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Fanfic: Just a quiet holiday 06/?

Just a quiet holiday 06/?

THIS IS AN AU(=Alternate universe) so things will be most likely different from the original version. Read at your own risk. Don't blame me if you don't like what you read! Not set in any time/place in particular.

By Marea67
Kevin & Scotty ( with Chad & Jason dropping by occassionally)
Disclaimer: Merely borrowing the characters, no harm will come to them. (I think...) Written with love not for money.
Rate: HERE'S THE NC-17 !!!!
Summery: Scotty could use a vacation.... So could Kevin


Kevin throws his bag on the chair and looks around. Large bed. Small table. Two chairs. Door to bathroom…. Large bed…. His gaze rests on the bed, realizing it’s inevitable now. Both he and Scotty have made a choice. He turns around when he hears Scotty make a little noise.

It takes him a few seconds to realize that the hissing sound is because Scotty is wet and cold.
“I don’t know about you, but I want to take a shower… warm up again.” Scotty says.
“Yeah, me too, but … yeah… go first…” Kevin says, forever the gentleman.

Scotty takes two steps towards the bathroom, stops, looks over his shoulder and offers:
“Why don’t you join me?” His voice is low and inviting. Kevin isn’t sure if the shiver that runs down his spine is cold or lust or both, but he can only smile.
“If you don’t mind….?” He answers. Scotty gives Kevin a teasing smile, but leaves the bathroom-door wide open.


The mirror is steamed up. The water is so hot, but Kevin and Scotty don’t complain. The cold gets quickly erased from their bodies by the warmth of the shower. Scotty’s soaped up hands easily find their way over Kevin’s body and soon enough Kevin is trapped. His back against the wall, caught between the wall and Scotty’s body.

Scotty is even more beautiful naked than Kevin had envisioned and he’s certainly well-endowed, much better than Guy used to be. And though the thought of this man, inside him, turns him on like nothing ever before, he’s too shy to ask Scotty if he would go that far. So, he lets Scotty make the decisions and he’s not really regretting it.

The experienced hand between his legs drives Kevin closer and closer to an orgasm. And it’s done with such ease that Kevin can’t think of anything else. He can only surrender to the warm mouth that is whispering words of encouragement in his ear and the strong hand that moves him straight over the edge within a few minutes.

He feels a bit disappointed that it’s all over so fast, but he can see the logic. He’s too eager and it’s been too long. And Scotty’s very experienced… Still, he had somehow expected it to be.. different. He had expected something stronger, more romantic or something. He watches the water wash away the soap from this legs and he notices that there’s not much left of his arousal from before. …

He feels a hand on his cheek.
“Hey……” Scotty pushes Kevin into looking up at him. “You’re disappointed…. I can tell.”
“Not your fault …. It’s been a while… I just…” Kevin shrugs, not able to explain what’s on his mind, without feeling like he’s complaining, which he’s not, because he had enjoyed his moment with Scotty.

“I know what is going on. It was way too fast. That’s my fault. I’m sorry if I disappointed you,….”
“You didn’t!” Kevin hastily answers. “It was good. It really was.”
“I noticed.” Scotty winks, alluding to Kevin’s orgasm. “But I did that on purpose…. And, now that the immediate pressure is gone,…. I have all night to make it up to you..”

“Make it up to me?” Kevin asks. Scotty merely smiles and steps out of the shower. Kevin quickly turns off the water, but when he exits the shower-cabin as well, he finds Scotty waiting for him. Scotty wraps the large towel around Kevin and begins to dry him off. He walk a little circle around Kevin’s body.

His hands slide over the towel, following every curve and bump on Kevin’s body. Kevin doesn’t move, his lips part and his breathing become a bit more heavy. He likes those strong hands on his body. Scotty takes a step back, so he can see the desire on Kevin’s face.

Scotty is surprised by how beautiful, but fragile Kevin seems to be. Pain and lust are both so close to the surface. He caresses Kevin’s face again.
“I need 5 minutes alone in the bedroom. Can you… dry yourself off and give me those 5 minutes?”

“Okay.” It nothing more than a whisper. Scotty hands him his bathrobe.
“Trust me. It will be fine… You’ll be another man in the morning.” He promises. Kevin doubts it, but he’s more than willing to let Scotty give it a try. He watches Scotty leave the small bathroom and he turns to the mirror.

