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Fanfic: Dinner-time in the Walker-Wandell kitchen

Six years ago, I wrote my first fanfic for B&S. I had never written much before. Yes, a few small things for the orginal series of Battlestar Galactica, that got published in a fan-magazine, but I never got any feed-back on that. Never knew if people liked it or not.
So, when I posted Telephone
it was with sweaty hands and with a bit of a nauseous feeling....
That was 6 years ago and I've written a couple more stories since then. Just a few. ;D Some were small, some somewhat longer, some EXTREMELY long, but I've always done it with joy and I'm grateful to all of you, who chose to read them. Thank you!


Dinner-time in the Walker-Wandell kitchen

By Marea67
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Don't own anything. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Dinner-time in the Walker-Wandell kitchen.


Scotty pours the soup in a cup and is about to hand it to Kevin when Kevin’s phone starts to ring. Kevin picks up, without a second thought, and Scotty waits two seconds for Kevin’s reaction.
“Oh, hi, Tommy, I’m about to…” He clearly gets cut off by his brother.

Scotty hesitates.
“He can’t do that. That would be breach of contract….” Kevin says with a frown to whatever Tommy had said. Kevin leaves the kitchen for the living-room and Scotty throws the soup back into the pan. Knowing Kevin, this may take a while.

Scotty continues to stir his sauce to make sure that it doesn’t stick, when his own phone begins to buzz.
“Nora? What can I do…?” But he doesn’t get any further than that and Nora immediately begins to talk to him.

Scotty turns down the sauce. At the same moment that Kevin re-enters the kitchen, Scotty leaves. Scotty waves at the sauce and Kevin understands that he needs to keep an eye on it. He’s about to ask something, when Scotty’s attempt to interrupt the caller makes it clear to Kevin that Scotty is talking to Nora. This may take a while.

He stirs the sauce, pours the soup in a cup, so it will be ready, even if perhaps slightly cooled off, when Scotty returns. He places the cup on the kitchen-counter, when his phone starts to ring. Scotty just enters the kitchen again, his mind still on the question Nora had. It feels so strange to him, that someone like her would ask his advice about cooking.

“…. No, Sarah, if Tommy said that to you, then he misunderstood me….” Kevin leaves the kitchen again, leaving Scotty to heave a sigh, stir the sauce and turn around to the kitchen-counter to find a cup of soup there. Scotty frowns…. He could have sworn that he had put it back into the pan. It will be cold before Kevin comes back…

So, he throws it back into the pan and turns off the gas burner, so the soup won’t overcook. He picks up his wooden ladle to stir the sauce again, when his phone start to buzz again.
“You’ve got to be kidding me.” He says, slightly irritated, but then he sees who’s calling.

“Julia…! How nice to hear your voice again! How are you ? How’s Elizabeth?” He stirs the sauce, holding the phone between his ear and his shoulder. That’s how Kevin finds him when he comes back into the kitchen. Scotty’s back is turned to him, so Kevin moves to the kitchen-counter with the intention to point out to Scotty that his soup is waiting for him… Except…

Tthe cup is empty. What?! Kevin quickly shakes his head. Is he going crazy? ‘Cause he could have sworn….
“… No, that’s fine, go see what Elizabeth is talking about. We’ll talk later….” Scotty says. He turns to Kevin, he has a smile on his face, that fades when Kevin’s phone rings again.

“Kev….” He nearly begs. Kevin looks at the screen.
“It’s Robert and…..”
“I don’t care if it’s the Queen of England, just switch off your phone, please. I’ll do the same and we can finally have dinner.”

“Okay.” Kevin answers with a shrug, again surprising Scotty by how he so easily does the things that Scotty asks for. “But only because I love you and I’m hungry.”
“In that order?” Scotty teases.
“Yes.” Kevin nods to add weight to his words. “Loving you always comes first...”

“And then they say lawyers can’t be romantics.” Scotty jokes and he pours Kevin his soup. It’s still too hot, so for a moment Scotty and Kevin just stare at each other over their cups. Scotty smiles. And to think that there had been a time where he had wished for the phone to ring so he wouldn’t get his heart broken...

Now he often wishes their phones gone, so he’d have some more quiet moments with Kevin, and without that annoying sound of his ringing phone. As if Kevin can read his mind he suddenly says:
“I think we should make it a rule that we will no longer pick up our phones around dinner.”

“I’m all for it.” Scotty nods. “With all those calls and people pulling at me and you, I sometimes think I’m losing my mind and I forget things.” In Scotty's mind the image of the full cup of soup comes back to him. But he decides to drop the subject and not discuss it with Kevin. Kevin will think he’s crazy.

“Yes, you can really get disorganized….” Kevin admits, still unable to figure out why he had put an empty cup of soup on the kitchen-counter. “This soup is too hot..” He sighs. Scotty nods.
“Why don’t we let the soup cool off a bit and do a few other things?” Scotty smiles suggestively.

“Like what?” Kevin asks, faking complete ignorance. Scotty reaches out to him and Kevin takes Scotty’s hand. He lets himself be guided to the couch. As their kisses deepen, Kevin and Scotty are glad that both phones are off. The sauce is completely forgotten and begins to stick to the bottom and the sides, but Kevin and Scotty are too busy to notice.


Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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