marea67 (marea67) wrote,

:D And now... for a bit of completely useless information...

... when the Maya's predicted the end of the world for December 21 2012, they were only off by a 11 months. I suddenly realized that November 23rd will be the day that we find out how much pressure Internet and this planet can take.... :D

Just read that "One Direction" will be doing a 7 hour life-stream for "1D-Day".....  Usually the screaming fans are fairly contained by whichever country the boys are in... But now...?. all those quadrizillllllion fans will go on the net and scream simultaneously...! THAT is a scary thought! If THAT won't make the world shift on it's axes I don't know what I will....

Not to mention the disaster if it fails. No greater fury than a Directioner denied access to see her favs....

Mhmmm, wonder if Iris knows this already...? Cause something tells me I won't be allowed to touch my computer for 7 hours.... Though most likely, we'll end up eating popcorn in front of the screen together, cause I have to translate..... :)

Whichever it will be, it was nice knowing you guys..... :D

Back to the writing..... :)
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