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Fanfic: Just a quiet holiday 08/?

Just a quiet holiday 08/?

THIS IS AN AU(=Alternate universe) so things will be most likely different from the original version. Read at your own risk. Don't blame me if you don't like what you read! Not set in any time/place in particular.

By Marea67
About: K
evin & Scotty ( with Chad & Jason dropping by occassionally)
Disclaimer: Merely borrowing the characters, no harm will come to them. (I think...) Written with love not for money.
Rate: I'm going for NC-17 eventually. :)
Summery: Scotty could use a vacation.... So could Kevin...

Warning: Non-consensual sex.


Kevin wakes up when there’s a knock on his door. In his semi-sleepy state he hears Scotty talk to someone and then there’s silence again. He feels that Scotty gets back on the bed and so he finally musters the strength to wake up completely and turn to Scotty.
“’Morning.” He says, mouth stilly dry.

“Good morning.”
“What time is it?” Kevin now asks.
“Nearly nine.”
“Oh, no. We have to get out of the room by ten.”

“No, we don’t. I’ve booked the room for a night longer. I called Jason to ask if it was alright. He told me to put it on their credit-card.”
“You have their credit-card?”
“One of them. They have four of them anyway.” Scotty answers with a shrug.

“You use their card?”
“This is only the second time, in all the years that I have it, that I’ve actually used it. I even had to call Jason for instructions.” Scotty laughs, but he keeps an eye on Kevin. Kevin however doesn’t seem to feel the need to react to the mention of Jason’s name.

“How are you feeling?” Scotty asks.
“Like I could sleep for another twenty hours.”
“Perhaps you can do that later, because we’re not going anywhere. It’s raining cats and dogs and the harbor is closed.

There’s a lot damage from the storm. Two smaller boats, with a total of 31 man crew on board, are missing. They fear the worst.”
“Sorry to hear that. It was good that we got back to the harbor when we did.”
“Yes… Coffee or tea….?” Scotty changes the subject.


It’s nearly two in the afternoon, when Scotty gets the message that his guest has arrived at the hotel. Kevin has gone back to bed, claiming to have an head-ache. Something that wouldn’t surprise Scotty with the emotional roller-coaster-ride of last night. And it suits him just fine. He wants a few minutes alone with Jason anyway.

“Why did you ask me to come here? And alone?” Jason asks.
“I didn’t know what else to do after last night.” Scotty answers. “Kevin is asleep. We’ve had a rough night. Not just with the storm, but also…. Other things…. I need to talk to you about something Kevin told me last night, about the night of the accident, that killed Guy….”

Is it just him or does it seem like Jason is flinching?
“… and I wanted to do that in person.” Scotty finishes his sentence.
“Yeah, yeah, of course…” Jason says absent-mindedly. Then he focuses his attention completely on Scotty. He seems very guarded.

“What did Kevin tell you?”
“He said that he and Guy argued just before the accident. That Guy had told him that he was in love with you and that he wanted to divorce Kevin…” Scotty says. Jason seems to hold his breath.

“Anything else?” Jason’s voice is strained. Scotty frowns.
“Isn’t it enough? Kevin thinks his late husband was having an affair with one of his best friends. And he doesn’t want to believe that you’d do that to Chad, but he doesn’t believe that Guy was lying either…”

Jason lets out the breath he’s been holding.
“He doesn’t think that I would do this to Chad?” He asks. Then he nods. “He’s right….”
“So, was Guy lying…?” Scotty asks. Jason doesn’t answer immediately. He seems unsure of what to say.

“It’s… complicated… And there have been some …. Misunderstandings…. Give me five minutes to work through this…. Then we’ll both talk to Kevin and get this sorted out. But first I must get my thoughts together… I thought all this was long buried, together with Guy…. I can see what Guy thought. And what … really happened and…. That Kevin is right on both counts.”


Jason watches how Scotty gently wakes up Kevin, who is asleep on the bed, all dressed, except for his shoes.
“You have a visitor…” Scotty says.
“Who? I’m not expecting anyone…” Kevin turns over and sees Jason.

“Hi.” Jason says shyly. “Scotty called this morning.”
“About the hotel-room.”
“Yes, and he asked me to come here… And told me that we needed to talk. About Guy.” Kevin angrily turns to Scotty, but before he can say anything, Scotty puts his finger on Kevin’s lips.

“Shh. I know, you’re angry with me. Yell at me later if you want to, but, right now, you’ve been keeping this a secret for too long… You can’t heal this way. Not with all this anger, this confusion, this inability to close this matter, because you don’t have any answers.

I told Jason what you knew and that Guy wanted to leave you for him. And he knows what you’re talking about…. And things are not what they seem apparently. Will you please just listen to Jason’s side of the story?” Kevin, still angry, but also curious, looks from Jason to Scotty and back to Jason. Jason sits down on the foot of the bed.

“First of all, Kevin, I’m so sorry, so incredibly sorry, that Guy talked about all this with you. I never knew that. I would have come to you sooner if I only had thought for a second that you believed me to be having an affair with Guy..”
“I don’t….” Kevin shakes his head.

