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Fanfic: Just a quiet holiday 02/?

Just a quiet holiday 02/?

THIS IS AN AU(=Alternate universe) so things will be most likely different from the original version. Read at your own risk. Don't blame me if you don't like what you read! Not set in any time/place in particular.

By Marea67
Kevin & Scotty ( with Chad & Jason dropping by occassionally)
Disclaimer: Merely borrowing the characters, no harm will come to them. (I think...) Written with love not for money.
Rate: I'm going for NC-17 eventually. :)
Summery: Scotty could use a vacation.... So could Kevin.


The door opens and Chad and Jason nearly tumble in, waking Scotty up from a confusing dream.
“Good morning.” Chad greets.
“Well, almost, it's more a good afternoon.” Jason corrects.

“We brought you breakfast in bed…” Chad holds up a tray with food.
“Lunch.” Jason corrects again.
“Brunch.” Chad concedes. Jason shakes his head, but doesn’t argue any further.

“Wow. Whether it is breakfast or lunch,…. food in bed? You must want something from me?”
“We’re just glad with our friendship… and how you worked with us at last night’s … slightly-out-of-control party…”
Slightly out of control party? It was an orgy.” Scotty grins.

“Orgy is such a big bad word.” Chad pouts a bit.
“How else would you call party where you hire several male and female hookers to have sex with your guests in all positions possible, after your guest have had copious amounts of food and alcohol?” Scotty grins.

“Come on. We do this often and you know our friends love these parties.” Scotty smiles at Jason’s words. Of course, why shouldn’t their friends love it. Both Chad and Jason are filthy rich. Jason due to his family and his career as a businessman and Chad as one of the few actors to make a successful transition from porn to mainstream movies.

Both men are popular faces on the society-pages and popular guests at society-parties. Their own parties are always lavish and no one is allowed to leave unsatisfied. Food, drinks and sex are abundant, but never drugs. They both hate them. Both men are 34 years old, attractive, funny and entertaining. And Scotty is glad to know them both and to be considered a dear friend and not just another prostitute.

He had met both men at a party 11 years ago, when he was just 18. He had been working as a prostitute for more than 2 years and he had ended up at one of their infamous parties… Somehow Scotty had captured the attention of both men and soon enough their relationship had grown into a friendship with benefits.

The parties that Scotty had attended more and more often had a general rule which was: ‘what happens in the guest-rooms, stays in the guestrooms’.
Working at the orgies Scotty had gotten to know a lot of people as well, who ended up hiring him for more 'personal' attention and he was well-known for what he was capable to do in bed, but also for his discretion.

Discretion was something Scotty religiously lived by. Amongst his clients he counted senators, businessmen, lawyers, judges, a police-inspector and other men in high-ranking places in society, but Scotty never spoke a word about them to anybody. Not even Chad and Jason. He got paid too handsomely for his services to want to throw any of it away.

Scotty takes another sip from his coffee, which is still too hot to drink.
“Alright, spit it out, what can I do for you?” Scotty can see the two men nudge each other to speak up, but neither of them says something, until Chad finally heaves a big sigh and sits up straight.

“Scotty, how would you feel about a paid 5 week holiday on a yacht, somewhere in the middle of the ocean…?” He asks overly enthusiastic. Jason rolls his eyes and Scotty gives Chad a suspicious glance.
“Why? What do I have to do? How many guys do I have to have sex with?”

The men don’t immediately answer and Scotty gets even more suspicious. Chad raises his hands.
“It’s not what you think…”
“If they’re into BDSM and such, I’m out, you know that I don’t do that…” Scotty warns.

For some reason this makes Jason giggle at first and then he laughs out loud.
“Don’t worry, furthest thing from our minds…” He hiccups with laughter and even Chad can no longer keep a straight face.
“It’s not like that… Let me explain…” Chad says softly.

He seems incapable to find the right words, which is unusual, because Chad is usually very open and he has no boundaries when it comes to telling things, but now he seems at a loss for words and Scotty puts aside the tray and grabs a firm hold over his coffee-mug so he’s prepared for the worst.

“This is not about us, but a dear friend of ours.” Chad starts. “His name is Kevin Walker.”
“Do l know him? Has he ever been to one of your parties?” Scotty says. The name is vaguely familiar, but he has no idea where he had heard before. Chad however shakes his head.

“No, not Kevin. He loves us, but he’s not so much into the free sex and such…. He’s…. He’s 5 years older than us and a bit uptight…. He’s a good guy, but the type who believes in forever love, fidelity and monogamy…. So, no, our kind of parties are not his ‘thing’.” Chad gently explains.

As Chad speaks of Kevin, Scotty notices, both Chad and Jason’s faces become softer, less playful, more serious. It’s a side he rarely sees on the two men. Jason takes over.
“I’ve known Kevin all my life… His family, the Walkers, and our family, the McCallister, first lived on the same street. My brother dated his sister for a while.”

“I’ve gotten to know him through my relationship with Jason.” Chad now explains. “Kevin is the sort of man that you can always rely on. The to-go-to guy when you’re in deep shit. The guy who will stand by you, when all others are running away from you. He doesn’t easily give his friendship to you, you have to earn it, but if you do, you have in him a friend for life.”

Scotty is impressed with Chad’s sincerity.
“So, why do you need my help?” He asks. Chad and Jason look at each other. Jason starts:
“Kevin was 18 when he fell in love with a man nearly twice his age. Forever love and such. You couldn’t find a couple more in love with each other than Kevin and Guy.

