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welcome to my fantasies
Fanfic: Carried.  
4th-Oct-2013 10:10 pm
kevin/scotty asleep

By Marea67
: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17-ish
Disclaimer: K/S don’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Someone had a bad day…


The door closes behind Kevin.  And Scotty can immediately see that he’s in a bad mood. He can however not put aside the recipe-book, that he was browsing through, to search for some new inspiration. He can see that Kevin will need his full attention, but he’s not ready to let go of the peaceful mood, that he was in a few seconds ago, before Kevin entered.

“Didn’t it go well?” Scotty asks, though he already heard on the radio that the court-case had been lost by Kevin. Not that Kevin had been mentioned explicitly, but Scotty knew that Kevin had been the defense-attorney in that particular case. He also knows that the general consensus had been that Kevin had done a good job and that the judge had made a bad choice.

“No. Everyone thought that I was right, that I had brought up enough evidence to put the guy behind bars, but that worthless judge decided to let that guy go anyway. The loser. That pathetic excuse for a human being.” There are a few more curses coming from Kevin’s lips, but they get lost when Kevin turns on the coffee-machine to get an espresso.

“So, are you going to appeal the case?”
“What do you think? I’m going to annihilate that judge. Show him that he’s a stupid piece of horse-manure….. And when I’m done with him, he’ll be on his knees begging for forgiveness and I’ll tell him that he can suck my….”

“Hey! Hey! Watch it!” Scotty interrupts. For one moment Kevin is silenced because he thinks that Scotty is about to (rightfully!) remind Kevin that Olivia and Daniel are studying and sleeping, but instead Scotty raises an eyebrow and finishes his interruption with: “If anyone is going to suck it, it will be me and no one else. I’m rather territorial about who puts his mouth down there, so you’d better not give that idiot the wrong idea here.”

Kevin is too flabbergasted for two seconds, but then, ever so slowly, Scotty can see him relax and he can see that Kevin’s sense of humor is kicking in and that he can barely hold his laughter.

“Where are the kids?” Kevin asks and, with a smile on his lips, he approaches Scotty.
“Olivia has a sleepover at Sarah’s and Daniel is with Nora.” Scotty answers. “I figured that if you’d win, you’d be in a mood to celebrate. And if you’d lose you’d need comforting…”

“Such a wise man.” Kevin takes the book out of Scotty’s hand and throws it on the couch. He straddles Scotty’s legs, so Scotty is half underneath him. He kisses Scotty before asking teasingly. “Territorial, huh?” Another kiss. “Why don’t you show me how territorial you are…?” Kevin suggests.

“Because I was …” Scotty tries to point at the cook-book, but Kevin silences him with a kiss. “… need a recipe….” Scotty finally manages to get the words out, but another kiss makes him too unfocused… “Oh, never mind.” He sighs and he pushes Kevin over and takes advantage of the fact that Kevin is underneath him.


Kevin moans and pushes up his body. Scotty’s fingers are inside him, preparing him, but the other hand plays with Kevin’s cock. And Kevin believes it’s about ready to erupt in a way that it has never done before. He feels Scotty’s lips on his belly and he wishes that Scotty would just let him go over the edge.

But he also knows that he will enjoy the fact that Scotty’s doesn’t let it happen and that Scotty will only allow Kevin to come when he wants to.
“Please, please…..” Kevin begs, out of breath. Scotty smiles and he lifts his head.
“Turn over…” He orders sweetly….


At some point, they become one. That moment is the one that Scotty enjoys the most. That moment when his fingers find grip on Kevin’s body, when he can feel Kevin’s hand cover his, that moment when Kevin lets go of all practical thoughts and answers only to his basic need for satisfaction.

That moment is when he offers himself completely and solely to Scotty, when all other thoughts are banished, when he anticipates Scotty’s thrusts and meets him in way that only makes Scotty’s ecstasy grow. Kevin tilts his head back and offers Scotty his mouth to kiss. It’s a sloppy kiss, but neither man minds. They are too close to their goal anyway.

Scotty uses his taller and stronger body to completely take control over Kevin. At first it had surprised Scotty that Kevin hadn’t mind to be a bottom, because Kevin had been the one who preferred to be in charge on so many other things. It had made no sense to him that Kevin found it so easy to relinquish that same control once they were in bed.

Until, one night, in the dark, after having had sex, and still drunk enough to let go of his usual reserved ways, Kevin had quietly confessed to Scotty that he loved the way in which Scotty made love to him. He never felt ‘taken over’. Instead the sex had made him feel protected and carried and safe.

That night, Kevin’s words had made no sense to Scotty, but the more Scotty had seen of how the Walkers took Kevin’s loyalty and care for granted, the more he could understand Kevin’s need to be cared for, to be loved, to be respected, to be wanted, to be desired and to be treated with tenderness.

Protected. Carried. Safe.

Wanted. Desired… Needed…

Scotty’s large hand pull Kevin’s closer to him. His thrusts go as deep as he can. He pulls Kevin’s head back and claims him mouth. His fingers slide down. They hardly caress the swollen cock, but for Kevin it’s more than he can handle at that moment. He just lets go and he comes seconds before Scotty does.


“I like it when you’re territorial.” Kevin whispers. His fingers caress Scotty’s hand, which rest against his belly. Scotty is spooned up against him in the way that Kevin likes the most.
“If someone has to remind you that you belong to me, than it better be me, right?”

“Mhmm-mmm.” Kevin hums in agreement, eyes heavy with sleep. “I like to belong to you.” He admits softly and half asleep. Scotty smiles, feeling Kevin get heavier on his arm, now that sleep makes him completely relaxed. He brushes away one of Kevin’s curls.
“I like it too, that you belong to me.” Scotty whispers, and after one last kiss, he closes his eyes as well.

4th-Oct-2013 08:51 pm (UTC)
I liked this one a lot. Not necessarily for the sex, but rather for the way you describe their relationship (through sex - haha!). It happens to coincide with my idea about it too. :-)
4th-Oct-2013 10:45 pm (UTC)
Glad you feel that way. I think that Kevin does like the fact that Scotty 'carries' him and is there for him.
4th-Oct-2013 10:55 pm (UTC)
I think that often with people (in real life) who have lots of responsibility, it feels good to be able to just relax into someone else's arms and not be the decision maker all the time. And I always found Scotty to be the more tender person, even if Kevin was very loyal. But Kevin didn't always know how to show it.
6th-Oct-2013 10:51 pm (UTC)
Agreed. Kevin was always more reserved, but this definitely didn't mean that he didn't have feelings that ran very deep.
4th-Oct-2013 09:56 pm (UTC)
"he offers himself completely and solely to Scotty......'I like to belong to you.'" Such true emotion. Love that Kevin can give up control and allow himself to be loved and cared for. He (and we all) deserve it.

Thanks for writing again. I need some sweet K/S lovin' moments to remind me how things should be.
4th-Oct-2013 10:46 pm (UTC)
You're welcome. Yes, we all need to feel loved, protected and 'carried', but it's not always in the cards.
6th-Oct-2013 06:20 pm (UTC)
That was lovely!
Brought out the affection between them.Scotty is Kevin's rock.
Good to see you write again.Do you have the time?
6th-Oct-2013 10:52 pm (UTC)
*** Do you have the time?***

Well, no, not really, but I'm making time, of I'll go crazy. :)
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