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Fanfic: Just a quiet holiday 13/14

Just a quiet holiday 13/14

THIS IS AN AU(=Alternate universe) so things will be most likely different from the original version. Read at your own risk. Don't blame me if you don't like what you read! Not set in any time/place in particular.

By Marea67
Kevin & Scotty ( with Chad & Jason dropping by occassionally)
Disclaimer: Merely borrowing the characters, no harm will come to them. (I think...) Written with love not for money.
Rate: I'm going for NC-17 eventually. :)
Summery: Scotty could use a vacation.... So could Kevin...




“I can’t believe we’re married.” Scotty sighs, letting his golden ring shine in the autumn-sun, realizing that he’ll hate it to give it up again to have it engraved.
“It’s one of the perks of knowing the mayor so well.” Kevin grins.
“How well do you know him?” Scotty teases.

“Hey, no weird secrets there. We’ve been friends since we were 3 years old. His parents both worked. And during the holidays he was always at our place. We were the best of buddies every summer.” Kevin answers with a happy smile and he shifts gears. Scotty leans back. The car speeds along the highway, back into town.

Married. They’re married! To anyone else it would have appeared totally un-romantic and that is what had made so it romantic to him. He had known what he had asked of Kevin. No family, no friends (well, except for the mayor apparently). And Kevin had done it. For him. Probably the most romantic and loving gesture he could have made.

Kevin had decided that if Scotty didn’t want a big wedding then they might as well get married straightaway. Scotty had thought it to be impossible, but Kevin had merely laughed. He had made a few phone-calls and, after packing all their belongings to go back to Scotty’s place, they had stopped at the house of the mayor of the village.

Apparently Kevin and the mayor had known each other for centuries, and after a bit of laughing, backslapping and remembering fishing-trips, picnics and pancakes, Scotty had seen one of the good sides of being in a small town with a lot of bureaucracy and one heck of an old computer, that keeps crashing. The best excuse to get married on paper and deal with the paperwork later on.

So, Kevin and Scotty had gotten married. Scotty had been amused and in awe, when the mother of the mayor had quickly typed up the names of Kevin and Scotty on the certificate. Under the watchful eye of the mayor and his mother, and with a gardener and a electrician as their witnesses, they had signed the certificate.

The mayor had breezed through the speech, pronounced them married, Kevin had handed over the ‘donation for a new computer’ and then they were officially married. Scotty grins like a satisfied cat. He can’t remember ever being happier.  And seeing the happy smile on Kevin's face, it all feels right to Kevin as well.

But as they approach the city Scotty becomes worried. It had all been a dream. The house, the time they had been together, their declarations of love, the proposal, the quick wedding. But now reality comes back and Scotty becomes worried about how people will react to their quiet wedding. Luckily their first stop will be Chad and Jason….


“Wow. Married? .. Wow.. I don’t know what to…. just… Wow.” Chad says in awe and he’s just about to get up to congratulate Kevin and Scotty when Jason’s voice stops him from doing so.
“Have you both completely lost your minds?” He asks Kevin and Scotty.

“Jason!” Chad says shocked.
“Well, I’m sorry, but this is the biggest mistake you could have ever made, Kevin! Do you have any idea what the repercussions could be of this foolish act? You’re going to be a joke amongst your friends.”

“If they think that my feelings for Scotty are a joke, they are not my friends.” Kevin replies.
“No one is going take any idea you have serious, not with him as your partner.” Jason points at Scotty, whose smile has vanished after Jason’s words.

This is what he had feared in the first place. Disapproval by those important to Kevin and himself. And he can’t believe that, of all people, Jason is really reacting this way.

“You have no idea what it feels like when no one takes anything you say serious, when your partner is just a joke in their eyes. You’ll be judged on their opinion of him and you’ll always come up short. No matter what you do, no matter what you say, no matter what you’ll accomplish, it will be all be turned into joke, due to him.” Jason points at Scotty again and his words have such venom that Scotty feels the need to take a step back.

“That’s rich. Coming from the guy who has been involved with an ex-pornstar for years!?” Kevin argues back.
“Kevin!” Scotty warns. He doesn’t like to see Chad’s past being brought up anymore than his own one.

Jason doesn’t say anything, almost as if he’s surprised by Kevin’s reply, which surprises Kevin, because Jason is usually a good debater. And though it’s indeed a low-blow, Jason should be easily able to fight it. The silence that follow Kevin’s words and Scotty’s warning is deafening. Chad smiles sarcastically.

“But then of course, this warning comes from someone who knows what he’s talking about. Because he knows, better than anyone else what ‘perils’ lie ahead if you get involved with someone ‘beneath your class’. Considering that you’re about to make the same mistake as he did years ago... With me!”

“Chad!” Jason seems to finally make the same connection as Chad has. “ That’s not….”
“Yes, it is! let's face it. You're not talking about them. You're talking about us. No matter what I do, no matter how much critical acclaim I get for my work, no matter how many charities I get involved in or however else I try to support you in your stupid political ideas, I will forever be that 17 year old kid.