“Good. Because you’d be right. I didn’t. And I wouldn’t have. But I think that I may have given Guy the wrong idea about me…. Three years ago, my brother Robert and I were both very involved with an amendment to the law that would give gay men more rights and we were rather determined to get it through.

As usual, Chad didn’t care much, which was highly frustrating for me, because it meant so much to me. And… it also meant a lot to Guy. Guy and I kept running into each other at meetings and at different other occasions. Though, looking back, it might not have been as ‘by accident’ as Guy made it appear.

I never saw any danger in it, because he was in love with you and I with Chad, so I … I never thought of Guy anf me, together as a couple or anything. I thought it was just something we were both passionate about…. Anyhow, at some point, he told me that I should get into politics, just like my brother.

I told him that my brother was the politician and not me. I only had interest in this particular topic. I didn’t take his words too serious. But he kept telling me that I should consider a political career, that I was such a good speaker and that I really knew how to get the people listening to me.

I told him I appreciated his attention but that, with Chad’s past, I would not be taken serious in politics. That is when Guy started to point out that I should get rid of Chad, that Chad was just a waste of time and effort… I should get myself a better man. I didn’t really pay much attention to Guy.

I’ve been hearing for years that Chad isn’t good enough for me, that I can do better. But I don’t want to. I want Chad. With all his flaws and annoying behavior and inability to stay faithful, I still want him, because… a life without him would be an empty life… There’s no one else.”

Jason can see that Kevin believes him and that relaxes him a bit.
“But… the night of the accident…. I was supposed to be lobbying for the bill and then Chad came along with me and made all the attention about himself again and.. I was so mad at him that I walked away from the party, just to cool off….”

Jason seems lost in his memory for a few seconds.
“What happened?” Kevin asks.
“Nothing. Nothing happened.” Jason hastily says. “Nothing happened.” He emphasizes perhaps a bit too much.

When he sees the curious look on the faces of Scotty and Kevin, he continues:
“Guy asked me how I was, told me he had noticed Chad’s behavior and how angry I was and re-emphasized that I should break up with Chad and get a better man. I was still angry and I told him that I agreed and that I wouldn’t mind another man….

I think.. that’s what made Guy do what he did. He thought that he could coach me to a career in politics, and that I would leave Chad…. And I think he thought that I would go for him instead….. I can’t think of any other explanation. Because I’ve never wanted to be in a relationship with him. It was him who was seeking me out….”

Jason looks at Kevin and Kevin can see that he hopes that Kevin believes him.
“It sounds familiar… I remember that I wasn’t so politically motivated anymore, not the way I used to be… That would explain the ‘losing my inner fire’. I can also see how he thought that he could teach you things and run your life….

What you say makes sense. I can see why Guy would think you’d want him. He was rather vain… And I can now also see why it made no sense to me, when I heard him mention your name. I knew you’d never leave Chad….” In Kevin’s mind things seem to fall into place.

Yes, it was true that Kevin had begun to be more interested in family law and Guy had wanted him to go into a complete different direction. To Guy, Kevin’s resistance to follow Guy’s advice must have been more than annoying. No wonder that he had seen it as Kevin ‘losing his inner fire’.

For Kevin the fire had continued to burn, but for a different topic than Guy had wanted. But Guy had that found that ‘fire’ in Jason and, in his vanity, he had expected Jason to jump at the chance for a ‘better’ catch than Chad… Poor misguided Guy. No wonder he had not accepted that Kevin had laughed it away.

Kevin looks up at Jason, who looks worried. He smiles and gets off the bed. He walks over to Jason and hugs him tightly.
“I’m so sorry.” Kevin says, not sure what he’s apologizing for, perhaps for his late husband’s behavior, or for his own inability to keep his husband happy.

Jason responds to the hug.
“I’m sorry too. I would never, ever want you to be hurt. I would never have wanted you to know what happened that night… It was so awful….” His eyes are filled with tears and, to Kevin it feels as Jason’s reaction is a bit over-the-top, but at least now he known the truth…


Jason manages to drive for about 30 minutes, but then his face is so red, his eyes are so swollen with the tears that he cries that he just has to stop. The parking-lot is almost empty. The rain falls in a steady stream. As steady as the tears that flow from Jason’s eyes.

He would have paid any price to not have had to return to that night of Guy’s death. He hopes that Kevin’s questions are answered and that Kevin will let the matter rest. Of course, Guy had his reasons to expect more from Jason. And that had been Jason’s own fault. He had been the one that had started it.

Two days before Guy’s death, they had been at a convention, defending their ideas about the newly proposed law. A heavy night of debating had lead to a few drinks too many, an even more heated discussion and Jason’s challenge that not Guy or anyone else couldn’t shut him up….

One kiss. One moment they had been face to face, arguing. The next Guy’s mouth had been on his. His tongue in Jason’s mouth. Jason had been shocked and confused, …. And incredibly aroused…. But he had pushed Guy away with enough force and when he had walked away he had heard Guy taunt him that Jason wanted Guy and he knew it!

