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welcome to my fantasies
Kevin and Scotty are on a list again....  
8th-Oct-2013 12:29 am
kevin/scotty fireworks
... "50 greatest gay tv-characters" on the site-formerly-known-as-AfterElton. I still have a love-hate relationship with that site. The quality is dwindling more and more, but much to my surprise K&S actually made it to the list.

16 Kevin
25 Scotty

Nothing new. The 'usual suspects' were in the top 10.

Sad to see 'Steven Carrington' missing from the list though.
8th-Oct-2013 04:08 am (UTC)
**** May be too old for the afterelton crowd. ****

Yes, I think that may be it. The character had quite an impact on me when I was a teenager early 1980s, but I agree that it must be age. Maybe it's also the reason why I no longer feel so 'connected' to the site anymore.
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