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Fanfic: Perfect


By Marea67
About: K
Rate: G
Disclaimer: The boys aren't mine, just borrowing. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Scotty is not perfect...

Just a little snack, you guys. :)


“I’m not perfect, Kevin… I’m not perfect…” Kevin hears Scotty’s words, like a bad memory, come back to him. He sighs, because he knows that he’s being foolish.
“So Scotty forgot to do something for you, what’s the big deal?” He asks himself softly. But he knows the answer to his question.

The big deal is that he always forgets that Scotty, too, is only a human being and a flawed one at that. He always expects Scotty to remember everything and think of everyone. He always expects Scotty to be there, solution at hand and never screw up. And it’s not without reason that he expects that..

Scotty is a social person, who remembers birthdays and special occasions, so Kevin is never too late to offer his congratulations or gifts. Scotty does run his restaurant with an effectiveness that would leave many a businessman terribly jealous and Scotty is smart and resourceful… But not perfect

The door opens, taking Kevin out of his thoughts. He smiles when he realizes it’s Scotty and he rushes to the living-room..
“You’re home already.” Scotty deduces, upon seeing Kevin. Their greeting kiss quickly turns hot and it is much longer than Kevin had intended.

“I’m sorry. I came home to get my suit. The one you would pick up from the drycleaners?” He doesn’t add that the suit isn’t in its usual place in the bedroom.
“I got it. It wasn’t ready yesterday, when I went to get it. Had to go back for it today, as I couldn’t go back last night….”

Upon seeing the surprised look on Kevin’s face, Scotty insists:
“I didn’t forget. You need it for today. Important, but long case this afternoon and this is your favorite suit…. It makes you feel comfortable and confident. See, it’s right here.” He points at the suit that is laid out over the back of the couch.

Kevin smiles, walks up to Scotty and kisses his lips.
“You’re perfect, you know.” He says.
“I’m not perfect.” Scotty replies, perhaps with more intensity than the situation requires, but they both know why he says it.

“I know.” Kevin answers. “But you’re perfect for me.” He brushes a strand of hair away from Scotty’s forehead. He needs to get his hair cut, Kevin notices.
“In that case, I guess we perfectly belong together… You still have two hours to get to court, right?” Scotty asks. They both smile, knowing perfectly well how to fill that time.

Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, fanfic - short story

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