I mean, you know Chad and me, we’ve been together since.... forever,..  and we're pretty much in love, but compared to those two we’re just amateurs. Guy was a successful lawyer, Kevin was just starting his career as a lawyer, but that didn’t matter. They became inseparable and Kevin was the happiest man in the world….

We kept running into him and Guy at family-parties and such and always we were jealous about the love that those two had for each other. You could feel from across the room…. They were so happy, in love and they were in a good place. Eventually Guy had made enough of a career to take it slow. And Kevin had been made partner in the law-firm.”

Jason’s face is glows with tenderness, and Chad, too, is quietly expressing a deep love that Scotty doesn’t often see for their other friends.
“They had every reason to be happy and they loved to spread that happiness through to their families and their friends and colleagues. Then, three years ago, the bubble burst. O

n their way back from a party, their car got hit and … Guy died instantly and Kevin was in a coma for a week. When he came to, the family had to tell him that the love of his life had died and it plunged Kevin into a depression so deep, that we feared he wouldn’t get out of it.” Jason stops and Chad takes over.

“Now, you have to understand, Kevin had a loving family. They stood by him while he was grieving. He had to move in with his parents again, because he needed a lot of care. His brother is a paramedic, his mom used to be a nurse. He had a round-the-clock watch on him.

They were there for Kevin 24/7, doting on him, looking after him, supporting him. They helped him learn to walk again, learn to be his own man again. They watched his every move , his every moment awake and his every moment of rest…. It was all very loving, but perhaps a little too much of a good thing…?” Chad wonders.

“It drove Kevin crazy?” Scotty asks.
“Up the wall and into the curtains.” Chad laughs softly. “He started to pull away, moved back to his own place, the one he had shared with Guy. He started to shut people out and …

To make a long story short, a month ago, his youngest brother, Justin, went to Kevin’s house because Kevin didn’t reply to anyone’s phone calls and he found Kevin on his bed. Justin was unable to wake Kevin up and, in panic, he called for an ambulance. In the hospital the family found out that Kevin had enough painkillers in his body to nearly kill himself.

Fearing it to be a suicide-attempt the family tightened its grip on Kevin once again and this time with even more love, care and protection. It drove Kevin to the brink of insanity. Feeling sorry for him, Jase and I, went over and talked to Kevin…” Chad sighs and he waves at Jason to take over again.

“He swears…” Jason takes over. “… he swears up and down, left to right and round and round that he did not try to kill himself. He was just having severe head-aches and when one painkiller didn’t help, he took a second one, and a third one…. And then he finally fell asleep…”
“And you believe him?” Scotty asks.

“Yes.” Jason answers without hesitation.
“So, what does any of this have to do with me?” Scotty now wants to know.
“Kevin wants to escape his family.” Chad explains.

“Escape?” Scotty repeats.
“Yes, he has a yacht. Well,... actually,... it belonged to Guy, but it’s now Kevin’s and Kevin wants to go away with it for a few weeks, but the family won’t let him go alone, feeling that he needs a chaperone, but no one can go with him for that long..”

Scotty is slowly beginning to see where this could be going.
“And that is where you come in.” Jason adds carefully.
“You want me to go away? With this Kevin? On a boat? For five weeks? With no other place to run to?”

Chad and Jason look at each other, feeling some resentment in Scotty.
“Listen, we know what you’re up to, Scotty. You want to get out of this business. And we know that you want buy Café 429, the restaurant that belongs to Saul Holden.” Chad says.

Scotty gasps. He hadn’t told anyone about his wild dreams.
“Saul Holden is Kevin’s uncle… Kevin is his favorite nephew…. I’m sure he’d be grateful to any man who’d treat Kevin with the love, affection and tenderness that he needs so badly right now?” Chad says, with a hopeful look, that Scotty will understand his meeting, on his face. Scotty shakes his head. He feels irritated.

“You guys, I want to pay for this restaurant with my own money, not by fucking my way into it.” Scotty says annoyed and Chad takes a deep breath and counters:
“I’m sorry, but how is it different than what you plan to do? Why would that be worse than being able to pay for the restaurant because you got fucked by half the male population of Los Angeles?”

It’s a good question that Scotty doesn’t have an immediate answer to and Chad places his hand on Scotty’s cheek, forcing Scotty to look at him.
“Hon, Jase and I want you to get out of prostitution too. And this is a short-cut to accomplishing just that. You’ll be turning 30 soon, you’re not getting any younger. If you want to make your dreams come true, you have to take every opportunity by the balls. And this is one of those opportunities.

Five weeks with Kevin seems like a long time, but … you learned how to be a masseur, because you wanted to bring you customers even more relaxation. Kevin still has injuries from his accident, he could use a personal trainer. Kevin doesn’t eat healthy, because he’s a terrible cook and he no longer cares what he puts his into body. You’re an amazing cook and a health-freak.

He needs a guy like you. Someone who will help with his exercises, someone who will make sure that he eats properly and doesn’t drink too much. And… perhaps more importantly… someone who Kevin can have sex with, with no strings attached. Because if there’s any guy who needs to be fucked over all four corners of the bed, it’s Kevin…..

It would comprise all aspects of what you’ve learned over the years. You’d be perfect for him right now. And, let’s be honest here, you could use the break as well…” Chad winks and Scotty can’t help but smile. It’s true that he hasn’t had a holiday in years.
“Alright, but if I don’t like him I won’t do it…” Scotty warns…

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