That kid that was stupid enough to have himself fucked in front of a camera, because he was out of money and very hungry. And then realized that it was a quick and easy way to earn money, before realizing what the impact on his future could be....  Well, thank you very much Mr McCallister. This was very illuminating.” Chad turns to Kevin. “Congratulations on getting married to Scotty. I think you made a wise choice.”

He plants a small kiss on Scotty’s nose.
“And you’re one lucky bastard too, Scotty. Be good for him, okay? He’s more amazing than he knows…. I’m out of here …” He lets out a deep sigh, grabs his coat, keys and wallet and, without a word to Jason, he heads for the door.

“Chad….” Jason calls him name and Chad stops.
“I’m not going to fight in front of Kevin and Scotty, this is their happy day and I’m happy for them both. If you can’t be, so be it. I can’t change that. But I’ve heard enough and, after all I’ve seen and dealt with these last few months…. I’m done.”

And then he’s gone, leaving Jason, Scotty and Kevin to stare at a closed door. While Scotty is trying to understand what just happened, Jason turns to Kevin and lashes out.
“This is all your fault! Why did you have to marry him?” And with a throwaway motion of his hand towards Scotty, Jason marches out the room.

Standing alone in the middle of the room, Kevin and Scotty look at each other.
“How come this is my fault?” Kevin wonders, genuinely surprised.
“Beats me. But I want to get out of here. Can we please leave now? I… I don’t want to be here anymore…”


It isn’t until he’s in the passenger-seat of Kevin’s car that Scotty lets out a little sob. He pulls up his legs and wraps his arms around them, as if he wants to make himself as small as possible. There are tears in his eyes when he looks up at Kevin.
“They were the ones who should have understood it better than anyone else.”

“I know, baby. That’s what I thought as well. That they’d be happy for us.” Kevin admits.
“But if they can’t even be happy for us, how will your family react? What if they will turn their back on me? What if they will insist that you have this marriage annulled? What if they don’t understand us either? What if….?”

Kevin doesn’t let Scotty finish his next sentence. He kisses Scotty tenderly and he puts increasing pressure in the kiss, until they’re both out of breath.
“They will take one look at us and see how much I love you and how much you love me and they will know that we were meant to be together.”

“They will be thrilled for us.” Kevin tries to convince Scotty.
“You think so?”
“I know so.” Kevin answers, before kissing Scotty’s worries away.


The entire family has gathered and everyone’s laughing and having fun. As usual, Nora has made a wonderful meal and William has picked a great wine. Everyone’s happy that Saul could join them tonight as well. Kevin tries to find, with growing impatience, a quiet moment to make his announcement, but it’s just not there. Every time he tries to speak, someone cuts him off.

No one notices that he and Scotty are rather quiet. And no one seems to have noticed the rings that both men are suddenly wearing. It adds to Kevin’s frustration. No one asks him why he called a family-get-together. No one seems to care about what is going on in his life.

Finally, dessert is brought in and after everyone has received their piece of the pie, silence falls. Scotty gently taps Kevin on the knee. This is the moment. But before Kevin can open his mouth, William taps with his spoon against his dish to get everyone’s attention.

“I had a most interesting call this afternoon…. I got a phone-call from the mayor of that little town next to our ranch-house… Congratulating me with my new son-in-law…. Well, considering that Tommy and Sarah are already married, this would only leave me with either Kitty or Kevin,… unless Justin has something to tell us?”

William looks over his glasses at his youngest son, who shakes his head.
“No. Nothing.” Justin makes sure.
“Kitty…??” Nora asks.
“It wasn’t me….” Kitty holds up her hands in sign of surrender….

Now all eyes are on Kevin, who wiggles uncomfortably on his chair. This is not how he had imagined bringing the news.
“Alright… Yeah… It was me…. Scotty and I got married. This morning. In all quietness and, what we thought,… under the radar….”
“Why were you keeping it a secret?” Nora asks.

“That is my fault. I wanted to do it quietly…. I have no family, no real friends…. I just…” Scotty’s voice fails him. The family doesn’t seem to be welcoming the news as well as Kevin had expected.

“And I agreed with Scotty. I love him. And I’m not ashamed of him or his past, but I know how others might react and … I don’t want Scotty to get hurt. It’s probably inevitable that his past will be brought up, but I want to give Scotty the time to establish himself a bit further, before this news leaks out….”

“Hence the secrecy.” Saul concludes with a frown on his face.
“Have you lost your mind, Kevin?” Tommy asks.
“Of all the stupid things you could have done.” Kitty adds.

“What were you thinking?!” Sarah wants to know. Kevin stares at his brothers and sisters and he feels in shock. How could they be so against him? Scotty seems to make himself even smaller than before. Tears sting in his eyes, but he fights them off, not wanting to be seen as some drama-queen.
“Did you really think we would accept this?” Nora shakes her head.

“I can’t believe that you actually thought that you could get away with this.” Justin now puts in his two cents. And by now both Kevin and Scotty are starting to feel sick.

“I agree, this .... This is completely unacceptable.” William says. And he puts his spoon down. A sign that this is the last word spoken on the topic, as far as he is concerned.


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