Had he? Had he only been fooling himself? Sure, Chad had never belonged in his life or in his family. Someone like Guy would have been a better fit. But…. He loved Chad and not Guy. Not that it had stopped Guy from coming after him. Somehow it had made Guy even more insistent.

And two days later Guy had seen his opportunity. Jason had angrily walked away from Chad. He had hated the way that Chad would always draw all attention to himself, especially on a night where Jason had wanted to raise awareness for the law that would make such a difference to so many gay men….

He had needed some fresh air and his quick walk through the garden had led him to the garage where the host kept his cars… Jason had walked in, just wanting to be alone… He walked pass a car, too focused on his own thoughts to pay much attention to anything else….

“I told you he’d bring you down.” The voice is unpleasant in the dark.
“Guy!” Jason is startled. Guy emerges from the shadows. “What are you doing here?”
“You looked like you could use a shoulder to cry on.” Guy answers and a shiver runs down Jason’s spine.

“I don’t think so. And if I did, it certainly wouldn’t be yours.” Jason answers. Guy laughs.
“Liar. That kiss didn’t leave you as cold as you’d like to pretend. You wanted me.”
“No.” Jason tries to sound decidedly, but doesn’t really succeed. Guy comes a bit closer, but stays two steps away from Jason.

“I told to get rid of that loser…. Get yourself a real man. A man who knows how to treat you well.”
“And I suppose you’re volunteering for the job?” Jason asks, still wondering why Guy is so relentlessly after him.

“I don’t have to. I’m what you need.” Guy lets him know. Jason feels hypnotized by the man. He can’t move. He knows he’s scared, and at the same time it’s too ridiculous for words that he’s scared. Guy is a friend. The husband of a friend. They have known each other for years and Jason has never felt uncomfortable around Guy before. And yet...

Guy moves closer and Jason remains frozen to the ground. Guy caresses his face, but Jason’s brain can’t register what the implications are. Guy moves even closer. Jason takes a step back and he’s with his back against the wall. Guy’s kiss is hard and imposing and Jason tries to raise his hands and push Guy away.

But Guy is an athletic person and, despite his 50 years, he’s also a very strong person.
“Oh, you like it a bit rough, don’t you?” He says and though Jason’s mind yells ‘no’, he seems unable to fight Guy off. Guy shoves Jason with so much strength against the wall again, that it takes Jason’s breath away.

Taking advantage of Jason’s confusion, Guy immediately lets his hand slip between Jason’s legs. His other hand covers Jason’s mouth and part of his nose, so that as Jason tries to catch some air, he can’t fight the hand that arouses him so. Jason manages to break free for about a second. The fabric of his pants tears.

He tries to escape from Guy’s grasp, but Guy catches his escape before it even really started. This time it’s even worse, because Guy manages to hold Jason in a choke-hold until Jason is nearly passed out. Jason becomes painfully aware of how hard he is when Guy starts jerking him off.

Jason desperately tries to break free, but he’s not in a position to fight and, on top of it all, he can’t control his body anymore either, he just comes all over Guy’s hand. It hurts because Guy is not too gentle with Jason. The grip around his throat is released somewhat and Jason thinks his ordeal is over, but he couldn’t be farther from the truth.

While he desperately tries to fill his lungs with some oxygen, he feels a hand on his ass. Guy uses Jason’s sperm as a lube to prepare Jason. Jason’s eyes widen as he realizes what Guy’s plans are.
“No! No!” He yells, but they are alone in the large garage, far away from anyone.

Guy pushes his way in, despite Jason’s cries of pain. He begins to thrust and the pain takes Jason’s breath away. Tears runs down his face, but Guy only laughs at Jason’s humiliation.
“Yeah, I knew you’d like it like this…” He hisses.

Jason can’t grasp what is happening to him. It can’t be real. He gets shoved against the wall. He stops fighting. He tries to relax instead to ease the pain. The only thing that makes the pain lesser than expected, is that Guy’s cock is simply not as big as those of the only two lovers Jason has had over the last several years, Chad and Scotty.

Then suddenly Guy comes and it’s over. Jason sinks to the ground pulling up his pants, trying to crawl away from Guy, but Guy pulls Jason’s head back and kisses Jason’s lips.
“I can’t wait to make you mine…” He whispers, before kissing Jason again. He leaves Jason on the floor.

Jason sees him leave the garage and he manages to make himself as small as possible, while he tries to understand what just happened to him. How he can ever face Kevin or Chad again? How can he keep this a secret? One word from Guy and his whole life will fall apart…..

Of course, an hour later Guy was dead and Kevin was fighting for his life. And Jason took a long hot shower and washed all the evidence of dead Guy away. With the funeral, the fear if Kevin would wake up and Kevin’s recovery once he did, life moved on. The law passed and lives changed. Jason slept with Chad again and Jason had hidden the memory away, as deep as he could.

There’s no need for Kevin, Chad, Scotty or anyone else, to ever know the truth. Guy is dead. He will never tell anyone. Jason certainly won’t bring it up. Now that he’s had his cry, he will tries his very best to forget about it again. He did it before and he’ll do it again. There will never be a reason to discuss his ‘relationship’ with Guy again…

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