The bathrobe provides some warmth and he tries to comb his hair, but it’s still wet and his curls immediately take their original shape back, when he lets them go. He waits 7 minutes, but then decides to go the bedroom.

Not sure if he can simply enter or not, he knocks on the bathroom-door to let Scotty know that he’s coming… Scotty looks up and he smiles. Kevin is so adorable in his own awkward way. Who knocks at his own bedroom-door? Scotty can see the surprise on Kevin’s face.

The light is turned off, but Scotty brought a bag of tea-lights and he had lit enough of them, so that the room looks warm and cozy. There’s soft music playing from the tiny radio that is build-in in the top of the bed. Scotty is dressed only in his bathrobe, or so Kevin presumes. The bed is waiting and Kevin remembers what that tube on the nightstand is for. It gives him a strangely light feeling in his stomach.

He looks at Scotty with a shy smile revealing his insecurity. Scotty walks up to him and he lets hands casually rest on Kevin’s shoulders.
“Are you sure?” He asks. It will give Kevin the chance to back away. But Kevin nods. “Do you trust me?” Scotty now asks. Kevin nods again. “Can I kiss you?”

Only now does it hit Kevin that they hadn’t kissed at all. He had only hesitantly entered the bathroom to find Scotty in the shower. Once his clothes had been thrown on top of Scotty’s, he had entered the shower-area and Scotty had soaped up his hands to wash Kevin and the touches and caresses had lead to Kevin’s release.

But their love-making hadn’t gone any further than Scotty’s touching his body, which had been more than enough to drive Kevin crazy. He looks up at Scotty. The positive answer is in Kevin’s eyes. Scotty lifts up Kevin’s chin and he hesitantly bows his head, bringing their lips closer together.

At first his lips only brush against Kevin’s to give Kevin the chance to back away if it would intimidate him or make him feel guilty, but Kevin’s lips part to Scotty’s kiss allowing Scotty to make the kiss more intimate. Much to his own surprise Scotty can feel the kiss ricochet through his entire body.

He’s used to kissing. Intimate as it can be, Scotty had long ago managed to switch off that feeling of getting lost in a kiss and focus on being ‘professional’ about it. Maybe it’s knowing where Kevin comes from and how vulnerable he is, but the kiss hits Scotty on much deeper level, than any other kiss has in his life.

He places one hand gently on the back of Kevin’s head and the other one on Kevin’s back to push Kevin even closer to his body. Kevin moans softly when their body’s touch, but he doesn’t protest much. And when he finally lets his hands rest on Scotty’s hips to them make them move to Scotty’s back, Scotty is the one who moans in reply.

Scotty eventually breaks the kiss, knowing that he might get too lost in this to do what he had planned to do. When he had packed the overnight bag he had already regrouped his mind to concentrate on the night ahead. Now that he knows that Kevin wants him, but doesn’t know how to ask for it, Scotty knows that he’s the one who has to take the lead, which he doesn’t mind doing.

He grabs a long black satin ribbon from his bag and holds it up.
“Do you trust me?” He asks Kevin. Kevin seems unsure for a few seconds.
“Yes…?” There’s a little question mark in his voice and Scotty laughs softly, because Kevin is such an open book.

“Don’t worry. I just want to put this on your eyes, so you can shut out everything else, but you and me.” The look on Kevin’s face betrays that he doubts if that would actually work and now Scotty laughs openly and he begs teasingly. “Alright, I see you don’t believe me… so, just.. humor me? And just… focus on me?”

Scotty looks so incredibly cute that Kevin can only give in. Scotty ties the ribbon around Kevin’s eyes, before opening up Kevin’s bathrobe and helping him out of it. He helps Kevin on the bed and rearranges the pillows, so Kevin can lie on his belly.
“Are you comfortable?” Scotty asks.

Kevin’s mind screams ‘no’, because he’s naked and vulnerable and not able to see anything, but at the same time he’s curious and he doesn’t want to hurt Scotty’s feelings.
“I think so.” He answers, unable to see the light smile on Scotty’s face. Kevin is such a terrible liar.

Kevin’s entire body, from the stiffness in his shoulders to the way how he tightly holds on to the sheet below him, conveys that he’s not comfortable at all.
“Alright then.” Scotty answers cheerfully, amused at Kevin’s reaction. “I’m going to tell you what I’m going to do…”

He picks two bottles from his bag and opens them, to hold them on Kevin’s nose.
“Which scent do you prefer? This one? … Or this one…?”

