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welcome to my fantasies
Oh, no, not him again. 
22nd-Sep-2013 08:38 pm
Why do I even listen? Urgh, did I really need another reason to dislike Marini? Nope! Yet, he provides me with one, once again. I read some comment on AfterElton (Yes, I know, it has another name now) and went searching for it because I know that AE has it's own way of interpreting things, but I found the supposed comment Marini made on www.bethenny.com.

The first question asked of him was: "Would you ever lie to the press to help a famous gay friend stay in the closet?"

I appreciate his attempt to be modern in stating that it's 'uncool' to be the closet (was it ever 'cool' to be in the closet? It's been called a lot of things, but 'cool/uncool'????), and good fo him, that he was a witness during a same-sex wedding and I agree that it's most likely better to be who you need to be, however I still think it's not HIS decision to out anyone and/or discuss their sexual orientation with others, especially members of the press.

Now I'm even more happy that he only started ruining acting in B&S since season 4, so Luke Macfarlane could come out on his own terms and not because Marini couldn't keep his trap shut.

I recently watched Wentworth Miller's speech for the Human Rights Campaign about how much trouble he had had to accept himself and how he struggled about coming out, (I wonder in how far it cost him his supposed relationship with Luke Macfarlane.) and I'm glad that he didn't have someone like Marini thinking his internal fight is 'uncool' and go yanking him out of the closet by discussing with the press what another actor is not ready to discuss with anyone just yet.

Nope, again he didn't score many points with me.

Just my opinion, though.
26th-Sep-2013 08:32 pm (UTC)
... mais j'ai toujours trouvé que son personnage était beaucoup trop stéréotypé et pas du tout représentatif de ce que sont les français.

You think?! :D I think it's one of the things that I dislike so much about Luc.

Et encore plus triste de pensé que certains n'oseront jamais en sortir.

I feel so sad for all those who never were who they should have been.

Personnellement, ce n'est qu'il y a deux ans que mon cousin a osé enfin annoncer à toute notre famille qu'il vivait avec un homme (après cinq ans de vie commune !);

I didn't know it about my cousin either, until I met him again, two years ago, for my mom's cremation. My aunt (not his mom) told me that he's gay. Now, whenever I read something pro or anti-gay, I think of him and wonder 'What if it would happen to him?'.
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