. I can’t go to the cottage, with my leg in plaster, and the man from who we rented the place may not give us refund… A lot of cash will be wasted…” Spencer sighs.

“I’m sorry.” Kevin answers quietly. Spencer and Hilary both look so sad and it makes that Kevin carefully suggests: "Ahm, look,… this may not be…appropriate… but I was thinking… I just had a call from my boyfriend that he’ll be free with Christmas and we want some time to ourselves, alone, something romantic… And cozy…

But it’s rather late in the day to make arrangements… And coming up here… I was thinking about how sad it was that I would like to take Scotty to a nice place, but can’t get one… when you ….”
“… have a nice place, I can’t go to?” Spencer’s grin widens. He can see that Kevin feels awkward about his idea.

“I’m prepared to fully reimburse you for the cottage….” Kevin says.
“You would?” Hilary sits up, a hopeful smile on her face. Kevin nods. “That would be so great. It would certainly take some worries off my shoulders.”
“If you both agree? And don’t think I’m taking advantage of the situation..?”

“You’re not. I’m very happy with this solution…. And I’m sure that Hilary feels the same.” Spencer answers and Hilary nods vividly.
“Good, then give me all the details and let’s hope it will all be as great as we hope.” Kevin suggests, while taking out his checkbook and some paper to write on.


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