“Second one. Sandalwood, right?” Kevin guesses, almost sure of the answer.
“Exactly…” Scotty praises. “I’m surprised that you know that.”

“I used to love it, but Guy hated it, so, … I stopped using it… I still love the scent though…” Kevin explains. Scotty nods in appreciation. Guy hated it. Good. It won’t bring back memories of Kevin’s late husband then. Besides, Scotty loves the scent as well, so he can live with Kevin’s choice.

“I’m going to give you a massage…. Not the usual one to help you with your muscles, but a more… sensual… one…. It will hopefully help you relax… I don’t want to get too spiritually, but I do believe that somehow you’ve gotten disconnected from your inner self….”

Scotty speaks slowly and his voice is a bit lower than usual. He uses his voice to calm Kevin down, speaking softer requires Kevin to focus more on Scotty and with the ribbon on his eyes he can’t use his visual capabilities to keep up with Scotty. Kevin listens to the calm words that come from Scotty’s lips.

“… I think, that you’re too tense. Like you’re blocked. Maybe also because you hardly get the freedom to relax with your family around you….” Scotty continues. He straddles Kevin’s body and begins by pouring some of the massage-oil on Kevin’s back. He quickly warms up his hands with some oil too.

His hands move expertly over Kevin’s back and arms. Warm, gentle, tender, caring… Kevin begins to feel heavy with sleep. The music is soft like a lullaby and the scent takes him back to the warm summers at the vineyard where he and his siblings would spend their summer-holidays.

Memories of their tree-house, playing catch with his brothers, swimming with his sisters and brothers in the cold creek, eating at the family-table together, the noise and the arguing ….He remembers reading Tommy’s porn-magazines and not understanding what it was Tommy found so exciting about them…. Kevin smiles.

He’s not sure why those days come back to him, but he remembers them as the happiest in his life. He can look back them with them like watching a faded movie with yellow and orange coloring. But then he can suddenly why it makes him sad and happy at the same time.

Guy had disliked the vineyard. Guy had disliked the tree-house (too dirty), swimming in creek (too cold), sleeping in the bed at the family-house (too lumpy), the family-dinners (too noisy). So, eventually Kevin never went back… He lifts his head in surprise of the thought he had just had.

“Awake again?” Scotty asks with a smile. “Good…..” He lets his hands slide over Kevin’s ass, making Kevin jolt a bit at the shock of being touched there. Not that the touch is unwelcome. No, not at all. Just unexpected…. Scotty notices the reaction to his touch and he takes off his own bathrobe.

He can see his own erection close to Kevin’s ass and he closes his eyes for a few seconds. What he wouldn’t give, if only…. He opens his eyes again, trying to ban the thought of being inside Kevin, but the image of tightness around him, Kevin moaning, responding to him….

Scotty clears his throat and moves a bit further down, but Kevin, senses heightened due to the fact that he can’t see, has noticed the small gasp, the hitch in breathing, the shaky way that Scotty had coughed.
“Is everything alright?” He asks.

“Yeah..” Scotty says, but his voice is rough, so Kevin breaks the rules and takes away the ribbon. He looks over his shoulder. Scotty looks cute with some color on his face, but Kevin wonders what had put that blush there. His eyes move away from Scotty’s face and lower down.

Scotty can see Kevin’s look go down and he scolds himself in his head. Why is he acting so unprofessionally? He has done this so many times before, without getting much sexual pleasure out of it, but now, all he can think of is how he wants to be with Kevin and make love to him. And he's rock-hard just for thinking about it.

“Turn over…” Scotty says softly, trying to get some composure back. Kevin does as asked, but instead of lying on his back, he sits up.
“Come here.” Kevin whispers. He reaches out to Scotty and Scotty hesitates, but then moves closer to Kevin.

Kevin wraps his arms around Scotty’s neck, pushes him closer and kisses him. While the kiss goes on, he slowly lies down again, taking Scotty with him. Scotty tries to avoid all physical contact as long as he can, but then his body sinks down on Kevin’s. He can feel Kevin’s hand on his ass and he pushes his cock closer to Kevin’s.

Scotty forgets everything he has learned over the years, when Kevin’s hands moves between them and gently strokes his swollen cock.
“You want this … as much as I do.” Kevin realizes to his surprise. Scotty doesn’t even bother to try and deny this. His eyes tell Kevin more than any other word would.

“I want you… Make love to me, please.” Kevin begs softly.
“Anything you want.” Scotty breathes heavily. He knows what he wants, but wonders if Kevin would want the same. Kevin reaches out to the bottle on the night-stand and he hands it to Scotty.

Their eyes meet and Scotty has to swallow hard to even get a word out.
“Turn over?” He asks, hoping and praying that Kevin will let him do this. Kevin lets go of the breath he’s been holding and nods. He quickly kisses Scotty again, but then he shifts on the bed.

Scotty closes his eyes and slowly counts to ten, somehow expecting to wake up from some feverish dream, but it’s actually happening. He takes the package of condoms from his bag. When he looks at Kevin, he sees a smile on his face.
“What? We need them.” Scotty says.

“I somehow thought that you would bring them.” Kevin is suddenly the one teasing, while Scotty turns shy.
“Standard gear?”
“Mhmmm, I guess so.” Kevin answers. “So, put one on. Or should I do it for you?”

Knowing that Scotty wants him as he much as he wants Scotty, gives Kevin some of his confidence back. Scotty merely laughs and swings the bottle of lube between his fingers.
“If you insist.” He challenges. “But I’m a big boy….”
“.. see that..”

“… and I can do that all by myself too.” Scotty grins. He kisses Kevin again. All his professionalism gets thrown out the window. It’s no longer work, but this something he wants to do. He begins to prepare Kevin and he watches how Kevin gets even more excited. Desire pulses through Scotty as well.

It takes Kevin some moments to adjust, Scotty’s cock is bigger and taller than Guy’s was, but eventually Kevin relaxes enough for Scotty. The first thrust makes both of them gasp.
“I’ll never be able to do this for a long time.” Scotty moans. “So good…”

“Just do it….” Kevin answers. “Do it!” He then orders with more strength. He doesn’t have to tell Scotty again. Scotty takes Kevin in his arms, pushes him back against Scotty and Scotty claims Kevin’s mouth. When he finally lets go of Kevin, Kevin is out of breath, resuming his position on his hands and knees.

Scotty first tries to take it slow, give Kevin time to fully adjust, but he can’t keep it up for long. Just to have Kevin in his arms and be deep inside him, feel him move against his body, push back, finding Scotty’s rhythm and adjusting to it, makes Scotty lose complete control of his own body.

Fingers thread as they get closer to losing themselves. Scotty pushes deep and Kevin easily takes him in, not even gasping anymore. Scotty takes him to whole new level of love-making and Kevin gives back as much as he can. Scotty no longer thinks about what he has to do, he just reacts from an almost primitive instinct.

Kevin braces himself, hands against the headboard, and pushes back. Scotty lets out a scream that seems to come from the tip of his toes. No longer able to hold back he just comes first. Not that Kevin really has to time to realize this, because he’s not that far behind Scotty.


The storm becomes even stronger. The wind howls around the hotel. But Kevin and Scotty don’t notice. The candles are out, the radio is off. In the middle of the bed, the blankets tightly wrapped around them, Scotty is in a deep sleep, with Kevin in his arms. It all seems so peaceful, but in Kevin’s dreams things are not as peaceful as it would seem.

He  tenses up in Scotty's arms and he begins to shake, waking Scotty up.
"Kev?" Scotty asks with a voice heavy with sleep. Kevin wakes up, wide-eyed, breathing heavily as if he's  suffocating. "Kev? What's wrong?"

Scotty sits up. He begins to see that Kevin isn't suffocating, but in so much pain that he nearly can't breathe. There's so much heartache on Kevin's face that Scotty can't handle to see it.
"What's going on, Kevin? What's going on in your mind?" He asks. "What happened in your nightmare? Was it the accident?"

Kevin's mouth is open, as if he would like to scream, but is unable to make a sound. Scotty feels completely helpless. The only thing he can think of to do is wrap his arms around Kevin and hold him close.

Something seems to get unstuck in Kevin. There's a loud sob, a sense of letting go of the breath he has been holding. He starts to cry. Uncontrollably. Unstoppable. Deeply in shock Scotty holds Kevin as tightly as he can and he rocks him in his arms, as if Kevin is a little child.


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